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    McDonald's may have started out as a burger joint, but for many fans, it's not the patties that keep them coming back for more: it's the French fries . According to CheatSheet , the infamous shoestring fries are McDonald's top-selling menu item of all time. The French fries, which have been around since the fast food joint first opened its doors back in the '50s, are so popular among customers that McDonald's sells about nine million pounds of potatoes every single day (via Eat This, Not That! ).

    What is it that makes the Golden Arches' fries so delicious — and so addictive? Part of it may be the perfect ratio of salt to potato , but the majority of the appeal is likely the sizzling, crunchy exterior that gives way to a soft and fluffy center. The only complaint fans have about McDonald's French fries is that they tend to get soggy soon after you leave the drive-thru if you don't eat them immediately. Here's how to prevent that, and how to keep your potatoes hot and crispy.

    Lay the fries flat at the bottom of the bag

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    The trick to preventing your French fries from getting soggy comes from a former McDonald's employee. According to Bruno Bouchet from Sydney, Australia, keeping your fries crispy is all about how you arrange them in the paper takeout bag (via Men's Health ). "The error everyone makes is closing the top of the bag that contains the [fries]," Bouchet, who worked at McDonald's as a teenager, told WOMI . He added that while you may think closing the bag keeps your fries hot, it actually traps in steam which creates moisture inside the bag — and thus, mushy fries. So leave your bag open.

    For even better results, Bouchet shared that the placement of your fries in the bag can make a big difference. "Stack the [fries] so they're horizontally at the bottom and put the burgers on top of the [fries] to keep them warm," he recommended. Do this, and he says you'll never have soggy fries again.

    How do you store fries so they don't get soggy?
    For even better results, Bouchet shared that the placement of your fries in the bag can make a big difference. "Stack the [fries] so they're horizontally at the bottom and put the burgers on top of the [fries] to keep them warm," he recommended. Do this, and he says you'll never have soggy fries again. more
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