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    Hey all *waves*

    I am registered to take the exam on December 6th (first try). I completed the CPC training course, and just finished the Blitz review videos. I have just about 4 1/2 weeks to study guidelines (I am halfway through the ICD-9 ones), take the practice tests etc...

    I am really nervous about this being enough time for me to be ready for the exam, but I don't see any more exam dates for late Dec or even early 2015.

    Should I go through with it? Or wait another month? I am really sick with nerves right now because I am worried about having enough time.



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    Well, of course, it depends on how much time each day or each week you can devote to your study and doing practice exams. Since you have already done the Blitz and presumably, marked up your manuals, I'd say start taking some TIMED practice exams and see how you do. The recommended list of practice exams is


    . No matter how well or poorly you do, plan on studying the rationales before you take another practice exam. I would not wait to go over every last guideline before starting doing the practice exams, because time management practice you get from taking the practice exams is critical to success on the board exam.

    You could intersperse the practice exams you do with more guideline study, but you will find that the practice exams will test you on your guidelines, so by taking them you will be doing a review of the key guidelines.

    In years past, AAPC has told me that local chapters always have a lack of exam offerings the first couple months of the year because the new officers take awhile to get up to speed, and don't set up their exam schedules until a month or so into the year. They don't have to offer any exams in the first few months, if they want to wait until a later time. So, if you can get ready to take it in December, that would be best.

    There is no need to panic! If you are having doubts about being ready, remember you do not have to believe what you think! (Surely, you don't believe everything you read or hear, do you? So why believe every negative thought that pops into the head?? 99.99% of them are totally


    Choose to let those negative thoughts be replaced with positive thoughts such as "I can spend time today to do a practice exam, or review the rationals, or review this area that I have difficulty with, etc." or simply, "I can do this"! Let positive thoughts support you in steadfast progress of getting ready for the exam.

    If a week before the exam, you find yourself not getting at least an 85% on the practice exams, then fine, it is okay to cancel and reschedule it for a later time. Meanwhile, you have time to give it your best shot.

    Good luck with your studying and practicing!

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    Thanks for the advice and support, Ms. Sheets! I think I just had an attack of the nerves...being out of school for 12 years and all (and the CPC prep course nearly killed me lol).

    I have four practice exams from AAPC (they came with the course), plus the one freebie from the Blitz, so hopefully they'll be more than enough to tide me over. I will stick with the December 6th date for now and see what happens.

    Thank you again.


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    BTW- I have one last question regarding studying CPT guidelines; is it best to just review the guidelines at the beginning of each chapter, or is it better to read the book cover to cover, since there are so many notes throughout it?

    Thank you again,


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    If you read the guidelines in the Introduction (starting on page xii in 2014 Professional Edition CPT) and the guidelines at the beginning of each chapter that is the most important. The other key guidelines relating to specific codes that are likely to be on the exam have been noted from the Blitz, which you have completed. Then, during the exam, it is just a matter of looking for relevant notes for the codes that are involved in the answer choices. I don't think reading the book cover to cover is a good use of time because you don't need to


    every guideline in the book, just be able to

    identify and apply

    guidelines associated with the codes that you are trying to compare and contrast.

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    i am looking at stuff i struggle with in my practice and original exams where i scored reallly low

    How long did it take you to study for the CPC exam?
    You should plan to study for the AAPC CPC exam for at least two months. The more you know without having to utilize the books during the exam, the better. You'll ensure that you finish all of the questions in the allotted time frame to achieve the highest possible score. more
    How long should I study for an exam?
    Let's take a closer look at how many hours should you study for an exam. A general rule is to spend two hours on homework or studying for every hour that your class meets. more
    How long does it take to study for CMA exam?
    Study Tips You should plan for about 150-170 hours of studying per part; 300 hours of studying in total. You can explore study material options. more
    How long should you study for the CPC exam?
    Multi-hour study sessions are great, so long as you're fully present and alert. If your schedule is packed, or if it's hard to find a sizable window free of fatigue, then go for quality. Try 15-minute study sessions throughout the day. Experiment to find a routine you can own. more
    How long should you study for the CPA Exam?
    300-400 hours For the average candidate, you should plan to commit a total of 300-400 hours to your study and review period. The goal of 300+ hours of studying gives you 80-100 hours for each section of the test. You may find that you need to focus more study hours on one area over another, which is totally fine. more
    How long should I study for the EA exam?
    You must have an organized approach. Plan to study at least 50 hours for each part of the exam, at a pace of at least 10 to 15 hours per week. Take plenty of notes (in your own words) that provide shorthand references to the tax law for the more important provisions. more
    How long before an exam should you start studying?
    Aim to begin studying at least one month in advance. Set aside a little time each week to sit down and organize your notes and think about what's going well and what's going badly. Three to four weeks ahead of time is the latest that you want to create a study plan for yourself. Cramming is toxic." more
    How long is case study exam?
    The exam is four hours long and will consist of three requirements and an executive summary. The exam is available to sit in July and November and is open book and will permit you to take any written or printed material into the exam. more
    How long should I study for the CMA exam?
    You should plan for about 150-170 hours of studying per part; 300 hours of studying in total. You can explore study material options. more
    How long should you study for CCMA exam?
    It can be best to give yourself up to eight weeks to review and study before your testing date so you're confident in your knowledge. Since there's a lot of material to cover, dedicate a week to each section – two for reviewing clinical patient care! more
    How long should you study for an exam?
    If you have kept a good daily and weekly schedule, 15-20 hours should be about right for a mid-term, 20-30 for a final exam. Major papers take substantially more time and effort. more

    Source: www.cco.us

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