Doordash delivery drivers often have to pick up orders from fast food restaurants like Mcdonalds, Wendys, Burger King and others.

    A common question for new dashers is can you pick up Doordash orders in the drive thru.

    This blog post is going to go into detail whether you can or cannot!

    Brief answer to the question can you pick up Doordash orders in the drive thru:

    There are a few factors when answering this question. The first factor is if the order was placed already and the second factor is how busy the drive thru is.

    A lot of times when getting orders at places like Wendys and Mcdonalds, you have to place the order yourself.

    In the circumstances that the drive thru isn’t crowded, placing the order there would be the most efficient way. The way you pay is by using the red prepaid debit card Doordash gives you.

    On the otherhand there’s always a chance the drive thru is crowded. Your best bet is to go inside and place the order at the counter, also paying with the red card Doordash gives you.

    Keep in mind this all can vary based on individual locations.

    What Are Some Other Factors To Help You Decide Whether To Go Inside or Go through the Drive Thru For Doordash?

    Bathroom break:

    As a delivery driver for the doordash app, you’re always rushing around to get deliveries done that sometimes you forget to use the bathroom.

    For fast food restaurants, if you choose to go in and place the order you can use the extra time to use the bathroom.

    A lot Of Drinks In The Order:

    If there’s a lot of drinks in the order , you’re better off going through the drive thru, this way you don’t have to carry the food and drinks into the restaurant.

    Allows You To Get Water:

    While doing a lot of deliveries, you may forget to drink water. By going inside it allows you to quickly get a cup of water

    Do You Have To Accept These Orders?

    There are alot of Doordash drivers that actually don’t accept fast food orders as a whole.

    A lot of times these orders can last up to twenty to thirty minutes which drives down the amount of money you make per order.

    Tip for drivers deciding whether they should avoid these orders all together:

    When deciding whether or not you should accept these orders take time into consideration.

    Usually during lunch time, fast food restaurants aren’t overly packed. If you get an order around lunch time in most cases it will be quick.

    During dinner time or even late night (especially on weekends) I would avoid fast food restaurants all together

    What Are Some Restaurants Doordash Drivers Typically Avoid?

    Cheesecake Factory:

    A lot of drivers do not like driving to Cheesecake Factory locations because they really take their time when it comes to Doordash orders.


    Wendys usually doesn’t allow you to go through the drive thru so when getting orders from them you have to go inside and place the order. This takes a lot of time for some drivers which makes them not want to take the order.

    As stated above it really depends on the time of day.

    I Hop:

    While IHOP is a popular restaurant, usually they have alot of people inside. This makes it very time consuming when going to pick up orders.

    It Depends On Your Market:

    Keep in mind every market is different. When just starting out it’s recommended that you take every single order you get, and then evaluate which restaurants you want to take and which ones you don’t want to pickup orders from.

    What Are Some Restaurants That Make Things Easy For You?

    There are some restuarants that make things easy when you go to pick up a doordash order.

    Keep in mind this is not always true, but after looking through reddit posts and other blog posts i’ve found everyones favorites.


    They usually have dedicated shelving which they place the orders on so when you go inside to pick up the order it’s easy for you.

    They are also very popular that you often get two orders in one.

    Outback Steakhouse:

    They are very quick and usually orders from there are very big so you also end up with a pretty big tip.


    Wingstop is pretty fast, i’ve also seen that many times they’ve given free drinks for drivers.

    It Depends On The Market:

    As stated above it depends on the market, these lists are based on different reddit posts and youtube videos i’ve came across while doing research.


    I hope you found this article helpfulp please share it on social media and other forums.

    Are you a current Doordash driver? Let us know your experiences with different restaurants in the comments below.

    If you’ ve yet signed up to Doordash and are interested in doing so, visit their website.

    If you’re only free at night and are wondering if Doordash is safe to do late at night, check out this article.

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