Should I Put the House into Children’s Names? No Way!!

    Many parents put the  house into children’s name in order to avoid care home fees. After all, the house is the biggest asset of most families, and parents want their hard work to benefit their children and grandchildren, not the Taxman or the Council!

    Sadly putting the house into children’s name also exposes the parents to a wider range of totally avoidable risks, not the least of which is the fact that the authorities will probably consider the gift as “deliberate deprivation” and still include it as an asset of yours, even though legally it is not. This will leave you penniless pretty quickly!

    “Reservation of benefit” – If you give the house away, but carry on living there, you will be treated as if you still owned it for Inheritance Tax purposes.

    Capital Gains Tax: if you put your house into children’s names, the Taxman will rub his hands with glee. After 18 months, every pound increase in the value of your home will potentially generate additional Capital Gains Tax  when it is sold

    Life interests – if you do not own the property, but have the right to live there for the rest of your life, you are treated as if you owned it for Inheritance Tax purposes.

    Pre-owned Assets Tax – an annual charge to income tax on the “benefit” of using assets that you once owned in the past, or assets that you have never owned but which were bought by their owners with money that you gave them.

    Worse still, if you put the house into children’s names, the family home is totally at risk.

    • If children should divorce, their share of your home will be used in calculating the settlement.
    • If children have creditors, perhaps from business failure, drug abuse or just an accident – your home is at risk.
    • If a child should die before you, your home could suffer Inheritance Tax at 40% which    may mean the sale of your home. Why? Because you gave it to them and it was therefore part of their estate.

    Our Home Protection Plan offers a way of creating an effective plan for passing on your house to your children, and avoiding the risk of their divorce or bankruptcy.

    Contact us  on 01323 741203 for an informal discussion to see if the Home Protection Plan may be appropriate for you or you parents. Whatever you do, don’t!

    Put the house into the children’s names! No Way!

    Can I put my child's name on my house deeds UK?
    Title Issues Adding a child's name to a deed gives him or her an ownership interest in your home. As a result, you cannot sell the home or refinance your mortgage without your child's permission. Technically speaking, your child could even sell his or her share of the property without your consent. more
    Who's child or whose child?
    If you forget, remember that who's is often a question — it has a little space waiting for an answer. That apostrophe stands for "is." Whose owns it all. It's possessive, like a kid who keeps all the toys close. The bottom line is that who's is short for "who is," and whose shows ownership. more
    What is the difference between child slavery and child labour?
    Child labour is not slavery, but nevertheless hinders children's education and development. Child labour tends to be undertaken when the child is in the care of their parents. Worst forms of child labour. “Hazardous work” is the worst form of child labour. more
    Is an only child a lonely child?
    MYTH: Only children are lonely. FACT: Only children can have as many friends as their peers with siblings do. more
    What is my cousin's child to my child?
    The children of your cousin are described as your first cousin once removed. But your cousin's child would be a second cousin to your children. more
    Can you get child tax for third child?
    If you already have three or more children all born before 6 April 2017, then if you need to claim benefits, you'll get help for all your children. However, if your third child, or any other younger children, were born after 6 April 2017, you won't get extra money for them. more
    How much is Child Benefit per child?
    There are 2 Child Benefit rates.What you'll get. more
    What happens to child benefit when child turns 18?
    Changes introduced this year mean that Child Tax Credit will also stop automatically when you child turns 18 or 19, unless you tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that they are in approved education or training. more
    Is child tax credit the same as child benefit?
    Tax credits and benefits. Child tax credit (CTC) is paid by HMRC to support families with children. It is paid independently of child benefit and you can claim whether you are working or not. more
    Do I get Child Benefit for my second child?
    If families split up. If a family splits up, you get £21.80 a week for the eldest child. If you have 2 children and one stays with you and the other stays with your ex-partner, you'll both get £21.80 a week for each child. If you both claim for the same child, only one of you will get Child Benefit for them. more
    Why would a child spit on another child?
    Toddlers sometimes spit because it's a good way to get attention. Spitting on someone will certainly get some type of reaction. Preschoolers tend to spit out of anger. When they aren't able to verbalize their feelings of frustration, they spit to show how upset they feel. more


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