Monitor Technician Job Description

    Between the years 2018 and 2028, monitor technician jobs are expected to undergo a growth rate described as "much faster than average" at 14%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So if the thought "should I become a monitor technician?" Has crossed your mind, maybe you should take the growth rate into account. In addition, the number of monitor technician opportunities that are projected to become available by 2028 is 18,000.

    A monitor technician annual salary averages $34,038, which breaks down to $16.36 an hour. However, monitor technicians can earn anywhere from upwards of $26,000 to $44,000 a year. This means that the top-earning monitor technicians make $18,000 more than the lowest-earning ones.

    Once you've become a monitor technician, you may be curious about what other opportunities are out there. Careers aren't one size fits all. For that reason, we discovered some other jobs that you may find appealing. Some jobs you might find interesting include an imaging technologist , mri technologist , monitor , and emergency medical technician .

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    12 Monitor Technician Resume Examples

    Sandra Ortiz

    Monitor Technician

    Contact Information

    Idaho Falls, ID

    (640) 555-0832

    sorti[email protected]


    • Holter
    • Arrhythmia
    • Acls
    • Telemetry
    • Unit Staff
    • Stress Tests
    • Medication Cart
    • RN
    • Icael
    • Dialysis Treatment

    Employment History

    Monitor Technician 2019 - Present

    Good Samaritan Idaho Falls, ID

    • Trained Paramedics and other healthcare staff in how to interrupt heart rhythms.
    • Set up telemetry equipment for new admissions according to established procedures.
    • Maintain accurate documentation of all admissions and discaharges, transfers of patients and associated telemetry logs.
    • Assist physicians during codes by performing the ECG's and assisting with CPR.

    Cardiovascular Technician 2017 - 2019

    Good Samaritan Idaho Falls, ID

    • Transitioned from management position back into patient care.
    • Assisted senior Technologists and Cardio-Pulmonary Neuro Services staff with clerical, patient care and transport, and general area tasks.

    Monitor Technician 2016 - 2017

    Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services Las Vegas, NV

    • Performed EKG'S and Venipuncture on pediatrics.
    • Monitor and record heart rhythms.
    • Analyzed cardiac heart rhythms by employing EKG computer imaging to normal diagnose normal sinus, A-fib and other cardiac abnormalities.


    Bachelor's Degree Health Care Administration 2013 - 2016

    University of Nevada - Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV

    Shirley Taylor

    Monitor Technician

    Contact Info

    New York, NY

    (330) 555-4183

    sta[email protected]


    Cardiac Rhythms Respiratory Care Patient Care Diagnostic Tests Lethal Rhythms Acls Specimen Collection RRT CNA Telemetry

    Employment History

    Monitor Technician

    2016 - Present


    New York, NY

    • Evaluate patients' vascular access during treatment.
    • Monitor patients during dialysis treatment while providing the best care possible.
    • Assist Doctors and RNs in complete dialysis treatment including machine set up/take down, patient monitoring and lab draws.
    • Traveled to patients home to provide infusion as prescribed by physicians Maintained current in-services on policies and procedures for patient care

    Cardiopulmonary Technician

    2006 - 2016

    Good Samaritan

    Baltimore, MD

    • Trained Paramedics and other healthcare staff in how to interrupt heart rhythms.
    • Observed, recorded and relayed to staff the data from inpatient cardiac telemetry monitors.
    • Reported any changes to the attending Rn and documented.
    • Helped with patient care functions under direction of Doctors and Nursing staff.

    Pulmonary Function Technician

    2005 - 2006

    Time Warner Cable Enterprises

    Herndon, VA

    • Cover a 1-5 city geographic area to perform installations and handle to service calls independently.
    • Served on emergency response team deployed to locations to restore signal to customers.
    • Cable Installation, Customer Service Router interface software troubleshooting, Computer operating system troubleshooting, windows\Mac
    • Assured all RF signals were to company/plant specs.
    • Installed, maintained and repaired power supplies and RF amplifier systems in a 90 volt system.
    • Monitor, record, and report cardiac rhythms Perform general patient care and patient exam scheduling


    Associate's Degree Nursing

    2003 - 2005

    Broward College

    Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Grace Berry

    Monitor Technician

    Youngstown, OH

    (680) 555-9077

    [email protected]


    Monitor Technician 2020 - Present

    Northside Hospital • Youngstown, OH

    • Provide surveillance of the telemetry monitors.
    • Mix medications and give injections based on allergy test results.
    • Performed EKG's, Thallium and Routine stress test Applied and scanned Holter Monitors Arrhythmia identification Appointment scheduling Weekend Supervisor
    • Direct patient care for dialysis patients due to chronic renal failure.
    • Gathered specimen collections Assisted with the billing and collections of insurance and registration of patients.
    • Observe, record and report telemetry reading to nurse and physician.

