There’s a reason you’re seeing more and more homes with dark blue, gray, and black exteriors . With improvements in technology for exterior paint and finishing materials, homeowners can now choose bold, moody, and dark colors without fear of fading. Not sure if black is your style? Let’s dive into 15 stunning black houses with exteriors that will make you fall in love.

    If you don’t know whether you’re ready to commit to black, our designers can create a digital rendering with accessories, trim, and landscaping ideas to help you make the best decision for your home.

    Modern Homes

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, black is a great exterior color for modern-style homes. Black takes the curb appeal of modern homes up a notch by adding contrast and intrigue. We love adding surprising features like angled windows, contrasting trim, and metallic accents to keep the design striking but cohesive.

    #1 // Modern Beach Home

    This beach home was given a modern update with large windows, concrete, and painted Onyx by Benjamin Moore for contrast. The wood accents and landscaping help to soften the black.

    #2 // High-Contrast Contemporary

    We love the contrast between Black Beauty and Alabaster in this contemporary modern home. The black window trim on the white sections helps bring it all together.

    #3 // Mid-Century Modern with a Pop of Color

    If you’re worried about black being too moody, add a fun pop of color like this teal front door. Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore is one of our favorite shades of black.

    #4 // Contemporary in the Woods

    Greenblack by Sherwin Williams is an awesome choice for a more muted black with a slight green tint. Homes in the woods or with lush landscaping particularly bring out the color’s green tones.

    #5 // Modern Ranch with Wood Accents

    This modern ranch is updated with wood panels, gold accents, and a fresh coat of Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore.

    #6 // Mid-Century Split-Level Moves Modern

    This mid-century split-level home gets a major personality upgrade with Iron Mountain by Sherwin Williams and Onyx by Benjamin Moore. If an all-black exterior is intimidating to you, break it up with natural elements like landscaping and wood doors.

    Transitional Homes

    We love working with transitional homes because we can be creative when mixing traditional and contemporary features. So, if you’re worried that painting your house black is a little too brazen for you, buffer the boldness by adding traditional features like double-hung windows and natural elements.

    #7 // Transitional with Painted Brick

    This transitional ranch is bold with black painted brick , which gets toned down a bit with wood features and the depth of the front porch.

    #8 // Small but Bold

    If you want to add interest and curb appeal to a quaint, unassuming home, paint it blackBlack Magic by Sherwin Williams, to be exact. On this home, we love how the landscaping and white window trim breaks up the dark but still helps everything pop.

    #9 // Craftsman in Black Forest Green

    If black is simply too bold for you but you still want a dark exterior paint color, check out Black Forest Green by Benjamin Moore. It’s still moody and striking but is less galvanizing than black. We love it paired with copper accents.

    #10 // Mixing Textures

    Black Panther from Benjamin Moore is a gorgeous color that pairs well with stone and other natural accents like wood or brick.

    #11 // Black with Natural Brick

    This transitional two-story home is modernized with Iron Gray by James Hardie, black casement windows, and a contemporary front door. The more traditional brick style on the main floor helps soften the edge of the black.

    Traditional Homes

    If you think black can’t work for traditional homes, think again! We love updating older homes in moody hues to give them personality and a major style upgrade. Plus, you can tone down the black by being deliberate with your exterior design accents.

    #12 // Black & Graphite Major Update

    Trimmed in Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams with graphite siding and natural stone, this traditional home gets a 21st-century update while still fitting into the style of the neighborhood.

    #13 // Striking Farmhouse

    Painted in Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore, this large farmhouse gets a modern update while still keeping its traditional feel with white double-hung windows and a large wrap-around porch.

    #14 // Updating a Traditional Foursquare

    We love this moody take on a traditional foursquare home in Onyx and Deep Creek , both by Benjamin Moore. The more monotone contrast between the house and window trim gives the home some visual interest without being too bold.

    #15 // Traditional Brick Gets an Edge

    Finally, this stately, traditional brick two-story with large windows gets an edgy upgrade in Iron Mountain by Sherwin Williams. Painting brick is a great way to modernize your traditional home.

    Conclusion: Beautiful black houses come in all styles

    We know black houses are not for everyone. Black is a bold, provocative paint color choice that’s not in everyone’s comfort zone or palette. However, if you’ve been curious about how your home would look in black, but a little nervous to commit, we hope these 15 stunning options gave you some ideas.

    Our brick&batten designers are happy to provide you with two color choices for your exterior design if you’re not sure about dark and moody hues. Learn more about our services and how we can help you create the home of your dreams!

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    Are black houses in style?
    Just as victory gardens and sourdough boules have proliferated in the past year, homes painted inky black have also sprouted up across the landscape. And while black houses have been a hot trend in edgy urban areas for years, it's now also happening in the hinterlands as these city slickers flee to the suburbs. more
    What makes black black?
    Black is a color which results from the absence or complete absorption of visible light. more
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    Basic black. You can never go wrong when matching them with other colors. Everything goes with black. One of the trends in fashion this season is pairing black with colors such as purple, gray, bright green or bright blue. Pair your black scrubs pants with a brightly colored scrubs jacket. more
    Is black actually black?
    Is black the absence of color? In science, black is the absence of light. And color is a phenomenon of light. But a black object or black images printed on white paper are made from pigment, not light. more
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    When poured into a glass on its own, the actual color of the vodka is not a solid black. Instead, it has a transparent, tinted black "water" look that may have a red, green, or blue hue along the edges. However, for its purposes—and as long as it takes for you to mix then consume the drink—it will work. more
    Are black dress shoes out of style?
    A neat trick to enhance the color contrast between your brown shoes and the color of your suit is to pair lighter tones on the shoe with darker colors in the suit. Black shoes lack the versatility of brown shoes but make up for it in class and dressiness.Black Shoes vs. Brown Shoes. more
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    Betsy Froelich, a Kohler marketing manager, says black has been in its line almost continuously for 90 years. But in some decades, such as now, sales of black go up. To put it in perspective, the overwhelming choice in toilets is still white or biscuit. But black is No. more
    Are black kitchen appliances in Style 2022?
    Black kitchen appliances are increasing in popularity these years, as the sleek design can easily blend with modern decoration. Since dark kitchens recently gain more popularity, you will not have a problem blending in black appliances. more
    Can I wear black on black on black?
    Models are heralded as street-style goddesses in their black-on-black post-show getups. But how do they create such standout looks with just one color? The answer is in incorporating texture. A black-on-black outfit will look flat if you wear the same fabric from head to toe. more


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