Almost every recipe tells you how to make the best, moistest cake in all of cake land. But they don’t tell you how to keep it moist after baking – which might be even more important! Luckily, a few simple things like wrapping and storing can make all the difference in moistness post-bake.

    Hi! My name is Michelle, and I can’t tell you how many cakes I’ve made (and consumed) in my lifetime. It would be quite an astounding number. With that said, I have had to figure out how to keep my cakes as moist as possible after baking, especially if I plan to sell them.

    Keeping a cake nice and moist after baking isn’t too challenging, although it will require a few extra steps. You will also need to be a bit pickier about your procedure. 

    Want moist cake? Keep reading.


    • How to Keep Cakes Moist After Baking
      • Frost Your Cake ASAP
      • Store Your Cake Properly
      • Put Simple Syrup Over the Cake
    • FAQs
      • How do you keep a cake moist for days?
      • How do I make a cake more moist?
      • What is a secret ingredient to moisten cakes?
      • Why is my cake hard and dry?
      • Can you leave freshly baked cake out overnight?
    • Final Words

    I will start by saying this: a moist cake will start with the right recipe . A good cake recipe will ensure that you bake up an ultra-moist cake. However, you need to make sure you’re taking the proper steps after baking to keep things nice and moist. Let’s take a closer look.

    Frost Your Cake ASAP

    To keep yourself dry from rain, you wear a raincoat or use an umbrella. Well, consider frosting as your cake’s barrier. Frosting will seal the moisture inside of the cake, keeping it moist wherever it goes – including the fridge and freezer.

    Make sure your cake is cooled entirely before frosting it. Trying to apply frosting to a warm cake will end in a melted disaster. 

    If you need to cool the cake down quickly, wrap the warm cake in plastic wrap and stick it in the freezer. Wait around a half-hour, and it should be cooled down enough to frost. By the way, you can also keep a cake in the freezer for several weeks before you have to frost it.

    When frosting your cake, make sure that every inch is covered. If a piece of cake is playing peek-a-boo with the outside air, it can lead to a dried-out cake that is seriously lacking moisture. No, thanks!

    Store Your Cake Properly

    Another important thing to consider is cake storage. A cake stored properly makes all the difference between a cake that is left to the elements. You can store cakes on the counter, in the fridge, or in the freezer. Here’s how.

    • Room temperature. The best way to store a cake is to leave it on the counter. That way, it won’t come into contact with anything that could suck moisture out of it – like cold air from a fridge. However, don’t leave it unsealed. A cake stand is an excellent option.
    • Fridge. Yes, you can store cakes in the fridge – even though it might not be “ideal”. As long as the cake is properly stored, such as plastic wrap or a cake box, it can easily stay moist for up to a week.
    • Freezer. The freezer is an even better option for long-term storage. Place a cake in the freezer, but make sure it’s stored with plastic wrap in an airtight container, if possible. When storing slices, wrap them individually for the best results.

    Put Simple Syrup Over the Cake

    Did you know that simple syrup may be the secret ingredient for keeping cakes moist after baking? Plenty of bakers swear by simple syrup. You can buy it in the store or make your own with a few ingredients you likely have on hand.

    When your cake is done baking, use a pastry brush to “paint” simple syrup over the entire cake. This is a simple way to lock in moisture before you even frost it. Not only does it lock in moisture, but it adds a touch of extra sweetness to the final product. No complaints with that!


    It’s pretty easy to keep a cake moist after baking. It all comes down to how it’s stored and when it’s frosted. But if you’re still curious about how to keep cakes moist after baking, check out these commonly asked questions asked by bakers just like you.

    How do you keep a cake moist for days?

    If the cake is unfrosted, then you can wrap it in plastic wrap and store it on the counter for five days or in the freezer for weeks. If frosted, the shelf life shortens a bit, but it also ensures that the cake stays moist as frosting seals the cake and keeps the moisture inside.

    How do I make a cake more moist?

    There are many ways to make a cake moister. One of the simplest ways is to avoid overbaking it. When mixing ingredients, use cake flour instead of all-purpose flour and add oil and sour cream. You shouldn’t over-cream or over-mix the batter. Mix room temp butter with flour.

