The Indian economy is one of those where they began to look for areas where import substitution is possible. The idea itself does not carry anything bad, the country seeks to provide itself with high-tech production, technologies of today and tomorrow. In the Government of India, any ideas related to import substitution are perceived with great interest and enthusiasm.

    In India , there are already several enterprises engaged in the production and assembly of electronics. Now the task is to create their own operating system, as an alternative to iOS and Android. The intention to create a national operating system was announced by the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

    India is thinking about creating its own operating system

    He stated that there is domination on the market currently by two operating systems that drive the hardware ecosystem – Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. “There is no third. Therefore, in many respects, there is great interest from the Ministry; and the Government of India to create a new operating system for mobile phones. We talk to people. We are developing policies for this,” Chandrasekhar said. There is a search for a startup and those who can help India in creating its own operating system.

    Important is to have clear goals. Once we have clear goals and what is that we have to achieve then all the policies and actions will be consistent with it,” Chandrasekhar said.

    Among other things, India wants to significantly increase the production of electronics in its country. So, the plans are to bring the production of smart devices to the level of $300 billion in 2026 against $75 billion now.

    Also, if India wants to make its own operating system; then it needs developers to have an interest in writing software for it. To do this, you need a large number of devices with proprietary operating systems or make your OS such that you can run the same Android apps on it. And what is the use of your own operating system, if in the end users get the same Android?

    In addition, to bring the Indian national OS to life, companies need to adapt hardware for it; write drivers and release the corresponding devices. Also, the viability of the project in the end will largely depend on whether the Indian operating system will offer something original, whether manufacturers and consumers will show interest in it. And this is a hard task.

    Is there any Indian operating system?
    Is there any indigenously developed OS? A government-mandated or supported OS doesn't exist yet. However, in 2013, a group of IIT graduates created Indus OS, which still exists. In November 2021, the firm claimed that its app store, the Indus App Bazaar, had over 200 million users. more
    Which of the following system has feedback system Mcq?
    Explanation: Closed loop system is the system with the feedback and this can be positive or negative feedback and having feedback have less dependence on parameter variation. more
    How strong is Indian Defence system?
    With strength of over 1.4 million active personnel, it is the world's second-largest military force and has the world's largest volunteer army. It also has the third-largest defence budget in the world. The Global Firepower Index report lists it as the fourth most-powerful military. more
    What is feedback system in control system?
    A feedback control system consists of five basic components: (1) input, (2) process being controlled, (3) output, (4) sensing elements, and (5) controller and actuating devices. These five components are illustrated in Figure 1. The term closed-loop feedback control is often used to describe this kind of system. more
    What is open system and closed system in management?
    Any management system within an organization can be said to be "open" or "closed." An open systems interacts with other systems through the free passing of information, whereas closed systems operate on their own with little or no influence from the outside world. more
    How hard is Indian education system?
    Education in India is actually much tougher than America. In India we are condemned to study the syllabus, only the syllabus and commit to memory so many dates and facts. No much scope for curiosity and innovation. ( Why - teaching in schools was not a coveted job, only it was the last choice. more
    What is system types of system?
    Types of System : Physical or Abstract : Physical system is tangible entities that may be static or dynamic in nature. Abstract system is conceptual or non-physical. The abstract is conceptualization of physical situations. Open and Closed : An open system continually interacts with its environment. more
    What is system in system analysis?
    A system is “an orderly grouping of interdependent components linked together according to a plan to achieve a specific goal.” more
    Which of the following is not a regulatory institution in Indian financial system Mcq?
    CIBIL is not a regulatory institutions in Indian financial system. more
    Which system is also known as automatic control system?
    The provision of feedback automatically corrects the changes in output due to disturbances. Hence the closed loop control system is also called as automatic control system. more
    What is open system closed system and isolated system?
    Isolated: this is a system in which no matter or energy is being exchanged with the surroundings. Closed: this is a system in which only energy is being exchanged with the surroundings. Open: this is a system in which both matter and energy is being exchanged with the surroundings. more


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