Types of Service

    Here in this article we will discuss about various types of Types of Service and methods used in hotel / hospitality food and beverage services.

    Types of Food and Beverage Service:

    Types of Service


    TABLE SERVICETypes of Service to customer at a laid cover1.WAITERa. Silver/English Service

    b. Family

    c.   Plate/American

    d. Butler/French

    e. Russian

    f. Gueridon

    2. Bar Counter

    Service to customers at a laid cover Waiter a Silver/English Presentation and service of food to customer by waiting staff from food plate or dish

    Main courses plated with vegetables placed in multi­portion dishes on tables for customers to help themselves; sauces offered

    Service of pre-plated foods to customers

    Presentation of food individually to customers by food service staff for customers to serve themselves

    Table laid with food for customers to help themselves

    Food served on to customer’s plate at side table or trolley; also may include carving, cooking and flambe, preparation of salads and dressings, and fish filleting

    Service to customers seated at bar counter (usually U-shaped) on stools

    ASSITED TYPES OF SERVICE A. Combination of table service and self-service Assisted a Commonly applied to ‘carvery’ type operations. some parts of the meal are served to seated customers; other parts are collected by the customers (also used for Breakfast service)B. Buffets where customers select food and drink from displays or passed trays-, consumption is either at tables, standing or in lounge area SELF-SERVICE : Self-service of customersCAFETERIA

    a. COUNTER

    b. FREE-FLOW

    C. Echelon

    D. Supermarket

    Customers queuing in line formation past a service counter choosing their menu requirements in stages and loading them on to a tray (may include a ‘Carousel’ – a revolving stacked counter saving space)Selection as in counter (above) but in food service area where customers move at will to random service points; customers usually exit via a till point

    Series of counters at angles to customer flow within a free-flow area, thus saving space

    Island types of service points within a free-flow area

    SINGLE POINT TYPES OF SERVICE: This is a Types of Service to customers at single point – consumed on premises or taken awayA. TAKE AWAY




    E. BAR

     a. Customer orders and is served from single point, at counter, hatch or snack stand; customer consumes off the premises (some Take-away establishments provide seating)b Drive-thru: form of take-away where customer drives vehicle past order, payment and collection pointsc Fast food: originally used to describe a service at a counter or hatch where customers receive a complete meal or dish in exchange for cash or ticket; commonly used nowadays to describe type of establishment offering limited range menu, fast service with take-away facility

    Provision of food service and beverage service  by means of automatic retailing

    Outstation to provide service for peak demand or in specific location (may be open for customers to order or used for dispensing only)

    Series of autonomous counters where customers may either order and eat (as in bar counter, above) or buy from a number of counters and eat in separate eating area, or take-away

    Term used to describe selling point and consumption area in licensed premises

    SPECIALIZED (OR IN SITU): Service to customer’s in areas not primarily designed for serviceA. TRAYB. Trolley Service

    C. Home delivery

    D. Lounge

    E. Room


    Method of service of whole or part of meal on tray to customer in situ, eg hospitals, aircraft; also used in ODCService of food and beverages from trolley, away from

    dining areas, eg for office workers, in aircraft or on trains

    Food delivered to customer’s home or place of work, eg meals on wheels’, pizza home delivery

    Service of variety of foods and beverages in lounge area

    Service of variety of foods and beverages in guest apartments or meeting rooms

    Customers park motor vehicle and are served at the vehicles

     Food and Beverage service Methods

    SERVICE METHOD FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE AREA ORDERING/SE       LECTION SERVICE DINING/CONSUMPTION  CLEARING A.   TABLESERVICE Customer enters area and is seated From menu  By staff to customer  At laid cover  By staff B. ASSISTEDSERVICE  Customer enters area and is usually seated From menu, buffet or passed trays  Combination of both staff andcustomer  At laid cover  By staff C. SELF-Service Customer enters Customer selects own tray Customer carries own tray Dining area or take away various D. Single point service customer enters Order at single point Customer carries own tray Dining area or take away various E. SPECIALIZED OR IN SITU  I n situ From menu orpredetermined Brought tocustomer  Where served By staff or customer clearing


    What are the 5 types of service?
    5 Types of Service
    • Waiter service. More commonly known as sit-down service, a waiter takes care of everything from taking orders to serving food and payment.
    • Chinese banquet service.
    • Buffet service.
    • Self-service.
    • Semi-self service.
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