Eyeshadow holds a place as one of the most important parts of anyone's makeup bag—it's a makeup staple, if you will. And, when it comes to our makeup bag favorites, we generally know how to care for them properly. But how good are you at checking whether or not they have expired? You may be surprised to know that make-up doesn't last for as long as you think, with many products 'expiring' after six months. So if you've ever wondered 'Does eyeshadow expire?' and 'how long does eyeshadow last?' there are a few simple rules to remember. 

    Eyeshadow (thankfully) lasts for a considerably longer time than many other skincare products, which tend to have a shorter shelf life. Which is good because, whether your favorite is one of the very best eyeshadow palettes from beauty brand faves such as Nars or Illamasqua, or a simple but super effective but affordable drugstore purchase, the many ways to wear and style your eyeshadow are endless. 

    Still, many of us are unsure of when it is actually time to retire our much-loved eyeshadows—so we've shared all the info you need to know...

    Yes, your eyeshadow does expire, so you need to keep an eye on it. Generally—depending on what kind it is—make-up is made to last somewhere between one month to two years. Eyeshadow, especially powdered eyeshadow, is a lot longer lasting though, and usually doesn’t expire for two to three years. However, this timeline shortens a bit when it comes to cream or water-based eyeshadow. Some of these products, such as cream eyeshadow, contain oils, which can break down over time and cause the product to go bad. Preservatives in all make-up break down over time though, so even a powdered eyeshadow palette isn't recommended for use past the three-year mark. 

    According to the FDA (opens in new tab) , there are some other factors to consider when it comes to your eyeshadow’s shelf life, too. If your eyeshadow is regularly exposed to moisture, dry air, or bacteria from fingers or other dipping instruments, it could go bad quicker. For example, if you are regularly applying cream shadow with your fingers, you may notice the product tends to go bad faster. Make sure to always use clean fingers, or a clean make-up brush, when applying eyeshadow, to avoid your eyeshadow expiring so fast.

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    How to tell if your eyeshadow has expired?

    If you're not sure how old your eyeshadow is, one handy way to tell it isn't as fresh as it should be, is if you notice that it has become especially hard or difficult to blend. In that case, it should probably be thrown out. 

    It can be hard to tell when eyeshadow has truly expired (especially powdered eyeshadow) but be sure to also keep a particular eye out for any product that has a bad smell or mold growth.  

    Additionally, if eyeshadow is often exposed to harsh conditions, such as environments with a lot of moisture or very high heat, keep an eye out for signs that it has gone bad and if it has, chuck it. 

    What happens if you use expired eyeshadow?

    Generally, experts agree that using eyeshadow that is slightly past its expiration date shouldn't case you too many issues. However, it isn't recommended, and you shouldn't use eyeshadow that you know is well past its expriation date.

    This is because the eye area is especially delicate, and expired products can potentially cause major problems, particularly for more sensitive skin. Using expired or bad eyeshadow can lead to a host of problems, including pink eye, acne, rashes, or allergic reactions. When it comes to your eyes, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

    Even though eyeshadow is one of the most durable and long-lasting make-up products, special care should still be taken to make sure that you aren't using anything that could cause your eyes harm. 

    What are the different types of eyeshadow?

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    Eyeshadow comes in many different forms and depending on whatever look you're after, from the bold to natural, there is an eyeshadow (or better yet, an eyeshadow palette) for that. Powdered eyeshadow tends to be favored by influencers and make-up artists, but there really is a wide variety of finishes and formulas available. Eyeshadow typically comes in one of the following formulas:

    • Powdered eyeshadow: Powered eyeshadow is often most recommended for makeup beginners and is the most common type of eyeshadow. This is due to it being the most forgiving when it comes to blending. It also comes in different finishes, including matte, shimmer, and glitter.
    • Liquid eyeshadow: A word to the wise, this can be more complicated to work with. But, the color pay-off and a dramatic finish are why top makeup artists reach for it. Still, for those who feel up to a challenge and want to create a truly photo-worthy look, a drop or two of liquid eyeshadow can completely transform your face.
    • Cream eyeshadow: Usually comes in a small pot or pan and can be easily applied with a finger or brush. Cream eyeshadow offers intense color and high pigment, but can dry easily if exposed to high heat or open air—so make sure your cream shadows are tightly sealed after use. 
    • Loose pigment eyeshadow: Another stalwart piece in the kits of make-up artists and professionals alike. Loose powder eyeshadow is made from powdered pigment and is finely milled to create a stunning finish.

    All the top make-up artists always recommend prepping your lid with a primer before applying your chosen formula or eyeshadow. This ensures that the surface you're applying eyeshadow to is smooth, and helps to keep it crease-free all day long, as well as enhancing its natural pigments.

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    How long can I keep eyeshadow?
    Products like foundation, primer, blush, and eyeshadow can last for up to two years. Lipstick is typically good for one year after you've opened it. Eye makeup like mascara and liquid eyeliner should be replaced every three months. more
    How long can eyeshadow palettes last?
    The commonly held practice is that your eyeshadows, both singles and those included in eyeshadow palettes, will go bad around three to six months after you purchase them. more
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    The One-Meal-A-Day Diet You should never exceed these 23 fasting hours as it could increase your risk to several conditions. You might end up with increased fatigue, low blood sugar and extreme hunger (7). more
    How long can eyeshadow palettes last?
    The commonly held practice is that your eyeshadows, both singles and those included in eyeshadow palettes, will go bad around three to six months after you purchase them. more
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    Eight hours is too long to spend at work. Recent research says so. The 8-hour workday has been the norm for more than a century, but employee surveys suggest that most people are truly productive only for about three hours every day. more

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