Why is PPE important and why is the order for donning PPE just as important? With COVID-19 continuing to spread rapidly, proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is critical for all medical professionals and essential workers. Even if the personnel is using high-quality PPE products , and are covered from head-to-toe, they could still spread this disease if PPE is used improperly. It’s important to understand PPE works most efficiently when donned properly and in the correct order. Thankfully for everyone, the CDC has listed the correct sequence on their website, and our team at ROMI Medical are passing it along to all of our visitors.

    Please note that each step should be tailored according to how each PPE is designed.

    Remember, PPE is important and, when used properly, can save your life or someone else’s!

    How Do I Put On PPE Correctly?

    The Correct order for donning PPE, according to the CDC:

    Step 1: Sanitize

    As always, please wash your hands thoroughly with soap or use hand sanitizer with 70 percent alcohol before donning any of this equipment.

    Step 2: Gown

    The gown opens at the back and should fully cover the torso from the neck all the way to the knees. Its sleeves should also come down to the wrists. Once it’s on, fasten the gown at the back of the neck and around the waist.

    Step 3: Mask/Respirator

    A standard medical mask features ties or elastic that can be secured at the back of the head and the base of the neck.

    If using a respirator, cup it in one hand, with the nosepiece around the fingertips. When it’s positioned under the chin, pull the top and bottom straps over the head one at a time. The top strand should sit at the back of the head, and the bottom strand should be right below the ears. Then, use both hands to fit the flexible band to the nose bridge.

    Once it’s secure, test it out by inhaling and exhaling once. If air is leaking out, then adjust it to fit.

    Step 4: Eye Protection

    Goggles or face shields are often needed and should be donned just after the mask or respirator. Place them over the face and eyes and adjust them until they are snug.

    Step 5: Gloves

    Gloves should always be saved for last and should extend to completely cover the wrist of the isolation gown. If a second layer is needed, cut a thumb hole in the gown and put the thumb through before donning the extra pair.

    If head and/or shoe covers are needed, they should be donned just after the isolation gown. Hands should always be kept away from the face and all surfaces should be disinfected frequently. And, of course, any equipment that is damaged should be discarded and replaced immediately. As long as all of these steps are followed correctly, the spread of COVID-19 will be greatly reduced.

    Have PPE Questions? Contact Us

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    Do you need PPE? Now that you know why PPE is important and the correct order for donning PPE, please  contact ROMI Medical today for all your PPE needs.

    In what order do you apply PPE?
    1. STEP 1: GOWN.
    3. ▪ Pull shoe covers over shoes.
    4. STEP 3: GLOVES.
    7. ▪ Place over face and eyes; adjust to fit.
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    Source: romimedical.com

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