Staying Hydrated in the Happiest Place on Earth

    After a day at Disney World, you can safely skip a few gym trips. Mickey's stomping grounds are tons of fun to explore, but a typical day at the park involves lots of walking and more than a little sweating. Staying hydrated keeps you and your kids on your feet and out of the first aid center. Buying water in the parks is a pricey option—and an unnecessary one. Visitors can bring their own water into Disney World.

    What Drinks am I Allowed to Bring?

    Disney World is accommodating to guests, especially those traveling with young children, so the parks have few rules regarding bringing drinks inside the gates. You can load a bag entirely full of water bottles without security raising an eyebrow. But don't do that. Pack as lightly as you can for a day at Disney World, because everything you bring, you'll have to lug around a crowded park.

    Bring one water bottle per person. Make sure they're full before you leave your hotel room, because it can take an hour or more to get to the park, get through the security and admission lines and actually get through the gates. Once you're inside, refill the bottles from drinking fountains, although Disney's fountain water doesn't taste great. You can also ask for a cup of ice water at counter service restaurants.

    Glass containers are not allowed into Disney World, with the exception of baby food jars and other similarly small items. If you try to bring a glass bottle into a park, you'll have to either take it back to your hotel or car, or forfeit it at security. Bring metal or plastic water bottles only.

    What About Food?

    As long as you don't use glass containers, you can bring any food you want into the Disney World parks. Small coolers are allowed, as long as they're smaller than 24 by 15 by 18 inches. If you need to bring a larger cooler for medications, you can store it at Guest Relations or in a locker.

    It's a good idea to bring snacks into the parks, to ward off temper tantrums before they start. Food lines can be long around mealtimes, and if your kids get hungry when you're 30 minutes into the Splash Mountain line, you won't have to duck out to get refreshments. Bring crush-proof snacks like granola bars, trail mix, cheese sticks and dried fruit.

    What Else Should I Know?

    Orlando isn't always blazing hot, and afternoon rain showers are frequent. Mornings and evenings can actually be chilly in the parks, especially between autumn and spring. But it's important to bring water no matter the weather, because the exertion and excitement of a Disney World trip can be dehydrating for kids, and for you. If you need to, set an alarm reminding you to have a water break, or pull out the bottles whenever you're waiting in line.

    If the day is really hot, plan to spend the afternoon on cooler attractions. In the Magic Kingdom, try the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland and the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square. Cool off at Ellen's Energy Adventure in Epcot, the Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios and the Flights of Wonder show at Animal Kingdom.

    Can you bring water into Magic Kingdom?
    You are welcome to bring in your own food and beverages as long as you stick to the Park Rules: no glass containers (except for small ones like baby food jars), no alcoholic beverages, no loose ice (but ice inside your water bottle is fine), and no bags or coolers larger than 24" long x 15" wide x 18" high. more
    Can you bring food into Magic Kingdom?
    Disney World Policy on Bringing Food to the Theme Parks Yes, you are allowed to bring outside food and nonalcoholic beverages into Disney's theme parks and water parks. more
    Can I bring water into Canada?
    When traveling to Canada, you must declare all of the food products that you bring with you. To learn more, read the I Declare document, which was developed by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) or Visitors to Canada. more
    Can you bring water into Tivoli?
    Food and beverage It is allowed to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages in Tivoli. more
    Can you bring water into Disney?
    "Guests are welcome to bring bottles, cups and mugs into the theme parks provided that they are not glass containers and they do not bring alcohol into the theme parks. You can check out the Walt Disney World Resort Park Rules for the complete list of prohibited items. more
    Can I bring water to an interview?
    Should you accept drinks during an interview? Yes, accepting drinks during an interview is a good idea. The interviewer may offer a cup of coffee tea, water or even juice. There are many benefits of accepting a drink during an interview so it is worth it even if you do not finish your drink. more
    Can I bring water into CFA exam?
    You won't be allowed to eat snacks or drink during the exam itself, but you can and should bring your own light snack and water – something that keeps well in room temperature for your optional 30 minute break. more
    Can I bring water on a plane?
    Yes, you can bring an empty water bottle on a plane. According to TSA, you can bring an empty water bottle on a plane by packing it in your checked bag or by stowing it in your carry-on. more
    What time are fireworks at Magic Kingdom?
    Now, you can catch them at 9:05AM, 9:55AM, 10:35AM, 11:20AM, 12:50PM, 1:50PM, and 3:40PM. The changes affected those last 3 showtimes. You'll find the Dapper Dans on Main Street, U.S.A. more
    Can I bring water to MCAT?
    Hi Vivian, You may bring a water bottle to be stored in your locker and accessed on breaks. You can't bring the water bottle into the testing room. You may bring in tissues, though, that are provided at the test center. more
    Can you bring water through TSA?
    Tip #2: Reduce waste and save some money by bringing a reusable water bottle. So you can't bring H 2 0 or any other liquids more than 3.4 oz. (well there are some exceptions) through security, but you CAN bring an empty bottle. Just fill it up on your way to boarding your flight after screening. more


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