If you have a product to sell, Amazon and Facebook are both platforms with a huge audience and sellers may often wish to consider which to use. How do they work and what are the differences and which is worth doing? You can read more about Amazon vs Facebook Advertising by clicking here .


    Amazon is a platform through which almost any item can be marketed and sold on to a member of the general public. It has very much become a ‘go to’ platform for a vast majority of the population looking to buy various products. Amazon’s revenue for 2018 was around $230 billion, an increase on 2017. It has 300 million users , so by using Amazon you have the possibility of a huge audience, when you think initially Amazon set out by selling books! Their site is user friendly and options can be easily considered. You begin by choosing the products that you want to advertise, then you decide whether you want to pay a monthly fee as a professional seller (usually if you have a large number of products to sell) or whether you want to pay a fee each time a product sells, as an individual seller (Amazon also charges other fees on top as well). You then can create your account. You can then add products one by one or if you have chosen the professional subscription, you can add them in batches. When you sell an item, your proceeds are deposited into your bank account minus fees that Amazon take.Amazon will notify you when a customer has placed an order and you can either decide to fulfil and send that order for yourself or have Amazon ship it for you. Amazon have a range of shipping options available.

    Amazon has a range of advertising solutions, as they call them to allow you to advertise on their platform that will help you attract your customers to your product. You can have ads appear in various places. Amazon offer three different pay-per-click products, namely sponsored products, headline search ads and product display ads .

    You choose the products that you want to advertise and  decide on ‘keywords’ which would be words that a prospective buyer may search for. You then decide how much you want to bid for clicks. You can get started with a small budget and create an ad very quickly.

    Amazon has a wide range of products and by advertising, you are encouraging a buyer to buy from you, essentially by ‘putting your product out there and making it more visible.

    Advantages of advertising on Amazon

    • You are selling to buyers and not browsers, when people go to amazon they want to buy, when they go to Google they want to investigate
    • Advertising increases the likelihood of your product being found
    • You are in control, you can adjust your keywords and budget at any time through the process
    • You can pick from a number of strategies.
    • Steps are well explained and ads are easy to create
    • Your products get global visibility
    • There is no activation cost

    Amazon have conditions attached to their advertising, one of which is that you must be a professional seller.


    Facebook is an online social media platform which allows users to connect with each other and share posts and photographs. You can personalise your profile and send and accept friend requests. You are able to comment on and ‘like’ other users’ content. Facebook also allows users to advertise on the platform. Facebook has an audience of more than 2 billion every month so by advertising a product on Facebook, you have the potential to reach a large number of people. With Facebook ads you select your objective which could be for example sales on your website you, then target your audience which could be according to age, interests, location etc. You set a budget for your ad (this can be changed to suit at a later stage if required) and pick a format for your ad which could be an image or a video.

    Advantages of advertising on Facebook :

    • A big advantage is that you can target your audience and design an appropriate ad to appeal to that particular selected audience
    • Customers spend a lot of time on Facebook and would look at it at least once daily on average
    • Advertising can be done cheaply
    • It gives you the potential to increase your website traffic
    • It can increase customer awareness about your product or brand
    • Facebook ads can be shared with others and have the potential to go viral
    • You can capture email contacts through Facebook which can be useful for your business
    • It is easy to use and campaigns can be easily adjusted

    Amazon vs Facebook Advertising

    • Some would say that Facebook’s system is easier to use
    • Facebook ads can reach a targeted audience
    • Amazon has access to consumer behaviours that Facebook does not
    • Amazon is where people go to buy, Facebook is where people usually browse so Amazon’s users have more purchasing intent
    • Amazon has a lower cost per click rate

    It really is for the user to decide which platform best suits their needs for advertising, both have their advantages and costs attached. It may be worth trying one and then the other. Sellers have success on both platforms and sometimes it may come down to a matter of preference, ease of use, cost and familiarity. The benefit of Facebook is that it allows users to target specific audiences which can be very helpful for some products but the fact that Amazon actually gets the traffic from customers who have gone to their site specifically with the purpose of buying is another added attraction. So, consider your product and look at both options, decide on the ease of use for yourself and start with the one that you feel most at ease with and go from there. Both platforms will allow you access to a large number of users and both platforms have the potential to help your business flourish.

    Is it better to work at Facebook or Amazon?
    At Amazon, a base salary is about 150K annually. However, at Facebook, for the same role, you are earning about 160K. Taking into account any middle-level employee job, Facebook pays 1.8 times more than Amazon. This is a huge difference in the level of pays, where Facebook takes the win in this category. more
    Is Amazon worth more than Facebook?
    And speaking of memberships, for those who want to keep track, here are all the U.S. companies that are now worth over $1 trillion at the time of this writing: Apple: $2.249 trillion. Microsoft: $2.024 trillion. Amazon: $1.737 trillion. more
    Does Facebook pay more than Amazon?
    Taking into account any middle-level employee job, Facebook pays 1.8 times more than Amazon. This is a huge difference in the level of pays, where Facebook takes the win in this category. The average month-to-month compensation of a Facebook product manager is $338,000 a year and varies from $223,000 to $462,000. more
    Does Facebook Work in Jordan?
    AMMAN — Around 93 per cent of Internet users in Jordan use social networks, according to a recent report, and Facebook is their favourite site. more
    Is Amazon work from home legitimate?
    Real Amazon Jobs Site Amazon does have real work-from-home jobs, but they typically pay customer service representatives around $15 an hour. more
    Does Amazon have work from home?
    Amazon work from home jobs While most of Amazon's hourly job opportunities require being at a local Amazon facility, there are some jobs roles in customer service and corporate that offer partial remote or work from home potential. more
    What shifts do Amazon drivers work?
    They offer drivers a number of different shifts. I work four days a week, 10:30am to 9:30pm. That was the one that worked best for me because that way I still had a couple of days at the end of the week where I thought that I would be able to squeeze in everything else I want to do. more
    Do Amazon employees work on Christmas?
    Christmas Eve Christmas Day and Thanksgiving workers at Amazon fulfillment center work 10 + hours. You can choose to work. more
    How does Amazon food delivery work?
    Customers sign in to their Amazon Prime account or use the Fresh app to start shopping. They can choose unattended or attended delivery, and also designate a delivery time slot. 3 With attended delivery, groceries are delivered in plastic bags and someone must be there to receive them. more
    How does Amazon household work?
    Amazon Household allows you to share Amazon benefits with another adult, teens, and children. Both adults share select Prime benefits, digital content using Family Library, and can manage the profiles of teens and children in the Amazon Household. Teens in the Amazon Household can also share select Prime benefits. more
    Does Amazon work in Jordan?
    As part of the takeover, Amazon, one of the world's biggest companies, now runs its operations in Jordan as a global investor, "which is very positive and shows how Jordan has unique human resources", Bitar said, noting that “since the takeover, the number of Jordanian employees has increased up to 750.” more

    Source: www.lilachbullock.com

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