Those who love  Olive Garden  might have heard a fast-spreading myth that most, if not all, of the food that is served there is microwaved (viREDBOOK ). However, this is far from true. The restaurant's food is actually much fresher than what you might expect.

    Olive Garden does have to keep some things  frozen  in order to make preparation easier, which several former employees at Olive Garden discussed on Reddit, according to REDBOOK. One person wrote, "The food is mostly frozen. All of the desserts are." Another former employee added that the meat is too, saying it "shouldn't be a surprise since you can't expect fresh meats every day. It's just not possible." Though these items are kept frozen, there are still plenty of foods the eatery doesn't have pre-made

    The soups fall under this category for example. In an interview with  PopSugar , one employee said, "All of Olive Garden's signature soups — Pasta e Fagioli, Chicken & Gnocchi, Zuppa Toscana, and Minestrone — are made by hand and from scratch every morning using fresh, whole ingredients such as kale, peppers, and squash." Thankfully though, soup isn't the only dish that's made-to-order.

    These Olive Garden ingredients are frozen or microwaved

    Soups aren't the only fresh dish you can get at the restaurant. According to Reader's Digest , ingredients like pasta are cooked up specifically for each order, too. One server even broke down the process of how the pasta is prepared each day on Reddit. REDBOOK reported, "The pasta is precooked in the morning and given an ice bath while it's still al dente. It is then portioned into bags if it's a specialty pasta or put into a large container if it's something like spaghetti or fettuccine. When the dish is ordered, the cook puts the pasta into boiling water for a set time, strains it, and plates it with the measured ladle of sauce."

    Reader's Digest also explains that when it comes to microwaves at Olive Garden, they are designated solely for heating things like sauces. "Everything else is either pan fried, deep fried, or grilled," said a former worker on Reddit (via REDBOOK). More sources who have worked at the restaurant went on to explain that sauces and appetizers are whipped up in the kitchen each day just like the soup selection.

    So the next time you dine at Olive Garden, rest assured that everything that can be made fresh is being made fresh. Having some foods prepared ahead of time is convenient for you, really, because it cuts down on the amount of time you have to wait.

    Is Olive Garden pasta made fresh?
    "All of Olive Garden's signature soups — Pasta e Fagioli, Chicken & Gnocchi, Zuppa Toscana, and Minestrone — are made by hand and from scratch every morning using fresh, whole ingredients such as kale, peppers, and squash," a representative for OG told Popsugar. more
    Can I freeze fresh pasta sheets?
    How should you store fresh PASTA? Fresh pasta can be dried, refrigerated or frozen for future use. more
    What is vegan pasta made of?
    In this homemade vegan pasta recipe, however, I use absolutely no eggs. All you need is flour, semolina flour, water, plus a pinch of salt. If you're a gluten-free eater, you can find a gluten-free option mentioned in the recipe notes. Simply knead the ingredients until it forms a nice soft pasta dough. more
    Is Olive Garden pasta frozen?
    Some of the food is frozen The pasta, however, is made to order. The restaurant only uses microwaves for heating dipping sauces and warming desserts. Otherwise, everything is pan fried, deep fried, or grilled. more
    Can I dehydrate fresh pasta?
    Drying homemade pasta is the easiest and most effective way to preserve your pasta for long-term storage. It's also the quickest method, as a dehydrator can have your fresh pasta dried out and ready for storage in only 2 hours. more
    When was pasta first made?
    Origins. Although popular legend claims Marco Polo introduced pasta to Italy following his exploration of the Far East in the late 13th century, pasta can be traced back as far as the 4th century B.C., where an Etruscan tomb showed a group of natives making what appears to be pasta. more
    Is pasta made from eggs?
    Your typical fresh, Italian-style pasta is made from a combination of eggs and flour. more
    Does Olive Garden serve whole wheat pasta?
    Choose whole wheat pasta While Olive Garden's whole wheat linguine isn't low in carbs, it does have more fiber and more protein than all of the other pasta options. As a result, you'll feel full faster and will have a more nutritious meal. more
    What is garden salad made of?
    Garden salad is a a type of tossed green salad made with lettuce (usually a blend including mostly iceberg lettuce.) As the name implies it also has garden fresh veggies including carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. Often garden salads include croutons and cheese. more
    Are Krispy Kreme donuts made fresh?
    They're made (and fried, not baked) in-house Those places have steaming, fresh, high-quality donuts. They're amazing. The Dunkin' Donuts variety are significantly less appealing. more
    Are Dunkin Donuts made fresh every day?
    Everything about Dunkin Donuts is about being fresh, from their coffee that is brewed every 18 minutes to their donuts, which are shipped in fresh every morning at 5 a.m.. more


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