Important Due to Covid-19, processing times for passports are taking longer than normal for both standard and expedited services.

    by Romani (Ventura, CA)

    Question: My passport has been expired for 5 years, I need to get to the UK for a bereavement. Where do I go for an emergency renewal? I have an airline ticket and the name of a funeral home in the UK for proof. Thank you.

    I have just forgotten to renew it. I have been very busy with my work. My grandmother just passed away and I would like to be there at the funeral. I am heartsick that my passport is expired. Please help me.

    Please email me where to go or what to do. I live in Ventura County, Ventura and am a naturalized citizen from the UK. My passport was issued to me in London a little less than 15 years ago in December. I am so sorry that it expired, I am so mad at myself, but what is done is done and I want to be with my family in the UK. I will be glad to receive a call regarding this.

    The funeral is set for sometime February 25-26. I can provide information about the name of the funeral home or director's name. I will have an airline ticket also as proof. Please tell me I can get my passport updated or issued for this UK visit. Thank you so much.

    I am very hopeful that I can get a renewal in this emergency situation. Please email me what I can do. Thank you so much.

    Answer: It is possible get your passport before your departure date on the 20th. As long as you were not a minor when your passport was issued and it is not damaged, you can still apply for a passport renewal . Otherwise, you need to submit Form DS-11 and supporting documents for a new passport .

    There are two ways you can expedite this process. One, you can schedule an appointment at the Los Angeles Passport Agency . The second method is to employ the assistance of a qualified passport expediting service . Expediters can submit the application for you at the agency.

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    Top 5 Questions About Expedited Passport Couriers

    COVID-19 UPDATE: Mailing delays are impacting passport processing. The Department of State's processing times begin when applications are received at a passport agency or center and not when you mail them or apply at a local acceptance facility. Standard service may take between 8 and 11 weeks. This timeframe does not include delivery time. Mailing times vary across the country.

    Expedited service takes from 5 to 7 weeks exluding mailing times on the front and back end. Mailing delays may be significant so requesting 1-2-day mailing may greatly help.

    Regional passport agencies are offering extremely limited in-person services if you need to travel internationally in the next 5 business days. Those with qualified life-or-death emergencies are prioritized.

    Life-or-death emergencies are serious illnesses, injuries, or deaths in your immediate family (parent, legal guardian, child, spouse, sibling, and grandparent) that require you to travel outside the United States within 5 business days.

    If you need to travel due to a qualified life-or-death emergency, please call the National Passport Information Center for an appointment:

    Mondays through Fridays 8 AM to 5PM, call ET 1-877-487-2778 (TDD/TTY:1-888-874-7793) Outside of these hours, 202-647-4000

    You can schedule your appointment up to 2 weeks before your international travel but the date of your appointment must be within 5 business days of your international travel. If you need a foreign visa, the date of your appointment must be within 10 business days of your international travel.

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    What do I do if my passport expired more than 5 years ago?
    Answer: Passports that have expired for more than 5 years can no longer be renewed. You need to apply for a new passport as if for the first time.Submit the request with the following:
    1. Form DS-11.
    2. Proof of identity plus photocopy.
    3. One new passport photo.
    4. Payment for fees.
    What year is the Jesus Year?
    Urban Dictionary describes the Jesus year as “the 33rd year of your life where you are reborn in some sense. Perhaps a mid-life crisis, perhaps an ego death, perhaps the year where you abandon old ways and start new.” more
    What is accounting year and financial year?
    A Financial Year (FY) is the period between 1 April and 31 March – the accounting year in which you earn an income. more
    Can I renew my passport 1 year before it expires?
    Each time it is considered a new passport. But the adult passport can be renewed whenever you'd like, as long as it's not damaged and it is less than 5 years expired. Standard passport processing is currently 8-12 weeks. However, you can expedite your passport renewal. more
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    Does a 1 year old need a passport for a cruise?
    Times Your Child Does Not Need a Passport to Cruise Related: Do You Need a Passport to Go On a Cruise? Children younger than 16 need only to carry their birth certificates (original or copy); children 16 and older, as well as adults, each need to show both a birth certificate and a government-issued photo I.D. more
    What if my passport expired more than 15 years ago?
    Answer: Since it has been over 5 years since your passport expired, you need to submit a new application in person. You need to enter your old passport number in section 21 of Form DS-11. more
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    What if my passport expired more than 5 years ago?
    Answer: Since it has been over 5 years since your passport expired, you need to submit a new application in person. You need to enter your old passport number in section 21 of Form DS-11. more
    Will clover come back year after year?
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    How much is a 5 year passport?
    Your fees Passport type CAN$ 5-year adult passport (age 16 or over) 120 10-year adult passport (age 16 or over) 160 Child passport (0 to 15 years of age) 57 more


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