If you’re not sure whether you can give robux to others or how to give robux to people, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, you can give Robux to others, but not directly. There’re several ways to achieve the goal and this post gives you a comprehensive guide on how to give Robux to people.

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    • Donate Robux to your friend
      • The player who receive Robux from you:
      • How to donate robux:
    • Make a game pass
    • Make a group
    • Conclusion:

    Donate Robux to your friend

    There’s no direct way of sending money on Roblox, donating the Robux to your friend is a trick to give Robux. Players usually create a donation T-shirt to sell to others in exchange for Robux.

    Follow the steps below to give Robux.

    The player who receive Robux from you:

    1. Pay for the Premium membership to join Builder’s Club ($4.99 per month).
    2. Let the player make a donation clothing item available for sale.
    3. Once the clothing is created, the player must upload it to the catalog and specify the price.

    How to donate robux:

    1. Log in to your Roblox account.
    2. Click Avatar Shop on the top right bar.
    3. Type the name of the donation clothing in the search bar and find the exact product.
    4. Click on the item and then click Buy to purchase the item.

    The items they sold will be charged 30% market tax.

    Note: Only people with Builders Club membership can sell items, but you don’t need to join Builders Club to purchase items and donate Robux to other users.

    Make a game pass

    What if the player don’t have a Builder Club account? Don’t worry, you can give Robux to them by purchasing a game pass made by the player.

    1. Click Create on the top bar.
    2. The player needs to create a game.
    3. If the player already had one, click the gear icon beside the game and click Create Game Pass.
    4. Fill in the blanks and click Preview > Verify Upload.
    5. Scroll down and click the gear icon of the newly created Game Pass, then click Configure.
    6. Click Sales.
    7. Turn on Item for Sale and set up the price. Click Save.
    8. The game pass is on sale. Send the link to the people and let them buy the game pass to get Robux.

    Note: There are pending sales that take about 3 days before you actually get the Robux in your account. And there’s a 30% tax on the Roblox for selling game pass.

    Make a group

    This is the only way to give people Robux on mobile. If you already have a Roblox group and you are able to make funds, you can make your friend join your Roblox group and give the fund to your friend directly.

    1. Click the menu button and click Groups.
    2. Click Create group, fill in the blanks and pay 100 Robux to get a group.
    3. Let your friends join and stay in there for some time.
    4. Make a game pass or others that can sell on the group.
    5. When others buying the game pass or other items, the Robux will go into group funds.
    6. Click the three dots button on the right side of the group page and click Configure Group.
    7. Click Revenue > Payouts > One-time Payouts > Add Payout Recipients.
    8. Enter the name you want to give the Robux, set the number of Robux you wanna give and click Distribute. Note: You can’t give Robux over the Remaining funds in the group.
    9. Robux were paid out to users from the group.


    That’s all about how to give Robux to people. To be honest these ways are quite complicated and the Roblox will take benefits from the process. Sending your friends Roblox gift cards and log in to your friends’ accounts to buy Robux for them are easier ways to give people Robux. Grab some coupons before shopping Roblox gift cards on Amazon / Walmart / GameStop to save some money.

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    How do I give someone a Roblox group owner?
    To get there, click the Configure Group button in the Controls box on the right of the group's page. Once there, you will see the following options: Information: This is where you can change your group's name, owner, image and description. more
    Does Roblox give you stuff on your birthday?
    To celebrate we want to give all of our users a gift. You can get your free birthday gift here. It will open sometime on September 1st. We've got some more awesome birthday stuff coming out later this week but if you want to celebrate ROBLOX's birthday on your own check out this awesome ROBLOX Ice Cream Cake recipe. more
    How do you give items in Roblox mobile?
    1. Click the Three Squares button, located to the right of the player's name.
    2. Select the Trade Items option.
    Is Roblox owner a billionaire?
    D avid Baszucki made a fortune cofounding social gaming platform Roblox in 2004. By early 2021, he was a billionaire, thanks to a funding round that valued Roblox at $29.5 billion. He took the business public on the New York Stock Exchange two months later in a $38 billion IPO. more
    What is Owner's Equity give an equation for calculating Owner's Equity give two examples at least?
    Owners Equity Formula The formula for owner's equity is: Owner's Equity = Assets – Liabilities. Assets, liabilities and subsequently the owner's equity can be derived from a balance sheet. more
    How do you give clothes to friends on Roblox?
    Creating a Trade
    1. Go to that player's profile page.
    2. Click the button that looks like three dots in the upper right corner of the box that contains their username and friends/follower information.
    3. On the menu that pops up, select Trade Items.
    Who is the new owner of Roblox 2022?
    Roblox is owned by its founder David Baszucki, who is also the CEO of Roblox. When creating Roblox, Baszucki was determined to create a platform where users could share experiences and grow as technology users. more
    Who is the real owner of Roblox?
    David Baszucki David Baszucki is the founder and CEO of Roblox. His vision is to build a platform that enables shared experiences among billions of users. more
    How rich is the owner of Roblox?
    David Baszucki is a Canadian-born American entrepreneur, inventor, and engineer who has a net worth of $4 billion. Baszucki is the co-founder and CEO of the video game developer Roblox Corporation, and he was previously the co-founder and CEO of Knowledge Revolution, which MSC Software acquired for $20 million in 1998. more
    How do you create a group on Roblox?
    About This Article
    1. Navigate to https://www.roblox.com/home.
    2. Click Groups in the sidebar to the left.
    3. Click Create Group in the upper-right corner.
    4. Enter a name for your group.
    5. Enter a description for your group.
    6. Click Choose File and select an image for your emblem.
    7. Select "Anyone can join" or "Manual Approval".
    Who is the owner of Roblox?
    David Baszucki David Baszucki is the founder and CEO of Roblox. His vision is to build a platform that enables shared experiences among billions of users. more

    Source: www.supereasy.com

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