Most of us interact with customers or clients on some level, no matter what our role is. You can be the CEO or customer service agent. Your customers can be your employees, vendors, contractors, or clients. How you interact with these customers will impact that relationship and how those customers feel about you and your company. You are the reflection of your company on every encounter.

    Being able to build customersconfidence will make your relationship and trust with your customers. This is crucial for roles that depend on customersconfidence in you from sales, marketing, and customer service. Henceforth, each call or face-to-face interaction needs to exceed your customer’s expectations.

    Below I provide three crucial things you should incorporate to improve your customersconfidence in you.

    1.     Listen to your customers

    How often do you think you know everything or what’s suitable for your customers without really listening to what your customers have to say? Customers feel appreciated if you make them feel heard. You can accomplish this by asking probing questions to things that concern them. Show empathy by being quiet and listening. If needed, nod occasionally to let them know you are listening and sympathizing with their issues. Always leave with the following steps, so they know what will happen next and be sure to follow through.

    I was on a call with a client who had a pending issue that was affecting numerous employees. I actively listen to her problems and then let her know I will reach out to key members in my organization to have that problem fixed. I then collaborated and escalated the issue with that team to have the issue addressed immediately. Afterward, I followed up with the client and let her know we resolved the problem; and then we discussed steps she could take in the future to prevent these problems from occurring.

    Now think of situations when you listened to or didn’t listen to your customers; what steps can you take to listen better and make them feel heard.

    2.     Build their trust

    When you say you are going to do something, then do it. Your customers should not be checking in asking for an update for something you indicated you would follow up on and didn’t. If you still need time, be sure to reach out and let them know. Always keep your customers updated on any changes. As long as you communicate and always keep your customers updated, they will be understanding and thank you.

    3.     Own your mistakes

    From time to time, you could make a mistake. For example, you could promise a customer something before checking in with the Product team is that something you can do or not listening and misunderstand what’s being asked. If you found you made a mistake, own it. Let those customers know and what steps you will be taking to fix it. They will appreciate that you were honest and informed them. Use these mistakes as learning lessons on what you can do differently.

    This article only showed three key ways to build customersconfidence but its plenty of other tips. If you only do these three, you will see a big difference in your interaction with your customers and how they feel about you. So go out there and make your customers feel confident in you.

    Let me know how you build customer confidence.

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    How do you build confidence in customers?
    10 ways to build customer confidence and trust
    1. Anticipate customer needs. How do you build customer trust?
    2. Be transparent about product knowledge.
    3. Own your mistakes.
    4. Be clear.
    5. Share customer experiences.
    6. Make the buying experience easy.
    7. Be empathetic.
    8. Teach rather than sell.
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