Me & my boyfriend were at the mall and I wanted a really exspensive diamond neckalace from Zales that I had been saving up for (it was 2,000$). My boyfriend sees me looking at it and offers to buy it for me. I tell him, 'you're so sweet, but I've been saving up for this for 5 months and I'd like to buy it for myself'. So he gets mad and makes a huge scene in front of everyone, accusing me of not thinking he has enough money and crap. He tells the lady HE'S going to pay for it (very loudly) and asks how much it is. She tells him, 2000$ and 10 cents. Then he gets all flustered because he really didn't have the money for it. I ended up paying for it like I had planned to, but everyone was looking at us and the cashier even checked the money to make sure it wasn't counterfit!

    Why do the guys insist on paying!?

    And, girls, has this ever happened to you? (not the same situation, but a guy insisting on paying for something that you want to uby yourself)

    No rude comments please!


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    Just an add-on: This wasn't just a movie or dinner or something, this was a 2,000 dollar diamond neckalace! You can't just make a scene in a jewelry store like that!

    What does it mean if a guy insists on paying?
    If your boyfriend keeps paying for everything in your relationship, it's probably because he wants to treat you and show that he can take care of you. However, if you'd be more comfortable paying your way some of the time, offer to pay the bill. For example, say something like, “You always pay for dinner. more
    Is base pay take home pay?
    Basic salary refers to the amount of money that an employee receives prior to any extras being added or payments deducted. It excludes bonuses, overtime pay or any other potential compensation from an employer. The whole amount of basic salary is part of the take-home salary. Basic salary is fully taxable. more
    Is pay band and pay scale same?
    Pay Band means nothing but Pay Scale According to the Grade Pay there will be start and end figure. Basic Pay means (in the revised pay structure) pay drawn in the prescribed pay band plus the applicable Grade Pay only. more
    How do I pay with Apple Pay?
    How to pay using Apple Pay online or within apps
    1. Tap the Apple Pay button or choose Apple Pay as your payment method.
    2. To pay with a different card, tap the Next button or the Expand Menu button next to your default card.
    3. If necessary, enter your billing, shipping, and contact information.
    4. Confirm the payment.
    Can you pay off easy pay early?
    There is no penalty for paying an installment early, but a surcharge of $15 will be applied if you elect to push out an installment due date (up to a maximum of 14 days). more
    Does KFC pay sick pay?
    No. Most people don't get proper sick pay at KFC. more
    Can employers refuse to pay sick pay?
    Employer discretion Your employer can choose to make an exception and pay you sick pay even if you don't qualify under the company rules. Also, some sick pay schemes say that payments are 'at the employer's discretion', which means your employer can refuse payment if they think the absence is unjustified. more
    What type of pay is flight pay?
    Flight Pay Overview Although commonly referred to as Flight Pay, in actuality there isn't one specific type of special pay called flight pay. Flight pay is a generic name for special compensation or incentive, paid to those who perform various military flight related duties. more
    Does Walmart pay holiday pay?
    Eligible associates who take holidays off will receive Holiday Pay, and those who work on days holidays are observed will receive both their hourly pay and Holiday Pay. If a holiday falls on a weekend, eligible associates will receive Holiday pay for the weekday closest to the actual holiday. more
    Which is best Google Pay or Samsung Pay?
    Both options allow sending and requesting money to others, but Google Pay makes it easier for users to send and receive money on their app than Samsung Pay. There is no fee to send money to someone. Just select the recipient, the amount, and the payment method to be used. more
    Is base pay and fixed pay same?
    Base pay is the minimum salary paid to an employee. It can also be interpreted as a fixed amount paid to an employee for a certain job. Base pay is only one component of an employee's total compensation and does not include overtime pay, bonuses, benefits, or insurance. more


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