Years ago, interviewees had to create handwritten thank you notes after interviews, which involved buying stationery and stamps and having decent handwriting. This process evolved into email follow-ups, and now you have interview follow-up text messages. Some people might balk at the idea, and with good reason; this is frowned upon in most instances with few exceptions.

    Follow-up Interview Text Messages

    The writers at Everyday Interview Tips explain that a “Thx 4 the Ntrvu” text to an interviewer guarantees that the sender will not get a call back and certainly not a job offer. While technology is a massive part of the interviewing process, texts are too personal and informal. A hiring manager will most likely see an interview follow-up text message as inappropriate in most situations, except for certain circumstances.

    The first situation where an interview follow-up text might be acceptable is when a hiring manager explicitly asks the interviewee to do so: “Here’s my number; text me next week to follow up.” Another one might be for a very casual job, like for a bike mechanic position at a shop you've been a regular at and where everyone knows you personally. Much also depends on the interviewer/interviewee relationship; if the person asking all the questions seems amenable, the interviewee might feel comfortable texting them. The safest approach to take in these situations is to ask, “What’s the best way to reach you to follow up on this interview?”

    An Interview Follow-up Text

    The good thing about handwritten and email interview follow-ups is that they can be longer than texts. While people don’t mind reading detailed emails and letters so much, long texts can be annoying because of the smaller screens and the need to keep scrolling down. If you decide on a text, keep it short and to the point. You should thank the interviewer and let them know that you wanted to follow up.

    A follow-up text after an interview – again, only to be used in one of those situations where texting might be acceptable – could read, “Hi, this is (first name, last name). I’m following up on our (date) interview for the (job) position. Is there any additional information you need from me?” As an alternative, you could swap out the last sentence with, “Have any hiring decisions been made yet?” Again, if you’re not 100 percent sure that a text is acceptable, opt for an email. And, while handwritten letters following interviews are rare these days, they can leave very good impressions when done correctly.

    Other Ways of Following Up

    The Harvard Business Review has some suggestions for job applicants that also make them shine in a hiring manager’s eyes. It helps to ask the interviewer when you can expect to hear back from them and note that date down on your calendar. Send out the thank-you note later in the day or the day following your interview. If you don’t hear back by the specified date, put another note on your calendar for the following week.

    When that date arrives, follow up with a short note with a maximum of three paragraphs; it can be similar to the thank-you. You should include something positive about the company and an offer to provide more information if needed, and you should add that you are looking forward to hearing back from them soon. When companies decline to hire you, there’s no harm in sending another email to request feedback. In most cases, they’ll usually say that another applicant had more experience, but once in a while, you’ll get a great tip that can help you for future opportunities.

    Is it OK to text after interview?
    Don't Initiate Contact by Text Your follow-up after a job interview should not be sent by text, either—not only is this poor manners, but texting doesn't allow you the message length you'll need to create an effective and eye-catching “thank you for our interview” letter that will enhance your hiring prospects. more
    What are interview skills?
    Interviewing skills are your ability to interact with the employer or interviewer and show them why you are the best-fit candidate for the job role. Your interview skills give an interviewer insight into how you will communicate in the workplace and solve problems. more
    Who will supervise the new employee may interview the applicant after the first interview?
    If the interviewer considers the applicant a potential hire, the manager who will supervise the new employee and other employees the applicant might work with may interview the applicant as well. It's important that managers prepare adequately for the interview to avoid selection decisions they may regret. more
    Which options represent required characteristics of interview questions posed during end user interview?
    Which options represent required characteristics of interview questions posed during end-user interview?
    • Questions should be phrased in a non threatening manner.
    • Questions should be unambiguous.
    • Questions should be designed to catch out end users.
    • Questions should be long and involved, and should require multiple answers.
    Should you text someone if they don't text you back?
    Give Them Time To Reply To Your Text If your initial message to them wasn't an urgent one, it's important to give them some time to reply. There are plenty of reasons they might not get back to you right away — they could be busy at work, not in the mental space to chat, or dealing with bad cell service. more
    What does it mean when a hiring manager wants to interview again after final interview?
    Managers often request second interviews to clarify information on a candidate or to introduce him or her to other members of a department. Says a human resources manager at an information technology company headquartered in California: "At my company, usually there is a team of people interviewing. more
    What is behavioral interview and situational interview?
    Situational interview questions ask interviewees to explain how they would react to hypothetical questions in the future, while behavioral interview questions ask interviewees to explain how they have dealt with actual situations in their past. more
    Are text-based interviews legit?
    Forget the phone—your next employer wants to interview you over text messages. The next time you apply for a job, don't be surprised if the recruiter follows up with you via text message. It may sound like a scam, but a growing number of hiring managers are using text-based screenings as a way to recruit talent. more
    What was the first top text bottom text meme?
    The first memes to ever appear were the classic top text/bottom text on the picture in the mid-2000s. These were the simplest forms, as there weren't that many tools to create it back then. Top/bottom text memes were similar to the “One does not simply” or the Velociraptor meme. Rage comics were also popular back then. more
    Should I cancel interview?
    Accepting another job is a perfectly acceptable reason to cancel an interview. Not only will you save yours and the recruiter's time, you'll also be able to explain your reasoning in a polite and professional manner – which will ultimately avoid any hard feelings in the future. more
    Can Soldiers text?
    Summary. Most Soldiers will have no problem answering their phone or responding to a text message, as long as leadership is respectful and treats them with dignity. The rare exception usually only needs your attention once and they will decide to comply. more


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