Fuzzy blankets are popular and widely used because of their softness and warmth. However, knowing how to wash fuzzy blankets is a different thing. It is important to keep the fuzzy blankets you have been snuggling up with all winter clean. In this article, we will guide you about how to wash, dry, and store your fuzzy blankets.

    What is a fuzzy blanket and how to know what material it is made of?

    Fuzzy blankets are a type of blankets that have a fur-like texture which makes them very soft and warm for cold weather. They are made using different materials and which one you chose depends on your preferences. For instance, if you are living in a cold place, cotton or fleece would be a good choice for you since they are very warm. On the other hand, if you are looking for a breathable material that does not feel too warm, perhaps you should select cotton.

    We think the best fuzzy blankets are the ones made from faux fur. They are not only super soft and feel cozy when you wrap yourself into them, but they are also durable and look luxurious.

    One of the best Fuzzy Blankets today.

    How to wash fuzzy blankets with a washing machine?

    Washing a fuzzy blanket using a washing machine is possible, but it depends on the size and weight of your blanket and the space your washing machine has. Before tossing your fuzzy blanket in a washing machine, you should make sure that it has ample space. Commercial washing machines would be fine for a normal-sized blanket, however, if you have a particularly large and thick blanket, it is best to use a laundromat washing machine.

    Use a gentle cycle when machine washing fuzzy blankets. Their softness can be easily damaged by a lot of spinning and rough beating. This would also make them out of shape and badly stretched.

    Make sure to avoid washing the blanket with hot water since hot water can also be harmful. Hot water will shrink the blanket, and the heat will also fade bright colors and cause the dyes to run. Cool water is best suited for washing fuzzy blankets as it will not harm the fabric or cause any shrinkage.

    As for the detergent, a quarter cap of mild detergent will be just fine. Pour a little amount of detergent into the washer after it fills, before you load the blanket. Do not apply the detergent directly on the blanket, instead let it spread evenly throughout the water before you put in the blanket.

    Wash it for 3-5 minutes before taking it out of the washing machine. Longer periods of washing can stretch the fuzzy blanket and cause damage.

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    How to wash fuzzy blankets by hand.

    To wash a fuzzy blanket by hand, you will need a tub large enough to immerse your blanket, some cool water, and a mild detergent. Fill the tub with cool water but not so much that water overflows when you put the blanket into it. Before putting your blanket in, spread the detergent evenly throughout the water, and again, do not apply it directly on your blanket.

    Immerse your blanket in soapy water and drag it back and forth covering all the sections that need cleaning. It is better to wash one dirty section at a time and then move to the next until all of them are clean. When you are done with it, it is time to remove the excess absorbed water. Never twist the blanket as you would your clothes because that can stretch the blanket out of its shape. Alternatively, give 2 or 3 folds to the blanket and gently apply force with your hands to put some pressure on it to let the water squeeze out.

    Fill the tub with some fresh cool plain water and wash the blanket again. You may need to repeat this a couple of times to get the best results. Washing fuzzy blankets can take some effort as compared to a washing machine, but washing by hand allows you to clean specific sections of your blanket and prevents it from getting stretched or damaged.

    The Dos and Don’ts of washing a fuzzy blanket.

    Dos of washing a fuzzy blanket:
    • Do read the label: Most fuzzy blankets would come with a label that tells you about how to wash your fuzzy blankets and what cleaning methods to avoid. So the first thing to do before washing is to read the instructions given the label carefully.
    • Do use cool water: When you use cool or lukewarm water for washing any type of clothes or blankets, they are unlikely to shrink or lose their color and fade
    • Go easy on the detergent: Use a mild detergent in little amounts since a high concentration of detergents can cause color fading
    • Use low heat: Low heat is ideal for drying because it prevents shrinkage and fading that high heat can cause
    Don’ts of washing a fuzzy blanket:
    • Do not try to fit your blanket forcefully in the washing machine: If your washing machine does not have the space for the blanket or the capacity to bear its weight, your fuzzy blanket will turn out in an awfully bad shape
    • Do not apply detergent directly: This will harm the blanket’s color especially if its a bright one
    • Do not dry using intense heat: Intense heat can damage your blanket’s material by causing burns and will make it shrink
    • Do not hang dry: If the blanket is too heavy, hanging it to dry may stretch it out

    How to dry a fuzzy blanket after wash?

    When it comes to drying a fuzzy blanket after a wash, first and foremost you should be careful of the intensity of heat you are using. So if you are going for a machine dry, make sure the heat is set at low or medium. High heat, as mentioned before, can burn synthetic materials and shrink your fuzzy blanket. You should put the blanket in the dryer in such a way that the blanket is evenly spread and not bunched up anywhere.

    If your fuzzy blanket is too delicate then you should tumble dry it. Tumble drying will take you some time but it is good as it uses no heat and can prevent damage to your fuzzy blanket.

    You can also dry your fuzzy blanket in the air – but this method is not suitable if it is too heavy. After squeezing out all the excess water from it, hang your fuzzy blanket somewhere outside with good airflow. It should be smoothed out, otherwise, wrinkles are going to form on the blanket’s surface. Also do not try to squeeze out the water by twisting the blanket, that would damage its shape.

