During the early days of the Internet, one problem with online payments was trust. It was hard for a buyer and a seller to meet on the same level. If the seller sent their item before receiving the money, they might not get paid at all; if the buyer paid first, they might not get their item. Services such as PayPal helped bring in digital mediators who could settle disputes and stop scams from harming innocent people.

    In the past few years, PayPal took this one step further with “Pay After Delivery.” In short, when you buy an item from a site that supports Pay After Delivery, PayPal spends the money in your stead. PayPal will then wait two weeks in order for the item to arrive and for you to have some time with it. When the two weeks are up, if PayPal didn’t receive any notification of anything going wrong with the transaction, they take the money from your account.

    This is a good way of ensuring a scam doesn’t leave you out of pocket, but it leaves two problems instead: first, some people don’t have this option and aren’t sure why. Second, some people do have this option and dislike how PayPal keeps using it as the default way to pay. This article will answer what to do in those situations.

    In order to activate this feature, you must first attach a bank account to your PayPal account. This then acts as the source of money when it’s time to take the payment from your account. To add a bank account, go to the PayPal site and click “Wallet” at the top.

    Click “Add bank account.”

    Enter your bank details and confirm your information. Once your bank is connected, you’ll be able to use “Pay After Delivery” on sites that support it. Not every site will, so be careful during your transaction. If it is supported, you’ll see it as an option during the payment selection method.

    Once you’ve ordered your goods and they arrive without any issues, you can tell PayPal to take the money early by logging onto the site, going to the “Pending” section, and clicking “Pay Now” under the transaction.

    This will prompt PayPal to take the money from your bank account immediately. Don’t worry about doing this for every single transaction; if you don’t, PayPal will automatically assume you’re happy with your purchase after two weeks have passed and will take the money then. The “Pay Now” option simply stops payments coming out of your bank account after you’ve forgotten about a purchase.

    Disable Pay After Delivery

    Some people don’t like the idea of having a deferred bill for two weeks into the future, especially if they’re forgetful and end up spending money they don’t actually “have.” In order to stop PayPal from using Pay After Delivery as your default method of payment, first log into PayPal, then click the cog at the top-right.

    Select “Payments” on the ribbon at the top of this page.

    Scroll down to where it says “Pay After Delivery is active,” and click the button that says “Pause Pay After Delivery.”

    This will stop PayPal from giving you this option when you buy items in the future, regardless of whether the store supports it or not.

    Putting a Pause on Payments

    PayPal’s Pay After Delivery service is a great way to ensure you get your online goods as advertised without being out-of-pocket, should something go wrong. While it’s very useful for some, others find it annoying and would rather pay upfront. Now you know how to enable and disable this feature.

    Have you made use of Pay After Delivery? Or does it do more harm than good in your opinion? Let us know below in the comments.

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