Looking for a quick, easy way to treat yourself to a sweet  pastry  first thing in the morning? Thanks to  Aldi , it just became a whole lot easier to make the day special with a buttery, flaky breakfast  — you won't even have to leave the house to go to the coffee shop around the corner. The supermarket chain's ready-to-bake  croissants  are here to make your morning. 

    Instagrammer The Amazing Aldi , the self-declared "The ORIGINAL Aldi IG fan page" recently posted pics of Aldi's Specially Selected Ready to Bake Butter Croissants and Chocolate Hazelnut Croissants. The account, whose motto is "I love Aldi and it is my mission to get you to love it too," pointed out that these croissants are $3.49. With eight croissants in a pack, that comes out to 44 cents per pack. Sure beats the $2-3 croissants you'd get at your local Starbucks (though it looks like these ones may be significantly smaller).

    The reviews of Aldi's croissants are in

    These croissants are generating some serious excitement. Another Aldi Instagrammer  Aldi Made Me Do It , described as "Your Aldi BFF Your new favorite friend, lets talk Aldi," posted another shot of the croissants. The caption read, "I had to fight with myself to not buy these!! They looked so amazing."

    Commenters weighed in with their positive reviews. One said, "Bought one bag Wednesday and went back today and bought 5 more they were heavenly!" Another agreed, "They're delicious!"

    An Amazing Aldi commenter added, "They're sooooo good. I was tempted to buy out the freezer on 21st and Woodlawn, but I resisted the urge and left some for others." 

    A 44-cent croissant that's good to go, ready to be defrosted and baked with minimal effort? Sounds like a pretty perfect way to start off your day — check the freezer section of your local Aldi for these tasty treats today.

    Are Aldi croissants good?
    They looked so amazing." Commenters weighed in with their positive reviews. One said, "Bought one bag Wednesday and went back today and bought 5 more they were heavenly!" Another agreed, "They're delicious!" An Amazing Aldi commenter added, "They're sooooo good. more
    Is Aldi Russian?
    Aldi is one example as the retailer removed products from Russia. Companies that temporarily have curtailed operations but kept return options open make up the second group, suspension. more
    Is Aldi bread good?
    Actually, lots of the breads at Aldi are great. Here are five of the best carb options you can snag on your next Aldi run. Tip: You're going to want all of them, so remember to take a big shopping bag with you. L'oven Fresh White Bread, $0.89: This is, hands-down, the best value bread you can buy. more
    Can dogs croissant?
    No, dogs should not eat croissants. It's not at all surprising that croissants are not on the list of the best healthy foods to give your dog. Moreover, the main ingredients in a croissant are water, butter, flour, yeast, and sugar. These are also the typical ingredients found in most bread. more
    Is Aldi ethical?
    Aldi's current overall score is one per cent. Aldi were the only supermarket to score zero in the workers' theme, which assesses the extent to which supermarkets have put in place measures to ensure workers' rights are respected in their food supply chains. more
    Is Aldi dodgy?
    The deals might be great, but sometimes items go bad quickly. In a 2015 Consumer Reports survey, Aldi earned high marks overall but relatively low scores for perishable items, such as fruits and vegetables. more
    Who makes Aldi?
    Who Owns Aldi Süd Stores. Aldi Süd, known as Aldi in the United States, is formally owned by ALDI SÜD GmbH & Co. oHG. After Karl Albrecht passed away in 2014, ownership was passed to his two children, Beate Heister and Karl Albrecht Jr. more
    Who founded Aldi?
    ALDI History For over 40 years, we have stuck to the same guiding principle: great quality should come with everyday low prices. In 1961, the Albrecht Family founded the world's first discount grocery store in Germany. more
    Who owns Aldi now?
    Albrecht brothers ALDI has approximately 5,000 stores worldwide and the two Albrecht brothers, who own the company, are some of the riches men in the world. more
    Does Aldi have chitterlings?
    ALDI 11/16, Southern Chef Pork Chitterlings $5.99 For 5-lbs. more
    Does Aldi stock overnight?
    No. Aldi Finds items are available for a limited time or while stocks last and are not restocked once they sell out. more


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