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    Decorating Easter eggs can be a fun activity for everyone. You may want to decorate them with your kids or make special crafts for a dinner table setting or party. Writing on your eggs can add an extra bit of creativity to your eggs. To write on eggs, use a wax crayon, markers, paint, glitter, or stickers.

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      Make hard-boiled eggs . Before you write on your eggs with any method, make sure to hard-boil them. Start by putting the eggs in a large pot, with one layer of eggs. The eggs should not be on top of one another. Cover the eggs with ½ inch of water. Bring the water to a boil, and then turn the heat down to moderate high. Boil the eggs on low boil for around 10 minutes, uncovered. [1]

      • Remove the hot water and pour cold water over the eggs. Let the eggs set in the cold water for 15 minutes. Add cold water or ice to the water to keep it cold.
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      Write on the egg with a wax crayon. After hard-boiling the eggs, you are ready to start writing on them. If you plan on dyeing your eggs, you can write one them with a wax crayon. Use a white crayon to draw your design or write words onto the plain, undyed eggshell. [2]

      • Cheap crayons generally are the waxiest and work the best.
      • When you dip the egg into dye, the wax repels the dye, leaving undyed areas where you have written.


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      Add names to the egg. One fun way you can decorate the egg is to write people's names on them with the wax crayon. Then, you can give the person the egg to dye, surprising them when they see their name appear through the dye.

      • This is a great way to surprise children. Don't tell them their name is on the egg before they dye it.
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      Decorate the egg with Easter or spring-themed words and illustrations. To make the eggs themed, try writing seasonally specific words on them. You can write "Happy Easter," "Welcome Spring," or even silly phrases like "Egg-celent."

      • You can also draw fun Easter and spring pictures. Try decorating the egg with stripes or polka dots, or drawing bunnies, chickens, lambs, or flowers on the egg.
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      Dip the egg into the dye. Make a dye solution by mixing ¾ cup (or 180 mL) of warm water with 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of white vinegar and 10 to 20 drops of food coloring. Place the egg into the dye so the entire egg is covered. Let the egg soak in the dye for around five minutes. [3]

      • When you take the egg out of the dye, the dye will not be on the parts of the egg with the crayon.
      • If you want a lighter egg, take it out before then. The longer it’s in the dye, the more vibrant the color.
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      Use a paintbrush to dye the egg. If you don’t want to submerge your egg, you can use a paintbrush to dye it instead. Using the same dye dip, wet the tip of a paintbrush with the dye solution. Then, paint the entire egg. The parts with the crayon will remain white. [4]

      • This method yields a lighter color than submerging the egg.
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      Use markers. Try writing on hard-boiled eggs with markers. You can try permanent markers, like Sharpies, or if you have children, you can use non-toxic markers. Using different colors, write on the eggs and draw designs. You can write on undyed eggs or colored eggs. [5]

      • You may want to write on the eggs in sections and let the colors dry before moving on. This can help keep your fingers from getting covered in marker ink.
      • Use old toilet paper rolls cut to a smaller height to hold the eggs while you are writing on them.
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      Use watercolor pencils. Paint your egg with watercolor paint instead of dyeing them. Then, use watercolor pencils to write words or draw designs on the wet paint. Let the eggs dry. [6]

      • Watercolors are not permanent, so the color may come off easily. This can be a fun way to write on Easter eggs, but be aware the designs will not last like dyeing them.
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      Make chalkboard eggs. Write on your eggs like you do other chalkboard crafts. Paint hard-boiled eggs with black chalkboard paint. Let the eggs dry completely. Use white or colored chalk to draw designs or write words onto the eggs. [7]

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      Use ink stamps. Another way to write on Easter eggs is to use ink and a stamp. You can use plain black ink or buy a colored ink pad set. You may also use any stamps you have, or buy a set of Easter-themed stamps. [8]

      • Dye the hard-boiled eggs any color you'd like. Then, choose a stamp color that will show up on the egg. Dip the stamp into the ink and then tap the stamp to shake off excess ink.
      • To stamp the egg, carefully roll the stamp back and forth over the curved egg shell until the ink adheres to the shell.
      • Do this as many times with as many stamps as you'd like. You can use the same or different stamps, and try different colors. Just make sure to wash the stamp between each color you use.
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      Use stickers before dyeing. Try using small letter stickers or stickers in the shapes of hearts to leave writing on your eggs. Stick the letters to the undyed eggshell. Dip them into the dye like you would any other egg. Set them to the side to dry. [9]

      • When the egg has dried and you are done dyeing it, gently peel off the stickers.
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      Write on the egg with a glitter. Put a small amount of white liquid glue or craft glue on a paintbrush. Write words or draw a picture on an egg. Then, roll the egg in the glitter. You should have glitter writing on your egg. [10]

      • Allow the glitter and glue to dry before trying to brush off the excess glitter.
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      Paint your eggs. You can write on your eggs with paint. Try puff paint to write three dimensional words and designs. You can also use a paintbrush to write words and draw designs on your Easter eggs with regular craft paint. [11]

      • You can dye the eggs first, and then paint with complimentary colors.
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    Things You'll Need

    • Hard-boiled eggs
    • Food coloring or dye tablets
    • Wax crayon
    • Permanent markers
    • Watercolor pencils
    • Chalk
    • Ink pad and stamps
    • Stickers
    • Glitter
    • Paint


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