Around thirty our skin and nails begin to have trouble recovering from damage and we began to look noticeably older. This process can be most obvious in our hands because the skin there is thinner and thus more easily subject to damage. Some easy steps, however, can help to maintain our hands for years, slowing signs of aging.

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      Keep products on your bathroom counter. Keeping moisturizers and hand creams on your bathroom counter can be the first step to maintaining your hands. Hopefully, this step will remind you to apply your products on a regular basis.

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      Carry products with you during the day. Moisturizing and using protective hand cream throughout the day can do a lot to keep your hands in good shape. This is especially applicable to hand creams that protect you from UV Rays. You will want to reapply these several times a day to protect your skin.

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      Establish a nightly ritual. Getting into the habit of daily care is important. Typically, a nighttime ritual is particularly favorable. You won't be rushing off to work and moisturizers should have plenty of time to soak in.

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      Use gloves when you wash dishes. This will protect your skin and your nails. Your nails absorb water, causing them to expand. This process of contraction and expansion can weaken the nail. [1]

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      Use a moisturizing soap when washing. A moisturizing soap like Dove Beauty Bar will protect your hands from becoming overly dry. It also will not strip your skin of natural, protective oils, as many soaps do.

      • It is also better for your skin if you wash with warm, rather than hot, water.
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      Moisturize frequently. The key to good skin care is frequent moisturizing. Any moisturizer that you use for you face will work equally well for your hands. There are a great variety of creams available and little consensus as to which is best.

      • Although they can be expensive, many people now suggest creams that have anti-aging chemicals thought to promote the formation of collagen. Examples include Regenskin, SyCream, Neocutis Bio-restorative Skin Cream, SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex. [2] The efficacy of these products has not been scientifically established, and the scientific community is split as to the likelihood that they work. [3]
      • For a natural solution, try mixing equal parts olive oil and sugar. Apply the solution to your hands.
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      Use protective hand cream. Find a hand cream that has an SPF rating of at least 25 to protect your hands from the elements. Many offer additional benefits as well. Apply several times throughout the day.

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      Treat spots. Over time UV light can cause liver spots to appear across your skin. There are ways, however, to treat these. Apply Roc Multi-Correxion Night Treatment before going to bed to eliminate these blemishes.

    5. 5

      Try a wax treatment. Home paraffin wax units can be used to coat and moisturize your hands. Dip your hands in warm – not hot – wax to create a thick coat of wax around your hands. Place your hands in gloves and allow the wax to harden. After the wax has cooled completely, break off the coating to reveal a fresh set of hands.

      • Companies that market such products include HoMedics, Therabath, and Artemis Woman. [4]
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      Rub cuticle oil onto your cuticles. Cuticles are the pieces of skin that surround your nail. Purchase a cuticle oil at the store and rub it around your nails. The oil should come with stick. Use this stick to push gently against the cuticles, allowing the oil to reach underneath them.

      • Other moisturizers should work, but might be hard to get underneath the nails.
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      Apply moisturizer to the nails. Moisturizers that contain urea, phospholipids or lactic acid can help prevent cracking. [5]

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      Keep your nails healthy. Massaging fingertips one a day will increase circulation and prevent cracking or peeling. Eating foods rich in calcium, like dairy products, will also keep you nails in good condition.

      • Some experts now also recommend taking supplements of the vitamin biotin, but the science is still out as to whether or not this will make you nails stronger. [6]
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      Trim and file your nails. Experts now recommend using toenail nippers rather than traditional clippers, because they make it easier to see where you cut. Beginning at the corner, cut in an oval shape using multiple cuts. Use a file to even out the nail afterward. [7]

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      Apply coats. Begin by applying 2 coats. Then apply a nail polish of choice. Apply the top coat and then nail enamel.

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      Refrain from biting your fingernails. This will be bad for your nails and possibly even your teeth. If you find it hard to quit, talk to a psychologist to determine if there are underlying anxiety issues that they can help you with.

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      How do I get rid of yellow nails?

      Lemon juice: soaking your nails in lemon juice will get rid of those yellow stains. Soak your nails for 10 to 15 minutes each day until you are happy with the results. You can also try peroxide and baking soda: mix 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with 2-1/2 tablespoons of baking soda in a small bowl.

    • Question

      How can I get softer looking hands?

      Put coconut oil on them. It absorbs well without the thickness and doesn't dry out.

    • Question

      Raynaud's disease causes my hands to look red. Do you have any suggestions for me?

      I have Raynaud's too, and as far as I know there's no getting rid of it, but I do have some tips. If your hands are hot and red, it helps to run cold water over them for a few minutes (use hot water for cold hands). Keep them moisturized! Moisturizing often gets the blood flowing and will help your hands return to their natural color. Wear clothes appropriate for the weather. For me, if I'm cold, my hands will be cold and purple, and if I'm really hot, my hands will become red and clammy. So if you think it'll be cold, wear gloves, and if it's hot, wear a short sleeve short, long sleeves will make it worse. It also helps to raise your hands above your head for a bit.

    • Question

      How can I get soft hands?

      Use a homemade "softener." Just put sugar and coconut oil in a jar and rub it into your hands before bed; leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse with hot water.

    • Question

      How can I lighten the skin on my hands?

      Take two teaspoons of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix them well and apply it on your hands. Leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse. After that, apply some rose water on your hands.

    • Question

      How can I get rid of black spots on my fingers?

      Almond oil has immense skincare benefits. It cleanses and even nourishes your skin, while making it supple. Take a couple of drops of almond oil in your palm and massage it on your knuckles and toes in a rapid motion. In just a week, the coarse dark skin will become light and soft in these areas. You can massage with this oil once daily.

    • Question

      How do I prevent eczema?

      Use lotion. Find a soothing one. I recommend Aveeno baby lotion, as it is very soothing and helpful with eczema. Buy several little bottles of lotion, and place them wherever you spend time. Keep one with you at all times.

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      How can I reduce veins bulging when my hands are down?

      Omit chocolate, caffeine, and salt from your diet. Hand models say their veins are less plump. You can also, for a quick fix, raise your hands above your head for one minute and then lower them to make them less noticeable in a picture.

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    • Keep nail polish away from children

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    How can I make my hands prettier?
    1. Update your hand wash and sanitizer.
    2. Make work gloves a must-have.
    3. Choose hand cream the way you choose face cream.
    4. Exfoliate hands, too.
    5. Treat hands to masks.
    6. Manage your cuticles.
    7. Give hands and fingers a long slender look.
    8. Choose the right bright polish for mature hands.
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