In what country is it polite to burp after a meal?

    Contrary to the West, where burping after a meal is considered rude, in Egypt burping loudly after a meal is considered good dining etiquette and signifies your appreciation of the food you've just eaten. In fact burping is often considered the highest compliment a guest can pay the host on the food prepared by them! 3 апр. 2017 г.

    Is there a country where burping is polite?

    China. In China, burping is treated as any other bodily process, and after a meal, it can indeed serve as a compliment to the chef. It's probably China that originated the pervasive myth about complimentary burping abroad.

    Is it polite to burp after a meal in Germany?

    While in other cultures, burping or smacking might be a signal that the food was good and enough, in Germany you try to eat as quietly as possible. That doesn't mean you're not allowed to talk; quite the reverse, you should talk as much as you can to boost your German.

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    Is it good to burp?
    But burping (or belching) serves an essential purpose and shouldn't be silenced. Belching is a protective mechanism that prevents the stomach from overinflating. Every time you swallow, you take in a little air, and some of it travels down the esophagus and gets into the upper part of the stomach. more
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    What country is it OK to burp after a meal?
    China. In China, burping is treated as any other bodily process, and after a meal, it can indeed serve as a compliment to the chef. It's probably China that originated the pervasive myth about complimentary burping abroad. more
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