Royal blue is a heavily saturated shade of blue that sits somewhere in between being a medium and dark color.

    It is a vibrant and bold shade, which sometimes gets incorrectly confused with navy blue. Some people have a habit of using the terms ‘navy blue’ and ‘royal blue’ interchangeably, but in fact, royal blue is not as dark as navy blue, and it has a much brighter hue.

    Here we look at royal blue in more depth and offer colors that go well with royal blue. These color combinations can be used in your own home to create stylish interiors in various styles.

    The History of Royal Blue

    Royal blue is named as such because it was a color of fabric used to make a dress for Queen Charlotte of England, the wife of King George III, in the early 1800s. The color henceforth became known as royal blue due to its association with the queen and the royal family.

    Other colors associated with royal blue include ‘imperial blue,’ which is darker than royal blue, and ‘queen blue,’ which is a softer, more subtle version of the color. Royal blue is one of three colors used on the Union Jack, the flag that represents the United Kingdom, continuing the tradition of this color being linked to the history of England.

    Royal Blue Meanings

    Thanks to its association with royalty, royal blue is thought of as a regal and respectable color. For this reason, it is a popular color choice for formal attire, such as suits and evening dresses, as well as bridesmaids’ dresses, and is also a popular color for wedding decor. It is also a color that can convey trust and loyalty and therefore is used by businesses in their branding to help build customer confidence.

    Blue, in general, is linked to feelings of tranquility and relaxation because of its associations with the sky and the ocean, though royal blue is a more vivid and intense shade, so it will not necessarily offer a soothing atmosphere in interior design as softer blues would.

    Blue is a cool color, so it can make a space feel chilly and unwelcoming, but this can easily be counteracted by choosing a warm shade to help balance out the cool tones.


    Blue and yellow sit almost opposite each other on the color wheel, which makes them both contrasting and complementary shades. As gold is a metallic variation of yellow, it works beautifully with royal blue.

    Gold and royal blue are both considered luxury colors associated with nobility and grandeur, so they can be used together to create a sophisticated and opulent style in a room.

    Choose a royal blue velvet upholstered sofa with shiny gold metal legs, or hang gold picture frames on a royal blue painted wall. You could introduce black or dark gray as a third color to add dimension to this color palette without sacrificing the luxury style.


    Champagne is a softer shade of gold, similar to brass. It can work really well with royal blue to create a regal and elegant style in a room if you don’t like the gaudiness of yellow gold.

    Champagne offers a more subtle contrast as it has pale gold to beige tones, and therefore can work almost as a neutral alongside royal blue.

    Jade Green

    Jade green is a medium shade of green that falls more on the side of earthy greens rather than refreshing greens.

    Royal blue is a color that goes well with jade green and can make for a really stunning palette in contemporary design. Paint walls in jade green and use royal blue upholstered furniture.

    Dusky pink works really well in small doses as an accent shade with this color scheme—for example, a bouquet of dried pink flowers in a royal blue vase.

    Blush Pink

    Blush pink is a soft and dusky version of pink that contrasts with royal blue to create a romantic, modern vibe. Use blush pink as a base color on your walls, and then accent this shade with royal blue soft furnishings such as curtains or a rug. This will bring a shot of vibrance to a sultry room and liven up the pink.

    Alternatively, use royal blue as your main shade and accent with blush pink to add a touch of romance and femininity to the space. This color scheme can work really well in any room in the home. Use royal blue wall paint in a bathroom with blush pink towels, or paint kitchen walls blush pink with royal blue kitchen cabinets.

    The bedroom is also a really nice place to use these two colors together. Choose a blush pink velvet headboard set against royal blue walls, and add a high-end feel with crisp white bed linen. Tie the color scheme together with a range of throw pillows in royal blue and blush pink fabrics.


    Mauve is a light shade of purple that can be used with royal blue to achieve a pretty look in a bedroom. Opt for mauve-painted walls and a floral bed linen on a white background featuring purple and blue flowers. Complete the look with royal blue throw pillows and a royal blue accent chair.

    You could also use the royal blue and mauve color palette in a bathroom for a vintage country style with lavender soaps and bath products. Other pale shades of purple can also work well with royal blue such as lilac, but avoid using heavy or intense shades of purple because these will compete too much with blue for center stage.


    Peach is a mixture of orange and yellow, which means it provides the perfect contrast to royal blue. These two colors can be used in a range of interior design styles, including art deco and mid-century modern.

    Brighter shades of peach could also be used with royal blue for a playful Scandinavian look. Choose white or ivory as a third and final color to use in the royal blue color combination with peach to help add definition and create vacant space that will enable the peach and blue shades to stand out.

