If you get paid every other week, you probably look forward to the months when you receive three paychecks instead of only two.

    For most of my career as a salaried employee, I was paid biweekly and received 26 paychecks a year. That’s two more than people who are paid twice a month.

    Take a look at the math:

    • Biweekly: 52 weeks ÷ 2 = 26 paychecks
    • Twice a month: 12 months × 2 = 24 paychecks

    Every year, I would pull out a calendar and identify the three paycheck months based on my employer’s pay schedule.

    3 Paycheck Months in 2022 if You’re Paid Every Other Friday

    Although I’m no longer paid biweekly, I’ve continued this tradition for the past few years on MichaelSaves.com.

    Here are the three paycheck months that I’ve identified for 2022:

    • If your first paycheck of 2022 is Friday, January 7, your three paycheck months are April and September.
    • If your first paycheck of 2022 is Friday, January 14, your three paycheck months are July and December.

    List of Every Friday Biweekly Payday in 2022

    First Paycheck of 2022: Friday, January 7

    1. January 7
    2. January 21
    3. February 4
    4. February 18
    5. March 4
    6. March 18
    7. April 1
    8. April 15
    9. April 29
    10. May 13
    11. May 27
    12. June 10
    13. June 24
    14. July 8
    15. July 22
    16. August 5
    17. August 19
    18. September 2
    19. September 16
    20. September 30
    21. October 14
    22. October 28
    23. November 11
    24. November 25
    25. December 9
    26. December 23

    First Paycheck of 2022: Friday, January 14

    1. January 14
    2. January 28
    3. February 11
    4. February 25
    5. March 11
    6. March 25
    7. April 8
    8. April 22
    9. May 6
    10. May 20
    11. June 3
    12. June 17
    13. July 1
    14. July 15
    15. July 29
    16. August 12
    17. August 26
    18. September 9
    19. September 23
    20. October 7
    21. October 21
    22. November 4
    23. November 18
    24. December 2
    25. December 16
    26. December 30

    The example shown above is only for employees who are paid every other Friday.

    If you’re paid biweekly but not on Fridays, identify your three paycheck months for 2022 by pulling out a calendar, marking your paydays and finding the months with three of them.

    Make a Plan for Your Third Paychecks

    If you determine your three paycheck months in advance, you can make a plan for how you’ll spend the money and reach your savings goals faster.

    To simplify the budgeting process, I’ve always recommended that people who are paid biweekly build their monthly budget based on receiving two paychecks a month and not a penny more!

    And during the months when you receive three paychecks instead of two, treat the money as a bonus!

    Need some ideas for how you’ll spend, save or invest your third paychecks? Here are just a few of the ways I’ve taken advantage of three paycheck months in the past:

    • Pay down mortgage principal
    • Pay a semi-annual bill like auto insurance
    • Fund a home improvement project
    • Add to the emergency fund
    • Invest in a Roth IRA
    • Save money for Christmas presents
    • Book a weekend trip

    What’s your strategy for your three paycheck months in 2022? Let me know in the comments below and see this step-by-step guide to learn about my personal budgeting strategy.

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    How many biweekly are in a year in 2022?
    Employees receive 26 paychecks per year with a biweekly pay schedule. Depending on the calendar year, there are sometimes 27 pay periods, which can increase payroll costs. more
    Is 2022 a drought year?
    According to the June 7, 2022, U.S. Drought Monitor The worst drought categories (extreme to exceptional drought) decreased from 16.8% last week to 16.4%, moderate to exceptional drought covers 40.1% of the United States including Puerto Rico, a decrease from last week's 41.4%. more
    Is 2022 a warm year?
    The globe wrapped up May 2022 as another warm one in the record books, with the month ranking as the ninth-warmest May in 143 years. Last month's heat added to a very warm year, as 2022 so far ranked sixth warmest, according to scientists at NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information. more
    Is 2022 the driest year?
    January, February, and March 2022 were the driest on record dating back over 100 years, with just six inches of precipitation observed across the Sierra Nevada. more
    Is 2022 a good year?
    2022 is a year to align your goals and redefine your priorities. This year may bring you closer to your primal self and help you connect with nature. Investing in gold bonds at the beginning of the year may get you a good return sooner than you expect. Social gatherings at home may demand your presence. more
    Is this year 2022 a La Nina year?
    Numbers-wise, there's about a 60% chance of La Niña through the summer, ticking up a bit to the mid 60%s around 66% by October–December 2022. The second most likely outcome is ENSO-neutral conditions. El Niño is a distant third, with chances only in the low single digits through the early winter. more
    Is 2022 a hot year?
    Hot, but not the hottest The difference from the 20th century average in year-to-date global temperature in 2022 compared to the 10 hottest years since 1880. more
    Is 2022 the hottest year?
    The year to date | January through June The first half of 2022 ranked sixth warmest on record, with a global temperature of 1.53 degrees F (0.85 of a degree C) above the 20th-century average of 56.3 degrees F (13.5 degrees C). more
    What Hebrew year is 2022?
    5782 According to tradition, the Hebrew calendar started at the time of Creation, placed at 3761 BCE. The current (2021/2022) Hebrew year is 5782. more
    Is 2022 an angel year?
    Seeing 2022 means your life will be more balanced. You can stop worrying, because Angel Number 2022 means your life will be pushed back on track. Your life will soon become more harmonious and balanced, allowing you to focus on achieving your soul destiny that the Universe has planned for you. more
    Will 2022 be hottest year?
    According to NCEI's Global Annual Temperature Outlook, there is a greater than 99% chance that 2022 will rank among the 10-warmest years on record, but only an 11% chance that it will rank among the top five warmest. more

    Source: michaelsaves.com

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