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    About NuggMD California

    NuggMD in California is a unique and non-traditional medical marijuana clinic that is revolutionizing the cannabis industry for medical patients all around California and now New York and Nevada.

    With medical marijuana clinic NuggMD, you can skip the hassle of having to find a physically present cannabis facility and driving there, along with preparing all your paperwork and dealing with a physician who might not necessarily care about your treatment.

    While some medical marijuana application processes can take weeks, utilizing NuggMD’s services allows you to not only speed up processing time but also you will not need to go far out of your way to obtain your MM card.

    NuggMD, also known as GetNugg, is a 100% online legit hassle-free way to obtain your MJ card  to become a medical patient in the state of California . It’s so easy and fast that you can get your medical marijuana NuggMD card the same day, by sitting on your couch, and then go out and order your weed.

    Best of all, NuggMD’s fast-paced and reputable services cost just $39.00, which is a bargain if you consider your time to be a precious, non-renewable resource or need to get your hands on medical cannabis as quickly as possible. The NuggMD online process is revolutionary as it allows you to have a 420 evaluation from the comfort of your home and get a medical marijuana card.

    NuggMD services are available online so you can submit your paperwork 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, an ideal quality for those who work strange hours or are staying up late. Furthermore, NuggMD’s experienced specialists and doctors are available for live video consultations 7 days a week from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

    This makes the application process for a medical marijuana card in the state of California immensely simple because all you need to do is connect to the internet, answer a few questions, and they will get you in contact with a medical marijuana doctor for your consultation.

    Is NuggMD the Real Deal and Does NuggMD Help?

    One of the things that we loved about this MMJ card provider and therefore decided to write a positive NuggMD review, is that Nugg MD’s California Board Licensed Doctors are some of the best in California.

    The service at NuggMD is extremely professional and the medical team at NuggMD are not only friendly but also knowledgable and caring.

    When two of our employees signed up to renew their medical marijuana cards, they found that the doctors were extremely knowledgable about their conditions and about the medicinal benefits of cannabis in general.

    The NuggMD MMJ Card Easy Process

    At WayofLeaf, we found NuggMD’s new patient medical card process to be completely hassle-free and super easy to do.

    Simply go directly to their website and get started  in seconds.

    1. You request a free consultation with a licensed and professional doctor by submitting your documents through their easy to use website. This consultation only takes about 15 minutes and is completely confidential and secure. Their specialists are flexible with their hours and there is a wide window of opportunity to connect with them. For this reason, one can surely find a time to video chat with a provided professional during a moment that is convenient.
    2. If a NuggMD online doctor approves your recommendation, it will cost you only $39.00. The good thing is that you are ONLY charged if you’re approved, so you need not worry about spending money that will end up going to waste.
    3. Once approved, they will send you a NuggMD recommendation immediately through email so you can begin purchasing medicine from your local dispensaries right away. Your official NuggMD recommendation will be shipped to an address you provide within 3-5 business days. Your temporary e-recommendation is accepted at any certified California medical marijuana dispensary, which greatly shortens any potential wait times involved before you can get your hands on some green medicine. Once approved, you can literally go out and get legal cannabis the same day.
    4. If you are not sure where to start after you have received your medical cannabis certification, NuggMD’s second site called getnugg.com offers cannabis delivery and the employees at NuggMD are happy to help you pick the right strains for your condition. Once approved, simply send NuggMD or GetNugg a message and ask for suggestions. Since their staff is incredibly well-versed in all things marijuana, they know how to provide concrete strain recommendations.

    Why Choose NuggMD?

    In the growing world of cannabis, there is an increasingly large number of medical marijuana resources out there including various websites that complete MM card processing. For this reason, you might not be certain if you would like to opt to work with NuggMD. We understand the apprehension when there are just so many companies to choose from.

    Having gone through their application process ourselves, we have to say that the main reason we would suggest NuggMD just has to do with the fact that the company had such adept and knowledgeable customer service, in addition to the affordable cost and the speedy processing times.

    It is uncommon that a medical marijuana card evaluation company also offers easy-to-order cannabis deliveries for those that have been approved. This unique business model certainly appealed to us because it essentially takes all of the potential inconvenience out of getting your medical marijuana card and then proceeding to stock up on cannabis.

    For those who prefer to stay at home or for those that lead busy lifestyles, it can be a challenge to find time to head to the dispensary. For those who are debilitated or even disabled due to a medical condition, this all-online option is an outstanding resource that can make herb more accessible and a viable choice.

    Final Thoughts About NuggMD California

    It really is this simple to receive your medical marijuana recommendation online, and the online medical marijuana recommendation center NuggMD makes it so easy that you don’t even have to leave your home to do so. Their doctors are fully licensed by the Medical Board of California and operate legally under Telehealth and Medical Cannabis laws. They are HIPAA compliant and maintain the highest level of client confidentiality. They’ve actually helped over 100,000 cannabis patients since 2008. Now that’s impressive!

    To get a medical marijuana card with NuggMd or a renewal continue here to the NuggMD official website.

    It’s hassle-free and instant!

    Is Nuggmd CA legit?
    Their doctors are fully licensed by the Medical Board of California and operate legally under Telehealth and Medical Cannabis laws. They are HIPAA compliant and maintain the highest level of client confidentiality. They've actually helped over 100,000 cannabis patients since 2008. more
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    Source: wayofleaf.com

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