    It is important to monitor the blanket while it is drying in a machine or in an open place. If your blanket shows any bad sign like shrinking or burning during the drying process, you should stop it immediately and try another method which is suitable.

    How to store a fuzzy blanket after wash?

    The right way to store your fuzzy blankets after a wash is to make sure they are completely dry with no parts containing any moisture. Ideally, you should place them in a place that allows them to breathe. That means a place that has good airflow and is not closed like a garage or an attic. It is best to store your fuzzy blankets on a shelf or closet that is clean and free from any bugs or other insects.

    However, if you do not have shelves or a closet to keep them, then bags are your friends. A cotton storage bag will do well since cotton allows any leftover moisture to escape. Do not use plastic as it can trap moisture. You can easily keep your blanket stored in a cotton bag under your bed or any place in the house but do make sure there is no dust in that area and it’s cleaned regularly.

    Before storing the blanket, ensure that it is properly folded and there is no extra weight pressing on it.

    How often to wash a fuzzy blanket?

    How often you should wash your fuzzy blanket depends on how much you use it. If it is not used very frequently, for instance, if it is a guest-room blanket that gets used once in a while when you have some visitors, then you only need to wash it every couple of months or even longer than that.

    But for a blanket that’s used every day, like your blanket that you sleep in every night, cleaning it once a month is necessary. You should check for any stains or bad odors to decide whether it’s time for a wash or not.

    A washing guide for some fabrics Faux Fur:

    Faux fur can be easily damaged, so it is best to wash it using your hands

    • Cotton: Cotton is generally easy to take care of. You can machine wash it using a mild detergent and gentle cycle
    • Polyester: Wash it using warm water, but do not use water that has more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit temperature
    • Fleece: Wash your fleece blanket like any other blanket but for strong stains, preheat with a drop of dishwashing liquid, and let it sit for about 10 minutes

    Final Words.

    We hope this article was helpful in guiding you about how to wash and dry your fuzzy blankets. But before putting any of the instructions given above, it is a good idea to make sure the instruction does not contradict anything mentioned on your blanket’s label. Please do read the washing instructions label very carefully.

    Author: Saleh Ibrahim

    Saleh is a Digital Marketer and has been building websites since 2010. He is passionate about home decorating and fashion, hence his love for reviewing products that enhances the beauty of a home. He loves travel and watching live sporting events. You can check out his Facebook Page , Youtube Channel and Twitter Handle for more product reviews and buying guides.
    Can you put fuzzy blankets in the dryer?
    Choose Air Drying or Low Heat Drying Whether it be cozy socks or woolly blankets, garments made from fuzzy materials don't do well in the dryer. Using high heat on soft fabrics can cause curled, reaped or scalloped edges that takes away what makes your blanket super soft. more
    Can I put a blanket in the dryer?
    How to wash and dry synthetic fiber blankets. Synthetic blankets, such as fleece and plush, can be put through the washer and dryer just like cotton or linen. They just can't handle higher temperatures, so wash them on cold or warm settings. more
    How do you keep your blanket from rolling in the dryer?
    Dryer Balls or Tennis Balls Anything that goes into the dryer needs air to circulate around it to dry properly. Adding tennis balls or dryer balls to the machine with your wet sheets and blankets will help keep them from spinning into wet lumps. more
    Whats a trauma blanket?
    The Blizzard EMS Trauma Blanket is designed to treat hypothermia in trauma patients in cases of hemorrhage, burns, inclement weather exposure, and immersion in water. more
    What can I use in dryer instead of dryer sheets?
    The Best Dryer Sheet Alternatives
    • Dryer Balls: Whether made of wool or plastic, dryer balls help to lift and separate clothes as they tumble around your dryer, creating more airflow and allowing laundry to dry quicker.
    • Soap Nuts: Consider using soap nuts as a replacement for both dryer sheets and laundry detergent.
    Are dryer sheets toxic?
    Nearly all of the chemicals commonly found in dryer sheets are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). more
    Are dryer balls better than dryer sheets?
    Pros of Dryer Balls Dryer balls effectively reduce the time it takes for clothes to dry, which can save you hundreds in gas and electricity over time. Dryer sheets have no impact on drying time. Dryer balls, unlike dryer sheets, are reusable, which not only helps the environment but also saves you money. more
    Are dryer sheets cancerous?
    According to the Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health study, VOCs emitted from dryer vents after using popular brands of laundry detergent and scented dryer sheets included chemicals like acetaldehyde and benzene, which are considered carcinogenic. more
    Can you put a blanket in the dryer?
    How to wash and dry synthetic fiber blankets. Synthetic blankets, such as fleece and plush, can be put through the washer and dryer just like cotton or linen. They just can't handle higher temperatures, so wash them on cold or warm settings. more
    Can I use dryer without dryer sheets?
    Can You Dry Clothes Without A Dryer Sheet? In a nutshell, yes! You absolutely don't need to use dryer sheets when you dry your clothes. Fortunately, if you decide to forgo dryer sheets, that doesn't mean you have to live with static cling and stiff clothes. more
    Do you put dryer sheets in the dryer?
    To use Downy Dryer Sheets, simply drop a new dryer sheet on top of your clothes in the dryer. (For large loads or for extra softness and fragrance, use two sheets.) more

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