    Patient Care Technician 2017 - 2020

    Stavros Center For Ind Lvg • Amherst, MA

    • Appropriate reporting of changes in clients status Communication and reasoning
    • Managed 12-plus phone lines, responded to ADT Emergency Board and monitored 2-way radio for maintenance calls.
    • Educate patients/families on health care needs, conditions, options etc.
    • Ensured proper patient care and maintained patient privacy and confidentiality.

    Communications Officer 2015 - 2017

    Shelby County Computer Tech • Memphis, TN

    • Facilitate arrests of clients for police departments when probation violation warrants are active.
    • Answer 911 telephone calls fom primarly unincorporated areas of the county and secures necessary emergency assistance.
    • Answered emergency and nonemergency calls from the city and county.
    • Trained new dispatchers on procedures for answering and dispatching emergency calls.


    RN Test Results Community Supervision Personal Care Dialysis Treatment Cardiac Rhythms Direct Supervision EKG Daily Living Activities Fire Service


    Bachelor's Degree Medical Technician 2012 - 2015

    Concorde Career College • Memphis, TN

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    Monitor Technician Skills and Personality Traits

    We calculated that 13% of Monitor Technicians are proficient in EKG, Cardiac Rhythms, and BLS. They’re also known for soft skills such as Detail oriented, Hand-eye coordination, and Technical skills.

    We break down the percentage of Monitor Technicians that have these skills listed on their resume here:

    • EKG, 13%

      Completed EKG certification provided by Magnolia Regional Health Center.

    • Cardiac Rhythms, 13%

      Maintained ongoing, high-level surveillance of patients' cardiac rhythms and notifies nursing/clinicians of any rate/rhythm changes according to clinician/provider orders.

    • BLS, 9%

      Maintained a yearly BLS license and Cardiac Telemetry Monitor Certification.

    • Patient Care, 8%

      Assist other Hospitals with documentation for patient care as well as communicating with other hospitals to obtain necessary documentation.

    • Medical Records, 8%

      Monitored medical records for completion, accuracy, and quality assurance.

    • RN, 7%

      Cleaned Telemetry monitors, Printed strips for nurses, Reported rhythm changes to RN's, Answered Call lights, Consulted Physicians

    "ekg," "cardiac rhythms," and "bls" aren't the only skills we found monitor technicians list on their resumes. In fact, there's a whole list of monitor technician responsibilities that we found, including:

  • The most important skills for a monitor technician to have in this position are detail oriented. In this excerpt that we gathered from a monitor technician resume, you'll understand why: "diagnostic imaging workers must follow precise instructions to obtain the images needed to diagnose and treat patients" According to resumes we found, detail oriented can be used by a monitor technician in order to "clean equipment download ekg machine accomplishments great customer service skills and paying more attention to detail skills used basic dysrthima"
  • Another commonly found skill for being able to perform monitor technician duties is the following: hand-eye coordination. According to a monitor technician resume, "to get quality images, diagnostic imaging workers must accurately move equipment on the patient’s body in response to what they see on the screen." Check out this example of how monitor technicians use hand-eye coordination: "work in coordination with the md and rn regarding arrhythmia detection. "
  • Monitor technicians are also known for technical skills, which can be critical when it comes to performing their duties. An example of why this skill is important is shown by this snippet that we found in a monitor technician resume: "diagnostic imaging workers must understand how to operate complex machinery and computerized instruments." We also found this resume example that details how this skill is put to the test: "maintain ekg machines and troubleshoot technical problems. "
  • A thorough review of lots of resumes revealed to us that "interpersonal skills" is important to completing monitor technician responsibilities. This resume example shows just one way monitor technicians use this skill: "diagnostic imaging workers must work closely with patients" Here's an example of how this skill is used from a resume that represents typical monitor technician tasks: "developed and strengthened customer service, multi-tasking, and interpersonal skills in my job. "
  • As part of the monitor technician description, you might find that one of the skills that might be helpful to the job is "physical stamina." A monitor technician resume included this snippet: "diagnostic imaging workers are on their feet for long periods and must be able to lift and move patients who need assistance." This skill could be useful in this scenario: "integrated ekg results with patient's medical history, lab-results and physical exam findings. "
  • See the full list of monitor technician skills.

    We've found that 32.8% of monitor technicians have earned a bachelor's degree. Furthermore, 3.7% earned their master's degrees before becoming a monitor technician. While it's true that some monitor technicians have a college degree, it's generally possible to become one with only a high school degree. In fact, one out of every four monitor technicians did not spend the extra money to attend college.

    Those monitor technicians who do attend college, typically earn either a nursing degree or a medical technician degree. Less commonly earned degrees for monitor technicians include a business degree or a medical assisting services degree.

