CHANCELLOR Rishi Sunak announced that £500million has been added to the Household Support Fund in his Spring statement today.

    It means that the fund has DOUBLED in value - the total amount of money the government has piled into the fund stands at £1billion.


    The Household Support Fund helps low income Brits pay their way with free cash and vouchers Credit: Getty


    Families are battling against a cost of living crunch - here's the help announced from the Spring Statement

    But what is it, and how do you apply for the help? We explain all you need to know.

    What is the Household Support Fund?

    The Household Support Fund was  launched in October  last year to help Brits pay their way through winter amid a cost of living crisis.

    Councils up and down the country got a slice of the £500million funding available to dish out to Brits in need.

    The help you can get varies depending on who your local council is, as well as your personal situation.

    But you may be able to get free cash and vouchers to help pay for things like heating your home or to cover costs of your weekly grocery shop.

    The Sun has spotted some councils are offering hundreds of pounds in cash and vouchers in some cases.

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    Families who live in the North Yorkshire County Council catchment area were able to  claim a £125 voucher to help pay for food and other essentials .

    If you live in Barnsley, you could get up to  £200 in vouchers  to spend at supermarkets and shops including Aldi, Asda, Argos and Currys - they'll usually arrive in 10 working days.

    While families could get up to  £120 in vouchers  that can be put towards paying off prepayment meter energy bills if they lived in North Northamptonshire.

    How do you apply?

    Councils had to divvy out help under the Household Support Fund by March 31, 2022.

    That meant households have been scrambling to apply.

    But in good news for struggling Brits, Rishi Sunak has extended the scheme in the Spring Statement today.

    It means that councils will get £500million extra from April.

    It is not known when the scheme will close now following Rishi's extension.

    But we will update this story as soon as we know more.

    To get the help, you'll need to apply through your local council - as local authorities are in charge of distributing the funding.

    To find your local council, use the council finder tool.

    Once you've found your council, there should be information on how to apply for the funding on its website.

    Each council will have a different application process - so exact details on how to apply will vary depending on where you live.

    That means that the eligibility requirements to access the fund could also vary - it's best to check with your local council for more details.

    If there's no information on your council's website, then its best to ring them up and ask for more information.

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    Is the household support fund still available?
    The household support fund is available until September 2022. It gives those who qualify, help towards food and essential items. more
    Who qualifies for household support fund?
    To be eligible for the grant you must be over 18 and live in the borough of Richmond and be struggling from the impact of rising costs of food and energy or continue to be impacted by Covid, for example: Reduced pay or lost job. Benefits issues. more
    How much is household support fund?
    The grant amount varies according to household size: Up to £300 for households with 1 or more adults. Up to £500 for households with 1 child. Up to £600 for households and 2 children or more. more
    What is the household Support Fund?
    The new Household Support Fund will be distributed by councils in England to directly help those who need it most. The grant will be distributed through small payments to support vulnerable households meet daily needs such as food, clothing, and utilities. more
    What is Sheffield household support fund?
    Household Support Fund If you live in Sheffield and are struggling to afford food and other essentials, the fund can help to support you with: food and housekeeping (groceries, toiletries, baby essentials etc) telephone and broadband (mobile phones, top-ups, broadband charge etc) more
    What is household support fund Liverpool?
    Liverpool has been awarded £6 million from the Household Support Fund to be split between households with young people, those of pensionable age and other households who would otherwise struggle to buy food or pay essential utility bills. more
    Is household Support Fund being extended?
    The Household Support fund has now been extended for the period April – September 2022 and is now open for new applications. more
    How much is household support fund Liverpool?
    Liverpool has been awarded £6 million from the Household Support Fund to be split between households with young people, those of pensionable age and other households who would otherwise struggle to buy food or pay essential utility bills. more
    What is the household support fund 2022?
    Household support fund grants Households facing financial hardship can apply for a grant to help towards their food, energy bills and essential living costs. Households can access a maximum of 2 payments in the period between April and 30 September 2022. more
    Who is eligible for household support fund?
    You can apply if you: Are aged 18 or over. Have lived in Newham for at least six months. Do not have savings you can use to cover the emergency. more
    What is household support fund Leeds?
    The funding, received earlier this year from the Department for Work and Pensions Household Support Fund (HSF), is to be spent by September 2022 and will help hard-pressed local people meet the costs of food, keeping their home warm, paying essential utility bills and other essential living costs. more


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