How do you clean oneself after urinating in Islam?

    Cleanliness is a beauty that is loved by Allah Almighty and taught to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Maintaining this cleanliness needs to be done by all Muslims to avoid all kinds of diseases. Below here are the following of 15 how to clean yourself after toilet in Islam.

    1. This is the command by Allah Almighty

    Cleanliness in Islam means sacred, it is said in a hadith that Allah Almighty really likes cleanliness, beauty, holiness, and glory. For these reasons, humans (especially Muslims) must do self-cleaning because this is the command of Allah Almighty. Below here is the hadith.

    “Verily Allah Almighty is a saint who loves things that are pure, He is the Cleanest One who loves cleanliness, He is the Noblest who loves glory, He is the Most Beautiful who loves beauty, therefore clean your place.” (Tirmidzi)

    2. One of the habits of The Messenger of Allah

    Cleanliness is a part of faith, keeping cleanliness is also carried out by the Prophet Muhammad. He always maintains personal hygiene by bathing and brushing his teeth regularly.

    Maintaining personal hygiene and the environment is Akhlaq of Prophet Muhammad that we must apply in daily life. The following below is the Messenger of Allah’s command in his hadith.

    “If I do not make the weight of my people, then I really command to brush my teeth every time I pray”. (Bukhari)

    3. Performed in a closed place

    If a Muslim wants to clean himself (take a bath or want to pee) it should be done in a closed place (toilet). Besides that, if you are in the open area (field or desert) you should go to a distant place and not be seen. Below here is a hadith by The Messenger of Allah. Read more about  Benefits of Having a Cat in Islam

    “We once came out with the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) when Safar, he did not perform his activities in an open area, but he went to a distant place until he was invisible and invisible.” (Ibn Majah)

    4. Read dua when entering the toilet

    Before entering the toilet or bathroom, it’s good to read the prayer first before entering the toilet or bathroom. This act was also carried out by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his daily life. The following below here is the hadith.

    “The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) before he entering to the toilet, he always said: ‘O Allah, I take refuge in You from the male and female Satan.'”(Bukhari Muslim)

    5. Enter the toilet with your left foot

    After praying, put your left foot first to enter the toilet or bathroom. Why? The bathroom or toilet is where there is dirt. For this reason, the Prophet Muhammad prioritized the left foot when entering the toilet and exiting the toilet by putting the right one first. Read more about  How to Prevent Nightmares in Islam

    Therefore, all the good ones should be preferred to put the right one first (right hand or right foot). Here is the hadith.

    “The Prophet Sallallaahu‘ Alaihi Wa Sallam preferred to put the right one first when wearing sandals, combing hair when purifying and in every case (the good ones). “(Bukhari Muslim)

    6. Open your clothes after arriving at the toilet

    If you want to take a pee or take a shower, do not expose your clothes before arriving at the toilet or bathroom. This is one of the manners that taught by the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) to us.

    Revealing clothes or opening clothes can be done while in the toilet or bathroom. Below here is the hadith.

    “If the Messenger of Allaah Sallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam wants to defecate, he will not reveal his clothes until he reaches the place of defecation.” (Tirmidzi) [AdSense-B]

    7. Facing other than the Qibla

    Pay attention to the direction of the wind, if the toilet seat is facing the Qibla you should avoid sitting to face or turn your back on the Qibla.

    We are allowed to face slightly to the right or left. Below here the Messenger of Allah said in his hadith. Read more about  Effects of Solar Eclipse in Islam

    “If one of you sits to dispose of his wish, do not go face or back towards the Qibla.” (Muslim)

    8. Use your left hand while cleaning your genitals

    Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said in his hadith if a person passes through the water then use his left hand to clean the dirt. Although the use of the right hand for eating, drinking, and other activities besides cleansing the dirt. Below here is the hadith by The Messenger of Allah (PBUH). “If one of you cleared the ground, do not use his right hand.” (Bukhari)

    9. Cleans your genital with an odd number

    Istijmar is an adab how to clean genitals in an odd number of at least three times. Usually, this is done when you cleaning yourself after taking off hajat. Below here the Messenger of Allah said in the hadith. “If one of you do istijmar then do it three times.” (Imam Ahmad)

    10. Use stones to cleanse yourself

    There is another way to clean yourself after a toilet in Islam. If you don’t find any water or there is no water.

    So, you can clean yourself using three stones or something clean that can be clean yourself, such as a napkin, cloth, tissue, etc. Below here The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said in the hadith. Read more about  How to Improve Willpower in Islam

    If one of you wants to do istijmar (istinja’ with stone), then use three stones.” (Ad Darimi)

    11. Remove the remaining dirt until clean

    Remember that any Muslim who clean their self should be there until there is no dirt that sticks in your body. This command was delivered by The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his hadith. The following below is the complete hadith.

    Indeed, the two persons of this grave are being tortured, not because of a big mistake. One of the two because they did not do istinja’ (clean himself) after taking a pee, and the other one walked to and the other spread the Namimah (pitting the sheep).”(Bukhari)

    12. Two things that forbidden to use to clean yourself

    There are two things that can not be used to purify themselves after the toilet in Islam. Muslims are not allowed to use bone and animal dirt to clean themselves. Below following here the Prophet Muhammad said in his hadith.

    In the narration of Abu Hurairah said that he had brought the water container for The Messenger of Allah for Wudhu and defecated. When Abu Hurairah followed the Prophet Muhammad with the water container, the Messenger of Allah said:

    ‘Who is this?’ ‘I, Abu Hurairah!’ the answer. Allah’s Messenger said: ‘Bring me a few stones to do istijmar, but do not bring bones and animal dirt.’ I also brought a few pieces of stone which were placed in my shirt pocket and then placed on his side and then I turned away. After the Prophet (PBUH) finished defecating I asked: ‘Why do not use bones and animal dirt?’ He replied: ‘Because both are the food of the genie!'” (Bukhari) AdSense-C]

    13. Dua when leaving out the bathroom

    After leaving the toilet or bathroom, every Muslim is required to say “O Allah, I beg your forgiveness.” This was also done by the Prophet Muhammad after he leaves the bathroom. The below here is the hadith.

    “The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to be after he lefts the bathroom then he said, “Ghufronaka” (O Allah, I ask forgiveness from You). “(Abu Daud, Tirmizi, Ibn Majah, and Ad Darimi)

    14. Do not throw away hajat in everywhere

    It is better for Muslims not to throw away hajat in everywhere. It is forbidden to do. Therefore the places that are not permitted such as on the highway, and places where peoples are there (live there). Below here the Prophet said in this hadith. Read more about  Effects of Slander in Islam

    “Be careful with al la’anain (people who are cursed by humans)!” The Companions asked, “Who is al la’anain (one who is cursed by humans), O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “They are people who throw away hajat on the road and the place where people live. “(Muslim)

    15. Not allowed to speak in the toilet

    There is one more that must be considered, it would be better if you are in the toilet or in the bathroom does not speak, sing, or even say greet (Assalamu’alaikum). This was said by the Prophet Muhammad in his hadith. “If you see me in this condition (take off hajat) do not say greet to me, because I will not answer your greetings.” (Ibn Majah)

    Hopefully, the 15 how to clean yourself after toilet in Islam can be useful for us and Muslims all over worlds. With this, you can know properly how to clean yourself after toilet in Islam. May the act that our  Prophet Muhammad teaches us, it can be done well by Muslims.

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