    Once you've obtained the level of education you're comfortable with, you might start applying to companies to become a monitor technician. We've found that most monitor technician resumes include experience from Tenet Healthcare, HealthTrust, and Community Health Systems. Of recent, Tenet Healthcare had 99 positions open for monitor technicians. Meanwhile, there are 73 job openings at HealthTrust and 59 at Community Health Systems.

    But if you're interested in companies where you might earn a high salary, monitor technicians tend to earn the biggest salaries at Sutter Health, University of Southern California, and Virginia Mason Medical Center. Take Sutter Health for example. The median monitor technician salary is $56,650. At University of Southern California, monitor technicians earn an average of $55,431, while the average at Virginia Mason Medical Center is $53,949. You should take into consideration how difficult it might be to secure a job with one of these companies.

    View more details on monitor technician salaries across the United States.

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    What Imaging Technologists Do

    An imaging technologist is responsible for performing diagnostic imaging procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging scans, X-ray examination, and computed tomography. Your day-to-day duties include working closely with physicians and radiologists in diagnosing or ruling out disease or injury, operating and maintaining imaging equipment, and assisting patients in preparation for imaging procedures. As an imaging technologist, it is also your responsibility to follow precise instructions in order to capture a high-quality image and assisting physicians in evaluating images.

    We looked at the average monitor technician annual salary and compared it with the average of an imaging technologist. Generally speaking, imaging technologists receive $14,008 higher pay than monitor technicians per year.

    While their salaries may differ, one common ground between monitor technicians and imaging technologists are a few of the skills required in each craft. In both careers, employees bring forth skills like patient care, medical records, and customer service.

    These skill sets are where the common ground ends though. A monitor technician responsibility is more likely to require skills like "ekg," "cardiac rhythms," "bls," and "rn." Whereas a imaging technologist requires skills like "mri," "technologist," "ultrasound," and "diagnostic images." Just by understanding these different skills you can see how different these careers are.

    Imaging technologists really shine in the insurance industry with an average salary of $55,467. Whereas monitor technicians tend to make the most money in the health care industry with an average salary of $32,893.

    The education levels that imaging technologists earn is a bit different than that of monitor technicians. In particular, imaging technologists are 1.0% less likely to graduate with a Master's Degree than a monitor technician. Additionally, they're 0.9% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    What Are The Duties Of an MRI Technologist?

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technologists are medical professionals who manage everything involved in the MRI machine. They operate the machines to get scans of the patients' brain, spinal cord, or muscles, which would help doctors identify or diagnose clients' illnesses and diseases. They help the patients prepare for the MRI scans and ensure that they are properly protected. They also carefully take direction from attending physicians to ensure that they scan the correct body part needed for the diagnosis. MRI technologists are also in charge of maintaining the MRI machine and working on repairs whenever needed.

    Now we're going to look at the mri technologist profession. On average, mri technologists earn a $34,878 higher salary than monitor technicians a year.

    A similarity between the two careers of monitor technicians and mri technologists are a few of the skills associated with both roles. We used resumes from both professions to find that both use skills like "patient care," "customer service," and "cpr. "

    In addition to the difference in salary, there are some other key differences that are worth noting. For example, monitor technician responsibilities are more likely to require skills like "ekg," "cardiac rhythms," "bls," and "medical records." Meanwhile, a mri technologist might be skilled in areas such as "procedures," "arrt," "radiology," and "magnetic resonance." These differences highlight just how different the day-to-day in each role looks.

    When it comes to the differences in education between the two professions, mri technologists tend to reach similar levels of education than monitor technicians. In fact, they're 1.4% less likely to graduate with a Master's Degree and 0.9% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    How a Monitor Compares

    A monitor or computer monitor is a device comprising a visual display, circuitry, power supply, and casing. The output device produces an output of video images as well as texts. It allows people to interact with the computer, activate, and run programs. It lessens stress and establishes a better environment for heightened production. Monitors are of three types: light-emitting diodes, cathode ray tubes, and liquid crystal display. Using them is also cost-effective.

    Let's now take a look at the monitor profession. On average, these workers make lower salaries than monitor technicians with a $7,530 difference per year.

    While looking through the resumes of several monitor technicians and monitors we discovered that both professions have similar skills. These similarities include skills such as "arrhythmia," "customer service," and "cpr," but they differ when it comes to other required skills.

    Some important key differences between the two careers are a few of the skills necessary to fulfill responsibilities. Some examples from monitor technician resumes include skills like "ekg," "cardiac rhythms," "bls," and "patient care," whereas a monitor might be skilled in "facility," "substance abuse," "daily activities," and "program rules. "

    Interestingly enough, monitors earn the most pay in the retail industry, where they command an average salary of $29,609. As mentioned previously, monitor technicians highest annual salary comes from the health care industry with an average salary of $32,893.

