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    Nowadays, a TV is an integral part of any room of the home. Sometimes it's great to end a long day of work by just retreating right to bed and turning that bedroom TV on. That said, mounting a TV in your bedroom is a task that requires some planning, such as deciding the proper height. This can be a challenging task. After all, having a TV in the bedroom isn’t the same as having it in another room. For example, in the family room, where you are most likely to be seated, the height of the TV mount is probably different from that in the bedroom, where you are most likely to be watching TV while lying down. Making a well-thought out decision when it comes to how high you should mount your TV in the bedroom is important for your enjoyment AND your health. A badly-mounted TV, in terms of height, can be a literal pain in the neck, especially in the bedroom. Eye strain and headaches are other common concerns that come with watching TV at the wrong height and angle.

    A challenge that you can face when deciding the correct height for your TV in the bedroom is certainly the viewing angle. Most people lie down flat on their beds while watching TV, but some roll over sideways or use pillows to prop themselves up. These are just some of the factors you have to keep in mind when deciding how high you should mount your TV in the bedroom.

    Things to consider when mounting a TV in the bedroom:

    Size of the Room

    • The most important factor to keep in mind when deciding how high to mount your TV is the actual size of your bedroom. This will make a huge difference in deciding the viewing distance and height of your TV mount.

    Placement of Furniture

    • The overall design and layout of the room will also play a role in deciding how high the TV should be mounted, such as the placement and direction of your bed, the distance from the wall where your TV will be mounted, how to prop up a TV without a stand , windows that may cause reflections in the TV, other furniture, and potential barriers in your line of sight. These are factors you should consider when mounting your TV..

    Size of the TV

    • The dimensions of your TV and how they interact with the dimensions of your room and your furniture are other players in this situation. An extra-large flat-screen TV in a medium to small size bedroom with a king size bed sounds like a recipe for disaster. The best height to mount the TV in that situation would be as high as possible, so you can see how the size of your TV matters while you are making this decision. The height and room in which you mount your flat-screen TV can also make the TV appear bigger or smaller than it is. So, make sure you keep in mind the dimensions of your bed and your bedroom when you are picking out which TV to buy.

    Should you Mount a TV in the Bedroom?

    Before taking the plunge, it's important to think through whether you really want to mount a TV in the bedroom. Doing so isn’t a random interior decor decision; rather, it comes with accompanying lifestyle changes. For example, if you’re a bachelor living in a studio apartment, a TV in the bedroom might make sense for you, but married couples or couples with children might prefer to put the TV in the living room, where it is accessible to the kids. After all, in this case, mounting a TV in the bedroom might be a bad idea, as kids love TV and your alone time with your spouse will definitely take a hit. 

    Once you have thought about it, and you’re sure that a TV mounted in the bedroom is the right choice for you, you can go ahead and start the above mentioned steps and get ready to mount your TV .

    But, wait!

    What if there was a way to avoid the headache of all the measurements and decisions when it comes to the proper height to mount a TV in the bedroom?

    Think full-motion TV mount. Think MantelMount.

    MantelMount is a revolutionary TV mount that has been made to keep your complete viewing pleasure in mind. It gives you total control and flexibility in deciding what you want your home entertainment experience to be. The cutting-edge automotive gas pistons and patented counterbalance technology allows you to adjust the height, direction, and angle of your flat-screen TV according to whatever is most comfortable for you. It is an adjustable, full-motion TV mount that allows you to dive into your favorite movies and TV shows, without having to deal with the common pain points of a standard, fixed TV mount. Say goodbye to neck pain, eye strain, headaches, or any other trouble you may have from an ill-installed TV. MantelMount takes into account the needs of the whole family, transforming the room into a perfect home theater experience, no matter where you're watching TV.

    With MantelMount you can mount your TV at an approximate height from your bed, and then MantelMount’s many patented and adjustable features will give you the freedom to decide how best to watch your TV. It makes pulling down a large, heavy flat-screen TV off the wall a piece of cake, and further allows you to swivel it left or right as well.

    Use MantelMount to lie down, laze around all day if you like, and watch your favorite shows and movies from the comfort of your own bed!.

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