Owned by Microsoft, Skype is one of the most popular cross-platform IM apps that is also used to make audio and video calls. Though, there are times when we wish to know who our friends, kids, or spouse talk to on Skype. Well, to do that, you can use a reliable Skype hacked tool. In this post, I will let you perform Skype password hacking by including two tried and tested methods.

    In nutshell, yes – Skype can be hacked remotely by applying different techniques. Just like any other mobile or desktop app, Skype also has several platform-dependent vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited.

    For instance, to learn how to hack a Skype account , you can use a dedicated device tracking solution. Once the Skype tracker is installed, it will keep monitoring the exchanged messages, calls, etc. by running in the background. Later, it would upload these details on its cloud-based servers, letting you extract all this data on your dashboard from any device.

    Part 2: How to Hack a Skype Account without Being Detected?

    To help you implement these Skype account hacked techniques, I have come up with several smart solutions.

    2.1 Hack any Skype Account via mSpy

    With mSpy, you can easily perform Skype password hacking on any Android or iOS device remotely. Once you have completed its setup, you can go to your mSpy dashboard to view all the messages exchanged on their Skype account. Furthermore, it will let you monitor all the exchanged calls with their timestamp details.

    There are also provisions to monitor other social media apps as well such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and so on. The best part is that mSpy also provides a keylogger that would let you do this Skype password hacked easily. You can also enable its stealth mode to keep running mSpy invisibly on the target device.

    Step 1: Get an Active mSpy Account Subscription

    To learn how to hack a Skype account with mSpy, you can first go to its official website, and create your account by entering a valid email ID.

    Furthermore, you can simply select the platform of the target device – Android or iOS.

    Now, you can just select an appropriate subscription of the mSpy account and complete its payment.

    Step 2(a): To Monitor Skype on an Android Phone

    In case the target device is an Android, then you have to access it first to do Skype password hacking. Visit its security settings to enable app installation from unknown sources and disable the real-time scanning of the device from its Google Play > Play Protect settings.

    Great! Now, you can just go to the shared source by mSpy to install its tracking app. You can grant the mSpy app all the vital permissions and enable its stealth mode in the end.

    Step 2(b): To Track their Skype on an iOS Device

    If you simply want to track their messages, then you can go with the non-jailbroken version. Here, you just have to log in to the same iCloud account that is linked to the target device.

    To do a complete Skype hacked for sending messages with calls, you have to jailbreak the device. You can later use Cydia to just install the tracking app on their iPhone.

    Step 3: Start Tracking their Skype Account

    After completing the setup, you can go to your mSpy dashboard and visit the Social Apps > Skype feature from the sidebar. Here, you can view their exchanged messages, call, and tons of other details.

    Besides that, you can also go to the Keylogger feature of mSpy to do their Skype password hacking remotely.

    2.2 Hack Skype Account via FlexiSpy

    As you can see, Skype can be hacked using the right device tracking solutions. One of them is FlexiSpy, which is a highly advanced Android/iOS device tracking app. Though it would need a jailbreak or root access on the target device, it will let you track all the vital details of it remotely.

    From their Skype messages to calls, you can monitor it all on your FlexiSpy dashboard. Apart from checking all the exchanged messages, you can also record the VoIP calls that are made on Skype. To learn how to hack a Skype account via FlexiSpy, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Get an Active FlexiSpy account

    Firstly, you can just go to the official website of FlexiSpy and create your account by providing the right credentials. From here, you can create your FlexiSpy account and buy its relevant subscription.

    After buying a subscription, you can select a type of target device (iOS/Android) and choose if you want to get a jailbroken or a non-jailbroken version.

    Step 2: Install the FlexiSpy Tracker on the Target Device

    Great! Now you can just access the target Android or iOS device and root or jailbreak it. In case the target device is an iPhone, then you can take the assistance of Cydia to install the FlexiSpy app on it.

    For Android devices, you can just go to the shared online source and install the APK of the FlexiSpy app. Just make sure you enable app installation permission from third-party sources and disable the Play Protect real-time scanning feature.

    After installing the FlexiSpy app, you can grant it all the vital permissions and let it run invisibly in the background.

    Step 3: Start hacking their Skype details

    Once the setup has been completed, you can easily implement this Skype account hacked trick. Just go to your FlexiSpy account and visit the “Skype” section from the sidebar to view their messages or calls. If you want, you can also access its keylogger for hacking their Skype password.

    2.3 Hack Someone’s Skype with an Online Tool

    While looking for Skype hacked solutions, you might stumble upon some online tools that might look genuine. Most of these tools claim that they only need the Skype ID of the person to hack their account.

    Sadly, a lot of these tools are gimmicks and won’t work at all. Once you have entered the target Skype ID, they will ask you to complete surveys or download apps. These are false marketing tricks and will not yield the expected results. Also, these online Skype password hacking solutions are not secure and can inject malware into your system.

    Part 3: What Should I Do If My Skype Account Was Hacked?

    A while back, a friend of mine told me that his Skype was hacked, which made me realized a lot of people encounter this issue. Ideally, if you want to prevent your Skype account from getting hacked, then consider following these suggestions.

    • Reclaim your account

    The first thing that you need to do is get a hold of your Skype account again. To do this, just try to log in to Skype and change your password. If you can’t log in, then visit the Microsoft account troubleshooter to recover your Skype account.

    • Log out from all devices

    To protect your Skype account, make sure that it is not linked to multiple devices. You can just go to your Skype account’s Settings and choose to log out of all the linked devices from here.

    • Use Microsoft Authenticator

    If you don’t want your account to be hacked, then install the Authenticator app by Microsoft and link your Skype account to it. In this way, whenever anyone would try to log in to your Skype account, they will have to verify it on the Authenticator app. This will add another layer of security to your Skype account, making it harder for it to be hacked.

    There you go! In this guide, I have answered all your vital questions like “Can Skype be hacked?” or “How to hack a Skype account remotely?”. Needless to say, with the use of some smart tools like mSpy or FlexiSpy, we can easily master Skype password hacking. If you want, you can also explore the free demo versions of mSpy or FlexiSpy  to know more about their device tracking solutions. Besides that, you can also implement the above-listed suggestions to keep your Skype account safe from hackers.

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