    Monitors are known to earn similar educational levels when compared to monitor technicians. Additionally, they're 2.5% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree, and 0.6% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    Description Of an Emergency Medical Technician

    Emergency medical technicians or EMTs are skilled medical professionals who act as first responders to injured or sick patients. They apply first aid or do emergency medical procedures upon arriving at the area where the emergency happened. For serious or grave injuries, they do not have complete medical equipment at their disposal, so they have limited capacities on the field. Despite that, EMTs do their best to ensure that patients would reach the hospital for such high-risk cases. EMTs are expected to be calm under pressure and have extensive knowledge of first aid and of basic medical procedures.

    Now, we'll look at emergency medical technicians, who generally average a higher pay when compared to monitor technicians annual salary. In fact, the difference is about $2,375 per year.

    According to resumes from both monitor technicians and emergency medical technicians, some of the skills necessary to complete the responsibilities of each role are similar. These skills include "ekg," "patient care," and "medical records. "

    Even though a few skill sets overlap, there are some differences that are important to note. For one, a monitor technician might have more use for skills like "cardiac rhythms," "bls," "rn," and "telemetry." Meanwhile, some emergency medical technicians might include skills like "ems," "life support," "emt-b," and "medical equipment" on their resume.

    In general, emergency medical technicians make a higher salary in the health care industry with an average of $38,505. The highest monitor technician annual salary stems from the health care industry.

    Emergency medical technicians reach similar levels of education when compared to monitor technicians. The difference is that they're 0.1% more likely to earn a Master's Degree less, and 0.6% less likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree.

    What a Monitor Technician Does FAQs

    How much does a monitor tech make an hour?

    A monitor tech makes, on average, $16.84 an hour. The range in how much a monitor tech can make varies from as little as $14 an hour to as much as $36 an hour. Factors such as location and company all impact the hourly earning potential for a monitor tech.

    Search For Monitor Technician Jobs

    Is a monitor tech a good career?
    As an entry-level tech, you will likely start on the lower end of the pay scale. The average monitor tech salary is around $37,000 per year, meaning that the top 10% of techs can rake in about $48,000 annually. With the right determination, there's ample room for growth. more
    How many patients can a monitor tech watch?
    There are no standards or guidelines regarding the optimal watcher-to-patient ratio; thus, the patient load varies among hospitals, and watchers may monitor as many as 72 patients at a time (4–6). more
    What is a virtual monitor tech?
    Virtual Monitor Tech Recognizes, intervenes, reports, and documents abnormal findings or at-risk behavior during monitoring. Virtual Health Technicians work at the state of art UCHealth Virtual Health Center (VHC) to… more
    Is it high-tech or high-tech?
    High tech and high technology are also used as adjectives. When used as an adjective in front of a noun, the two words should be connected with a hyphen (-), as shown below: high-tech solution. high-technology industries. more
    How many patients should a telemetry tech monitor?
    There are no standards or guidelines regarding the optimal watcher-to-patient ratio; thus, the patient load varies among hospitals, and watchers may monitor as many as 72 patients at a time (4–6). more
    What is high-tech vs low-tech?
    Low tech is new technology that is designed to be as simple as possible. The term can also be applied to old technology that is simply out of date. High tech is a term for relatively new technology that incorporates advanced features. more
    Is it hard to be a monitor tech?
    Yes, being a monitor tech is hard. Monitor techs work long hours, can have large patient loads, and any mistakes made can result in serious injury and even death. Monitor techs have an important lifesaving role in the medical field. more
    What is the difference between EKG tech and monitor tech?
    A monitor tech, on average, is certified in cardiovascular technology and has to take other advanced EKG courses besides the basic one. On the other hand, an EKG tech requires less training and interpretation. This is because, unlike an EKG tech, a monitor tech must understand how to interpret rhythms. more
    Is being a monitor tech hard?
    Yes, being a monitor tech is hard. Monitor techs work long hours, can have large patient loads, and any mistakes made can result in serious injury and even death. Monitor techs have an important lifesaving role in the medical field. more
    What does a monitor tech do in a hospital?
    Monitor technicians, also known as EKG technicians or cardiac monitor technicians, observe heartbeats and electrocardiograms (EKGs) to assist with the interpretation and diagnosis of conditions related to the heart. They typically work day and night shifts and report directly to a lead nurse or doctor. more
    How long does it take to be a monitor tech?
    A Cardiac Monitor Technician (CMT) program is a fast, affordable certificate program offering classroom education and an internship. This program can even be completed in approximately 3-6 months. more


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