There are many urban legends and idioms surrounding cats and their resilience – including the idea that cats have nine lives or land on their feet all the time. However, our feline friends are also some of the most sensitive pets and can be prone to depression, anxiety or illness when change occurs. When your cat stops eating it’s usually trying to alert you to the fact that something is wrong in the only way it knows how.

    Here are ZippiVet’s top five reasons why your cat won’t eat.

    Illness and Pain:

    If your cat is ill, one of the first symptoms may be their lack of appetite and disinterest in food. Illnesses that can affect your cat’s appetite range from serious (infections, kidney failure, intestinal issues, the flu, cancer) to simple (an upset stomach). So it’s important to continue to observe your cat for symptoms including weight loss, vomiting, or diarrhea and bring your cat to Zippivet for a complete diagnosis.

    Dental Problems:

    Your cat may be avoiding food due to toothaches or pain when eating, especially if it’s an older cat. Common dental issues for cats include feline stomatitis (swelling and ulcers of the mouth), tooth resorption or fractured teeth.

    Internal Obstructions:

    Sometimes a curious kitten may get into something they’re not supposed to and, well, eat it. Foreign objects can get caught in your cat’s stomach. Common culprits include: string, small cat toys, tinsel, string lights, rubber bands, etc. These items may lodge themselves in the cat’s GI tract or wrap around intestines causing intense pain.

    Depression or Anxiety:

    Cats can be super sensitive to change. If you have recently moved, returned from a vacation, moved in with new people, changed your schedule or introduced a new pet to the home, these could all trigger psychological issues in your kitty leading to lack of appetite or food strikes.

    Fickle Eating Habits:

    Some cats are just plain fickle. Have you recently changed the brand of food or switched from wet to dry (or vice versa)? Perhaps your kitty is the high maintenance sort and is on a hunger strike when you switch from the Fancy Feast to the generic kibble.

    What to do if your cat won’t eat:

    If you notice other symptoms of illness including: weight loss, diarrhea, hair loss, excessive hiding, constipation, bleeding gums or teeth, or swelling in the mouth; bring your cat to your ZippiVet immediately so they can check for illness, dental disease or internal obstructions and provide a proper diagnosis.

    If you chalk feline loss of appetite up to fickleness or psychological issues try to tempt your kitty with small quantities of tuna or liver or warm up some canned wet food.  Also, bring your kitty into ZippiVet to meet with one of the trained vets to address their dietary and nutritional needs and find a proper nutrition regime that will keep both you and your kitty happy. Contact  ZippiVet to set up an appointment or discuss your cat’s diet today.

    Do cats go on hunger strikes?
    "Cats may also go on brief hunger strikes in response to environmental stressors, such as the presence of guests in your home," points out Animal Planet. Other environmental changes, such as moving to a new home or adding a new pet or baby to the mix, may affect eating habits, too. more
    What is the longest hunger strike?
    India's Mahatma Gandhi staged several hunger strikes to protest British rule, the longest said to have been 21 days. Bobby Sands, a member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), starved himself to death in 1981 after 66 days on hunger strike while demanding to be treated as a political prisoner, not as a criminal. more
    Why do cats go on hunger strikes?
    "Cats may also go on brief hunger strikes in response to environmental stressors, such as the presence of guests in your home," points out Animal Planet. Other environmental changes, such as moving to a new home or adding a new pet or baby to the mix, may affect eating habits, too. more
    What hunger strike feels like?
    The body also loses fat and muscle mass. After two weeks, people on a hunger strike may have difficulty standing; they can also suffer from severe dizziness, sluggishness, weakness, loss of coordination, low heart rate and a chilled feeling. more
    How long can you hunger strike?
    If refusing fluids, too, death can come after one week. While the loss of muscle mass may be significant, a person usually dies because of an infection or organ failure. While people can survive up to several weeks without food under certain conditions, physical and mental impairment can begin within two to three days. more
    Can you drink during hunger strike?
    Can I drink water during a hunger strike? Yes, please drink water! You can become dehydrated more easily when you aren't eating, so make sure to drink plenty of water. more
    What is a dry hunger strike?
    There are number of variances in types of hunger striking, but all include some form of 'food refusal. ' • A 'dry' hunger strike in which the striker refuses both food and water is rare as it can quickly lead to death and does not. allow the striker to achieve his goals. more
    What is Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 aviation?
    These status lists are available for aviation users in order to denote qualified U.S. airports and runways for Category I ( CAT I), Category II ( CAT II) and Category III ( CAT III) Instrument Landing System ( ILS ) operations. more
    Is hunger strike legal in US?
    The Federal Government has promulgated regulations governing hunger strikes in Federal prisons. These regulations leave the decisionmaking to the prison medical officials, who determines when force-feeding shall begin. more
    What is hunger strike?
    Definition of hunger strike : refusal (as by a prisoner) to eat enough to sustain life. more
    Is hunger strike illegal?
    Legal situation. Article 8 of the 1975 World Medical Association Declaration of Tokyo states that doctors are not allowed to force-feed hunger strikers. more


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