Discover our Priorities

    We structure our work around key Priorities. These are areas of work where we think innovation has a critical role to play in solving problems and unlocking progress.

    In each of these, we have built our expertise and a track record of delivering breakthrough innovations, of helping innovators thrive and of unlocking systemic change.

    Climate Response

    Our challenge prizes will create innovations that help planet earth and its inhabitants tackle the climate crisis.

    The climate crisis is the biggest threat facing humanity.

    Discover our Climate response challenge prizes

    Global Health

    Our challenge prizes will create innovations that enable people to prevent, diagnose and treat disease as well as mitigate chronic conditions.

    We should all have the right to live long, fulfilled and flourishing lives.

    Discover our Global health challenge prizes

    Resilient Society

    Our challenge prizes will create innovations that help people fully participate in society by improving access the services, opportunities and networks they need.

    Society often isn’t as inclusive as it should be, and far too many people lack the opportunities they deserve.

    Discover our Resilient society challenge prizes

    Technology Frontiers

    Our challenge prizes will create innovations that harness frontier science and technology and direct it towards socially useful goals.

    Advanced technology has huge power to shape the future.

    Discover our Technology frontiers challenge prizes


    We also run challenge prizes that don’t align with our four Priorities

    Sometimes a challenge prize can be the best way to find a solution to a unique problem.

    Discover our Explorations challenge prizes

    Future prizes

    • Ghana Science and Tech Explorer Challenge Prize

      01/04/2021 – 31/12/2024

      £ 1,900,000

      Inspiring the next generation of inventors and entrepreneurs in Ghana

    • Homegrown Innovation Challenge

      08/02/2022 – 18/12/2028

      £ 25,000,000

      A $33 million prize which aims to identify teams and support the development of tools and technologies that enable Canadian farmers and producers to sustainably and competitively grow berries out of season.

      Climate response

      In progress

      Open To Applications

    • Afri-Plastics Challenge: Promoting Change

      08/12/2021 – 31/03/2023

      £ 1,650,000

      Calling for large scale campaigns that raise awareness and engage women and girls in the plastics value chain.

    • Afri-Plastics Challenge: Creating Solutions

      06/10/2021 – 31/03/2023

      £ 2,475,000

      Seeking the creation of early-stage products and/or services to encourage the reduction or elimination of plastic usage.

    • Afri-Plastics Challenge: Accelerating Growth

      21/07/2021 – 31/03/2023

      £ 4,050,000

      Seeking scalable and sustainable solutions to prevent plastic waste from entering the marine environment.

    • Water Breakthrough Challenge 2

      11/10/2021 – 30/06/2022

      £ 20,000,000

      Driving wide-scale transformational change in the water sector.

      Climate response

      Open To Applications

    See all our challenge Prizes

    What are our priorities?
    Our priorities are the areas of our lives that are meaningful and important to us. They're usually activities, practices, or relationships that we want to put genuine effort and time into. Priorities imply that a hierarchy can be followed for different areas of your life and/or work. more
    Should you touch a cat's nose?
    Like us, cats prefer that we ask if it's okay before we touch. Felines who are friends greet each other by touching noses. A human head is too big to really mimic that behavior, but a human fingertip is just about the size of that adorable triangle of skin at the tip of a cat's nose. more
    What was Elsa's last words on 1883?
    Elsa Dutton and James Dutton seemingly sat for hours beneath the tree in 1883 episode 10. It's clear to both of them that Elsa will die under that tree. When she finally starts to go, she has a few final words for her father after seeing a bird. “You birds sure are smart,” Elsa says to the bird. more
    Why do Bulldogs choke?
    Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome These dogs are born with a soft palate that obstructs airflow into their lungs. Your bulldog will have difficulty in breathing and will retch or gag especially while swallowing. more
    What does it mean when coyotes are yipping?
    Coyotes are also territorial. The pair howls and yips to let other coyotes know that they have an established territory and not to intrude. more
    What is the most common full name in Canada?
    Smith Canada (Canadian) more
    What is Yoongi's dog?
    Min Holly Min Holly (민홀리) or Holly (홀리) is a brown "Toy Poodle" dog that belongs to Suga. more
    How much do you get for 1 million views on TikTok?
    TikTok pays content creators $0.02–$0.04 per every 1,000 views. This means you'll get about $15 for 500,000 views and $40-$50 for 1 million views. It sounds insane—we know—especially when compared to YouTube, which pays between $2,000 and $4,000 for a million views. more
    Is the Zeus armor good?
    1 Zeus Armor Set The Zeus Armor Set is, without a doubt, the best armor set in the entire game. It's also the most dangerous and hardest to obtain since you'll need to defeat all the Valkyries in New Game Plus. more
    Do ear mites smell in dogs?
    Mite infestations can cause a foul odor in your dog's ears. You may also see a buildup of dark debris in your dog's ears, similar to coffee grounds. As you examine your dog's ears, look for redness in the ear canal as well as the outer ear, as this is another sign of ear problems in dogs. more
    How did pirates get their names?
    When Bierbauer didn't sign back with Philadelphia as expected, however, Pittsburgh drew criticism from the Athletics and American Association officials who called those actions “piratical.” Accused of plundering players, the Alleghenys then became known informally as “pirates.” Pittsburgh officially nicknamed itself more


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