    Mustard Yellow

    Mustard yellow is a dark shade of yellow that has undertones of brown, giving the color a warm and inviting feel. For royal blue rooms that feel too chilly in terms of atmosphere, mustard yellow can really bring warmth and make the space feel more comforting.

    Royal blue is a fresh and vibrant color that can add real drama to a room, but if you want to balance it out and ensure the space feels welcoming and like a place you want to hang out in, then add some mustard textured accents such as a knitted mustard yellow throw blanket, or woven mustard yellow curtains.

    Patterned fabrics containing both colors can work really well to ensure continuity between the two shades, so look for smaller items like cushions and vases that feature both mustard yellow and royal blue.

    Raspberry Red

    Raspberry red is a pinkish shade of red. Royal blue in a color scheme with raspberry red can be playful or dramatic, depending on how you use them. For a striking and arty look, paint walls white and opt for a raspberry red sofa with royal blue cushions and a royal blueprint on the wall in a black frame.

    These colors are both bold and bright, so don’t use them without a third neutral shade. You should aim to use the 60:30:10 principle with these colors, using a neutral shade such as white or gray for 60% of the room, with royal blue and raspberry red representing 30% and 10% of the space.

    This will allow the colors to make a bold impact without feeling overwhelming or overstimulating. Too much surface space of intense colors like this can create a space that feels like a headache, and you won’t want to spend much time in there, so it’s best to use them sparingly.

    Powder Blue

    Powder blue is a soft and serene shade of blue that can be used with royal blue to create a tonal room that features varying colors of the ocean. This is a color scheme that would work well in a traditional bathroom with a coastal theme, incorporating seashell prints and beige accessories such as golden tan towels to represent the sand on the coastline.

    Contrasting dark and light shades such as this can create an immersive experience by surrounding yourself with varying levels of the same color. As powder blue has a soothing and tranquil feel to it, it can help balance out the bolder energy of royal blue, even though they are the same color.

    If you find that using a lot of blue in a room makes it feel too cold due to the cool energy of blue, then balance this out by adding a warm neutral shade such as wheat or biscuit beige.

    Does royal blue go with gold?
    3. Royal Blue and Gold. "A good color to pair with something as vibrant and bold as royal blue is something light or contrasting, like white, champagne, or gold," says Dan Wiener, founder and lead interior designer for Homedude. more
    Does gold look blue?
    About the same number of participants reported seeing it as white/gold as blue/black (a small percentage saw different colors). Then, the researchers inverted the image so that the lighter stripes appeared gold and the darker stripes appeared blue. more
    What Colours make royal blue?
    When you mix the two colors blue and purple, you can get royal blue. The combination should be in equal amounts to get the right shade, otherwise, the result will be different. Royal blue is a darkened variation of the primary color blue. more
    What does royal blue scrubs mean?
    Blue. One of the most common nurse colors for the sense of calmness it creates, blue scrubs are peaceful yet distinctive. When you wear a blue uniform in a healthcare facility, there's no question that you're supposed to be there. Your patients will not only trust you, but also see you as a reliable caretaker. more
    Is blue gold worth more than gold?
    Blue gold is valuable and rare, therefore it is fairly expensive. The price of blue gold depends on the item itself and the number of Karats within it. However, a blue gold ring would most likely be a less expensive option than a gold ring that is closer to pure gold. more
    Is blue gold Real?
    Blue gold is “real” as it does contain real gold. The amount of pure gold depends on the amount of karats the piece has. The general amount of pure gold in blue gold is around 46% which equates to around 11 karats. The remaining percentage is made up of indium or gallium and other Intermetallic compounds. more
    Does royal blue go with grey?
    Royal blue pairs nicely with orange, which is its complementary color on the color wheel. The colors that pair well with royal blue include: Gray. more
    Does royal blue go with silver?
    LaresTa Fashion on Instagram: “Royal blue with silver is on of the best color combination. Try it yourself. Match it with white gold or silver jewelry and blue…” 364 Likes, 13 Comments - LaresTa Fashion (@laresta_fashion) on Instagram: “Royal blue with silver is on of the best color combination. more
    What colors make royal blue icing?
    More videos on YouTube Color Combination Periwinkle 1 part Royal Blue & 1 part Violet Turquoise 1 part Sky Blue & 1 part Lemon Yellow Aqua Blue 1 part Sky Blue & 1 part Leaf Green Royal Blue 1 part Royal Blue & 1 part Violet more
    What is blue gold worth?
    Blue Gold price today is $0.000000000040 with a 24-hour trading volume of ?. It has a circulating supply of 0 BLG coins and a total supply of 1 Quadrillion. more
    Does royal blue go with peach?
    Royal blue, peach and grey create a very pretty look for summer weddings. This color combination is so beautiful because blue is a cool color and peach is a warmer color, so they balance each other. The grey is a perfect accent and keeps the whole palette soft and beautiful. more


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