First things first, are you a boy or girl? (This does not determine whether you get a male or female celeb match.)

    Which words out of the following best describes you?

    It's Friday night! What are you doing?

    You're in line at the grocery store and it's taking forever. Trying to find something interesting to look at while waiting, you make eye contact with the guy/girl three registers down. You:

    You're which person at a party:

    Someone makes you extremely mad. How do you handle it?

    It's your best friends birthday! What do you get them?

    Do you tend to think positively or negatively of yourself?

    If you had to, which dance personality would you choose?

    Finally, out of the following, who is your favorite celeb? (None of these incredible people are one of the answer choices!)

    Like Taylor, you are a lover for all things girly. From what you will wear, to the types of relationships you will have, everything must work out in the most feminine way possible. You tend to be a tad awkward but are totally oblivious to this fact. You share a lot of the same traits with Taylor! You both are very generous gift givers and lovers of children. You would do anything to keep people happy and that's one of the many things everyone loves about you! Long story short, you seem to be a very sweet and upbeat person. Keep shining and don't ever let anything dull your sparkle!

    Like Kim K., people look to you for fashion anything. Your life pretty much centers around your style and that's how you like it. You are a realistic and mature person. Despite what the media says about Kim Kardashian, she is much more disciplined and focused than half of the celebs out there! Having her share the same traits as you is FIERCE! Of course, you don't mind. You might even idolize or strongly like our beloved Kim K. You greet life with caution and don't sugar coat things. You realize a great deal of choices aren't easy and when it comes time to make those decisions, you leave no room for mistake. You expect too much of yourself and don't want help from anyone getting to where you want or need to be. You're an extremely hard worker and people appreciate that about you. We love Kim and we love you! But sometimes you should really take time to relax and put all the stresses of life behind you.

    Like Miley, you absolutely LOVE life. You are most definitely a thrill seeker and love taking risks! People often think that you are obnoxious and a little over the top with your actions, however, you and Miley know you're just being yourselves and there's nothing wrong with that! You can't be afraid to live life and always dwell on what others think. Yes, you make mistakes, and yes, you pay for them. But you're young and free! You're a very open and outgoing person and just like Miley, you'd help out anyone who needed it. You're committed to your passions and aren't afraid to show it. One thing people love about the both of you, is your ability to always entertain. It's ALWAYS a party in the U.S.A with you two!!

    Just like Ryan, you are a complete romantic. You are every girls dream!! You're honest and caring, open minded and intelligent. These traits tend to make you irresistible to women. You're a very laid back kind of guy and greet life with a realistic point of view. It may sound great to have world peace, but it's just not going to happen. You tend to ignore those with a negative or pressuring attitude. You keep to yourself, and that's what people enjoy about you. You and Ryan know when to be funny and serious, while at the same time being the sweetheart every acquaintance, friend or family member needs!

    Just like Brad, you are a very family oriented person. You are past your wild party days and just want to settle down. You are a very calm and level headed person. You like to be in control of every situation and you ALWAYS go after what you want. People tend to love being around you and usually leave as happy as can be. Although you are an all around great guy, just like Brad, people tend to talk about you and make up ridiculous rumors. Just smile and brush it off kiddo. Smile and brush it off!

    Like Justin, you're still young and learning. You both act very similar in ways most people wouldn't realize. You are a very sweet and sensitive person, but for some reason, people (or the media,) only focus on the negative part and all your mistakes. It doesn't always bother you that people think this way because you and those close to you know that you are an outstanding person! You love children, especially any siblings you may have! You like to lend a helping hand to those in need be it a simple 5 dollar bill, or helping in the construction process of a family's new home! You act goofy and immature a lot, but you know how to poke fun at yourself without getting down in the dumps over what other people say about those situations. No matter what happens around you, who loves or hates you, the most important things in your life are God and your friends and family. You NEVER belittle a person or make them feel unworthy. You are always lifting people up and helping them get back on their feet again. Despite all the hatred around you, you stay positive and determined, caring and sweet. And that's what people admire about you. You know there is always room for improvement, but hey, you learn something new every day by the choices you make. With you and Justin, there will be one less lonely soul on this earth!

    How do you tell if a celebrity likes you?
    These seven telltale signs indicate your tree of love is about to bear some delicious fruit!
    1. They initiate frequent communication with you.
    2. They take special care of their appearance.
    3. They are interested in your life.
    4. They're always looking at you.
    5. They're nervous around you.
    6. Their body language changes when you're around.
    What vomit looks like?
    Puke looks green when a chemical called bile (say: BYEL) mixes with it. This will happen if the food that comes back up is squeezed from your intestines into your stomach and then up your throat. more
    Do you like Yes I do or yes I like?
    Senior Member. A correct version would be "Yes, I like it." "Like" needs to have an object. "Yes, I do" would also work. more
    Why do guys act like they like you and then ignore you?
    If a guy truly starts to ignore you, it's usually either because he is upset with you and needs you to give him space, he is losing interest, he feels like the relationship is moving too fast, he is playing games with you or trying to lead you on. more
    How do you like food you don't like?
    According to Mari, the trick is to keep trying a food: “Repeated exposure usually helps people to accept flavours. But it may not be so easy to repeatedly try something you do not like. Some people may need to try the same food more than others. It is pretty easy to give up if you are not motivated.” more
    Why do some dogs like to be held like a baby?
    The researchers concluded that dogs were only motivated to play because they were more secure when their owner was present, similar to how children act when their caregiver is around. more
    Why does my cat like when I hold him like a baby?
    Why Does My Cat Like to Be Held Like a Baby? Some cats enjoy the comfort and warmth of this holding position. Affectionate cats that like to be close to their owners will also love the closeness that this holding maneuver can bring. more
    What does happiness look like and feel like?
    Happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment. While happiness has many different definitions, it is often described as involving positive emotions and life satisfaction. more
    Will I like Elden ring if I like Ghost of Tsushima?
    18 Elden Ring Those that enjoyed the open-world explorative feeling of Ghost of Tsushima should check out From Software's latest release, Elden Ring. Although the difficulty takes some getting used to (unless players are already hardened from Sekiro), the world is incredibly expansive and beautifully designed. more
    Do dogs like when you talk to them like a baby?
    Using baby talk gets your dog's attention and you talking weird in a silly voice will be associated with positive events. There's no doubting it, dogs do like it when you talk to them like a baby and seem to respond to high-pitched voices. more
    Do Pisces like cats?
    So of course Pisces prefer pets who are low-maintenance. But the Piscean affinity for cats goes deeper than just a clichéd laziness. Pisces' sixth house of daily maintenance is Leo, so of course they want to be surrounded by little lions in their everyday life. more


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