New York (CNNBusiness) Target announced Monday that it is raising its starting wage for workers in some positions to up to $24.

    The Minneapolis-based retailer said the increase will apply to hourly workers at its discount stores, supply chain facilities and headquarters.

    Target in 2020 set its minimum wage at $15. That will remain in place, but Target said some workers will qualify for higher starting pay based on the nature of their job and the prevailing competitive wages in their local market.

      Target ( TGT ) , which employs more than 350,000 workers and has over 1,900 US stores, said the hike in some starting wages is part of its plan to spend an additional $300 million on its workforce. That investment also includes expanding access to healthcare benefits for hourly workers, beginning in April.

        Under the plan, Target's hourly employees who work a minimum average of 25 hours a week will be eligible to enroll in a company medical plan. That's down from the previous requirement of 30 hours per week.

            The retailer is also shortening the waiting period for eligible hourly team members to enroll in a Target medical plan. Depending on their position, employees will be able to get comprehensive health care benefits three to nine months sooner. Employees will also get faster access to 401(k) plans.

            The changes come as more retailers and restaurant chains have moved to a $15 an hour minimum rate.

            Amazon ( AMZN ) raised its starting wage to $15 in 2018, while Best Buy ( BBY ) bumped up its minimum to $15 in 2020. Walmart ( WMT ) , the largest US retailer, said in September that its workers who handle the front end of the store, food and general merchandise units will get at least a dollar an hour increase to $12. The pay raise would cover 565,000 Walmart workers.

            Target's move comes amid an ongoing worker shortage in the retail industry, partly triggered by the pandemic, as companies across the board struggle to retain and hire more workers.

              "Alongside the health risks, uncertainty and stress of working during a pandemic, many service-sector workers continue to contend with chronically unpredictable and unstable work schedules," according to a recent report from the Shift Project, a joint venture by Harvard University and the University of California, San Francisco.

              --CNNBusiness' Nathaniel Meyersohn contributed to this story

              Does Target pay more for night shift?
              Target pays everyone pretty much equally since they started offering overnight team members $15 an hour. The catch, is that they regulate your hours and schedule. more
              Does Target do overnight shifts?
              target is considered a part time job, but backroom team members do recieve alot of hours to work because they have alot of tasks to complete. Night shift began at 4am(sometimes 2am or 12am during holidays), and ended at 8am but could extend as late as 2pm. more
              Why is night shift better than day shift?
              Night shift roles typically have a much smaller staff volume. This gives you time to think, complete your work quicker and more efficiently because you are not stopped by 100's of interruptions. more
              Does TCS have night shift?
              Yes, TCS is providing night shift allowance. You need to reach out to your supervisor so that he/she can raise a request for you in Ultimatix for night shift allowance. Your shift allowance will be near about Rs. 360. more
              How hard is night shift?
              Just like anyone after a weekend, readjusting to a workweek is never easy. But it's especially hard for night shift workers. Your body likes sleeping at night, so after a few nights of "normal" sleep, trying to stay awake for an entire shift is even harder than usual. more
              Do radiographers do night shift?
              You'll typically work a standard 37.5-hour week, which may include evenings, nights and weekends. Part-time work and job sharing are possible, depending on departmental needs. more
              What is the difference between graveyard shift and night shift?
              Morning shift: Usually 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Evening shift: Typically 4 p.m. to midnight. or 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Overnight shift: Also known as the graveyard shift, this shift lasts from midnight to 8 a.m. or 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. more
              Does Target stock at night?
              Target receives daily shipments and restocks every night after stores are closed between 12 am, and 6 am. Items sold at Target online do not have a set restocking schedule; however, you can sign up to get notifications when they are back in stock. Perishable grocery items are restocked daily between 3 pm and 11 pm. more
              Does Target pay more for overnight shifts?
              Target pays everyone pretty much equally since they started offering overnight team members $15 an hour. The catch, is that they regulate your hours and schedule. more
              Should I stay up all night before night shift?
              Before your first night shift, it's a good idea to try to sleep during the day so you are not awake for a full 24-hour period. Some people may find that staying up late the night before the first shift helps to get them into a routine. more
              Is mcdonalds night shift easy?
              Most Redditors wrote that random rushes were tough on them, and at one McDonald's, the workers even had to call in an extra person at 3 am to get an unexpected 20-burger order out. In short, working the night shift ain't easy! more


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