An entire universe of fashion magazines, beauty products, advice columns, dating websites, and beyond are all focused on one general goal: defining what makes women attractive – or, more accurately, selling advice to women about what will make them more attractive.

    Now, we’re not here to bash these types of media (though they certainly can contribute to setting unrealistic expectations), but the attractive quality we want to talk about today is often very absent from popular media, who tend to make everything about appearance.

    While it is true that people are attracted to certain looks or body types, and that men tend to be more visually oriented for what they find attractive, one of the most attractive qualities a woman can have comes from within.

    What’s this quality we’re talking about?

    In a word: CONFIDENCE.

    Self-esteem makes a tremendous difference in so many aspects of your life (and your relationship). It affects the way you carry yourself, how you speak to others, how you pursue the things you want and need, even your overall happiness . Because of those factors, your levels of confidence directly impact how attractive you appear to others.

    But why do we find confidence attractive? For men, women with high self-esteem seem independent and powerful. Such a woman chooses a mate because she wants one, not because she needs one – and that makes that man feel special!

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg though…

    What does your husband find most attractive about you?

    As mentioned above, confidence has a way of changing your physical appearance too. Not only do you carry yourself differently, it also has an impact on skin and hair health, and likely helps you smile more, stand up straighter, and simply be more vibrant in everything you do!

    Self-esteem also has a way of making you resilient, and that can be an attractive quality as well! It means that you’re ok in your own skin – that you won’t be defining yourself based on your relationship, that you’ll work to solve problems, that you will build and maintain your own friendships, that you’ll pursue your own passions…

    And while many men like to feel like protectors and providers, it’s also extremely attractive when women are in touch with who they are, up front about what they want, and not bashful about putting that confidence forward!

    Now, gaining confidence can happen in many ways. At the core, it starts with searching within yourself, but you can also build self-esteem by performing “esteemable acts.”

    This means doing things that prove (to yourself) that you can achieve goals, that you can face fears, that you are unique and valuable, that you are loveable and loved, and so on! You can even reflect on your past accomplishments (or even hard times you’ve endured) to remind yourself of the strength you possess. Real confidence should come from action!

    It’s important to remember that there’s a distinguishable difference between confidence and arrogance. Arrogance is brash and uninvited, it’s more talk than action, and it seeks attention for attention’s sake… Confidence, though, tends to be calm and collected. It’s internal and doesn’t need the approval or attention of others.

    Confidence is attractive. Arrogance is not.

    This simple quality can have an impact on nearly every area of your life, particularly the relationship you have with your spouse, so take a good look in the mirror and focus on the qualities about yourself that you like the most. These can be the sources of confidence you need to boost you in the right direction – and once you start embracing your self-esteem, there’s no turning back!

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    What do husbands find attractive?
    74% of men indicated that they notice women because of their hair and 44% of men surveyed said that hair is the first thing they notice about a woman, more than her clothes (26%), legs (25%), or makeup (4%).” more
    How can I attract my husband in Islam?
    Express your affection to your husband in the ways that come naturally to you. Find out what your loved one responds to, and show him love in this way. If your husband likes physical affection, kiss and hug him when you greet him. If he likes to be told that you love him, tell him freely. more
    How do I find a military husband?
    Go to a military base,” the piece continues. “You can find a job there, meet people who work there, or go to an event there. Make friends who are in the military. Girlfriends who are involved in the military will know military men and be able to introduce you.” more
    How do I make my husband find me attractive again?
    On to the man-melting magic tips!
    1. 10 Ways To Immediately Be More Attractive To Your Man.
    2. Extend your vowels.
    3. Invite him into his senses.
    4. Compliment him.
    5. Speak from your feelings instead of making demands.
    6. Make your own pleasure and happiness a priority.
    7. Give him your full trust more often.
    What is the best city to find a husband?
    • Portland, Oregon.
    • Charlotte, North Carolina. The divorce rate: 6.6 %
    • Houston, Texas. The divorce rate: 5.8 %
    • Denver, Colorado. The divorce rate: 6.8 %
    • Minneapolis, Minnesota. The divorce rate: 5.9 %
    • Chicago, Illinois. The divorce rate: 4.8 %
    • Austin, Texas. The divorce rate: 6.2 %
    • Boston, Massachusetts. The divorce rate: 4.1 %
    How do I find out if my husband is hiding money?
    Steps to Take to Find Assets Your Spouse Is Hiding in Your
    1. Income tax returns. While your spouse may not be afraid to lie to you, he could be more fearful if he is untruthful to IRS in his income tax return.
    2. Bank account statements.
    3. Loan applications.
    4. Credit card statements.
    5. Business records.
    6. Public records.
    Where do I find a rich husband?
    Where to meet rich men
    1. Dry cleaner.
    2. High-end grocery stores.
    3. Expensive gyms.
    4. Galleries.
    5. Antique fairs.
    6. Mykonos.
    7. Weddings.
    8. Wine bar.
    Do husbands find their wives attractive after baby?
    'Research bears out the fact that most men still find their partners attractive after they've had a baby — sexual chemistry is bound up in so much more than looks — but they will also be aware that their partners are exhausted and they'll tend not to be pushy about wanting sex. ' more
    How can I find a good husband?
    20 Tips on how to find a husband
    1. Know the qualities you want in a husband. A significant factor that would help you find a good husband is to know what you want in a man.
    2. Look out for someone with similar values.
    3. Go out & explore.
    4. Be friendly.
    5. Be diverse.
    6. Be yourself.
    7. Attractiveness matters.
    8. Join dating sites.
    What country is best to find a husband?
    • Canada. Canadian men aren't the kind that top any lists of most attractive males in the world (indeed, at least one ranking put them at least attractive).
    • Great Britain.
    • Sweden.
    • Norway.
    • United States of America.
    • Switzerland.
    • Iceland.
    What is the best country to find a husband?
    • Canada. Canadian men aren't the kind that top any lists of most attractive males in the world (indeed, at least one ranking put them at least attractive).
    • Great Britain.
    • Sweden.
    • Norway.
    • United States of America.
    • Switzerland.
    • Iceland.


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