At last month’s new launch event, Apple announced the brand new Apple Watch Series 7, and it’s finally almost available to buy.

    The latest installment in the smartwatch series will drop on October 15th, but pre-sales opened on October 8th.

    It has some exciting new features, including a larger display, full QWERTY keyboard, better dust and water resistance and 33% faster charging.

    The aluminium Apple Watch Series 7 also comes in two exciting new colours which have very unique names, ‘Starlight’ and ‘Midnight’, but what colours are they?

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    Apple Event – September 14th

    What colour isStarlight’?

    One of the new Apple Watch Series 7 aluminium colours isStarlight’, a warm, champagne colour.

    Starlight’ has replaced Apple’s usual ‘Silver’ option, and is a mixture of silver and rose gold.

    The band that comes with the ‘Starlight’ watch is a creamy, off-white colour that complements the metal perfectly.

    Apple has also introduced ‘Midnight’

    The second new aluminium Apple Watch Series 7 colour is ‘Midnight’, a deep navy-blue which has replaced the famous ‘Space Grey’.

    It’s similar to Apple’s ‘Space Grey’ but has a slight blue tint. Upon first glance, it looks black, but when placed next to the ‘Space Grey’ Apple Watch, it looks far bluer.

    The ‘Midnight’ strap is a similar dark blue colour that seamlessly blends into the aluminium casing.

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    What other colours are there?

    As well as ‘Starlight’ and ‘Midnight’, Apple has also introduced three other new aluminum colours, but they don’t have such unique names.

    There is a brand new lighter blue colour, dark green and deep red.

    As well as this, there are three stainless steel shades: Silver, graphite and gold.

    Apple Event – September 14th

    Apple has also continued its collaborations with both Nike and Hermes.

    There is the brand new Hermes ‘Circuit H’ and ‘Gourmette Double Tour’ bands, and all-new Nike ‘Sport Loop’ and ‘Sport Band’.

    The Apple Watch Series 7 starts at £379 and can be preordered on the Apple website here .

    Oliver! | Official Trailer



    Oliver! | Official Trailer





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    What colour is starlight?
    'Starlight' has replaced Apple's usual 'Silver' option, and is a mixture of silver and rose gold. more
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    It has been said that horse breeders do not admit to the existence of such a thing as a white horse; it is pale or grey, but not white, never white. Yet Binky is truly a white horse, a large, magnificent white horse, white not as snow but as milk, because milk has more life than snow. more
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