    What is a secret ingredient to moisten cakes?

    Some of the “secret ingredients” some bakers might share include room temperature butter, sour cream, yogurt, and oil. 

    Why is my cake hard and dry?

    A hard and dry cake is likely an overbaked cake. It is so important to make sure you’re following the cake recipe entirely and not letting your cake sit in a hot oven for even a second more. Another culprit for hard and dry cake is too many dry ingredients, such as flour.

    Can you leave freshly baked cake out overnight?

    Yes, but I would recommend storing it in something like a cake stand or an airtight container. Just make sure it’s cooled before it is stored. Otherwise, the cake may become soggy and undesirable.

    Final Words

    Baking a moist cake might be simple, but keeping it moist after baking is another challenge. The best thing to do is to frost the cake asap. You should also coat it with a fine layer of simple syrup. Proper storage is also key, whether stored on the counter, fridge, or freezer.

    How do you keep cake moist after baking? Share tips for us to try, too!

    I have been a lover of sweets since day one. This led me on a self-taught baking journey starting at the age of 13. It's been over 10 years since the start of my baking adventures, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Now, people rave about my delectable treats, whether it’s a chocolate cake or a strawberry crepe.

    How do you keep a cake moist after cutting it?
    As soon as you make a cut, moisture begins to escape and causes the cake to get stale more quickly. If you can, cover the sliced edges with more frosting to protect the cake from moisture loss. Otherwise, press a piece of plastic wrap directly onto the sliced side and make sure it sticks. more
    Should I cut cake into layers before freezing?
    Don't Freeze Decorated Cake: For the absolute best taste and texture, assemble and decorate the cake as close to serving as possible. That's why I recommend only freezing the cake/cake layers. A completely decorated cake will contract and expand during the freezing/thawing process, ruining some of your hard work. more
    Does adding milk make cake moist?
    To help prevent a dry, dense cake, let's add a creamy and light wet ingredient. Milk is usually required in a cake recipe to thin out the batter and lighten up the crumb, but sour cream is often overlooked. more
    What makes a cake moist?
    Making a moist cake starts with the cake mix. If a recipe calls for all-purpose flour, opt for cake flour instead to create a more moist, tender crumb. Additions like sour cream, buttermilk, or applesauce can also infuse moisture and prevent a dry cake. more
    What makes a cake more moist?
    Use cake flour. Additions like sour cream, buttermilk, or applesauce can also infuse moisture and prevent a dry cake. Baking soda or baking powder also ensures a nice lift in baked goods. more
    What is the most moist cake mix?
    To find the best grocery-store option, I made the Pillsbury's Moist Supreme, Duncan Hines' Perfectly Moist, and Betty Crocker's Super Moist versions of devil's food cake mix. For consistency, I used the same 9-inch nonstick round cake pans sprayed with baking spray and lined with parchment paper. more
    How do I make a moist cake?
    How to Keep Cake Moist
    1. Use cake flour. Making a moist cake starts with the cake mix.
    2. Avoid overmixing.
    3. Maintain the right baking temperature.
    4. Avoid overbaking the cake.
    5. Soak the cake.
    6. Add moisture between the cake layers.
    7. Frost the cake right away.
    8. Store the cake properly.
    What ingredient makes a cake moist and fluffy?
    Creaming Butter & Sugar. Whisking butter and sugar together is one essential tip to make the cake spongy, fluffy and moist. Whisk butter and sugar for long until the mixture becomes pale yellow and fluffy because of incorporation of air. The process is known as creaming. more
    What makes a cake super moist?
    Sweeteners like honey, corn syrup, and molasses help retain moisture inside the cakes, so they stay fresh longer. Plus, these sweet flavors will make your baking taste better. Adding extra egg yolks to the batter allows the batter to retain extra liquid. more
    What type of cake is the most moist?
    Genoise Sponge Cake Due to the added butter, this sponge cake is more moist and tender than its sponge cake siblings. Popular Genoise Cake Recipes: Genoise. more
    Is my cake moist or undercooked?
    If you've taken the cake out of the oven and left it to cool and it sinks in the middle, that's usually a sign that the cake is undercooked. more


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