Everyone has given interviews at some point in their lives. The anxiousness right before the interview is so daunting that many people fear it. Be it for government positions or private entities, interviews are to judge the person’s personality and behavioral traits. Nowadays, interviews are happening over zoom calls or google meet due to covid-19. So if you are someone who recently had an interview and your recruiter right after the interview wants to set up another call, then don’t worry and read more to know what it might be for. Let’s know what to expect if a Recruiter wants to call after the interview?

    There is no single thing to expect when the recruiter wants to call after the interview. It can mean anything from giving you the offer letter or wanting to know the availability of joining the company. It can be setting another interview with higher authorities or letting you know you didn’t make it to the final list. Whatever it may be, the correct response to always listening and answering politely and not abruptly disconnecting the call. Don’t forget to say ‘Thank You.

    Let’s analyze in detail the different reasons for a recruiter to call you back after the interview.

    1. You got the ‘Job”

    This is one of the foremost reasons for receiving a call from the recruiter. In case that does happen to you, thank them and ask the necessary questions. Make sure to prepare a list of questions you want to ask in advance. It is advisable to confirm your date of joining and availability. 

    1. Need more information

    Many times it happens because the information you provided was not complete or they want more documents for verification. This could be one of the reasons for calling you after the interview. So make sure to send your correct documents to avoid unnecessary calls.

    1. Setting up another interview

    Different companies have different ways to hire people. Some take tests and interviews, some prefer only interviews. If you have applied for a company that has a hierarchy, then giving another interview right after the first one can be a reason the recruiter is calling you. The call can be to tell you that you have moved from one stage to the other or you have been scheduled for an interview with the manager or anyone in charge.

    1. You didn’t get in

    Usually, this scenario doesn’t happen over the phone as either the company doesn’t inform the rejected candidates or they do it over email. However, you don’t need to get one rejection call because most companies don’t do it. If you do receive such a call then simply listen, maybe ask where you lacked in your interview and thank the person for their time and efforts. Don’t shout or blame the recruiter for you not getting selected. 

    Q. How to prepare for an interview beforehand?

    Always research about the company. Try to connect with people working there on LinkedIn. Try to understand their culture and what kind of people usually get selected. It is a must-have for you to know your domain inside out. Any answer from your profession should be on your tips. Make sure to have a well-tailored updated CV. If the interview is on call then don’t then it’s fine and focus only on the contents. However, if the interview is offline then wear clean formal clothes or appreciate attire related to your profession. It is not entirely correct to say it doesn’t matter how you look. To a recruiter it matters as the person sitting to do the interview does not know you on personal grounds. So first impressions of him are very important.

    Q. Can I  call the person who will interview me?

    No. It is not appropriate to call and ask the person when your interview will be scheduled. You are not the only candidate waiting for the opportunity. So have patience and let the process work at its own pace. However, if you don’t hear from them in two-three weeks after sending your CV, just call once or send an email inquiring about the status. This is the only thing you can do. If they find you suitable they will call you back or reply to your email.

    Q. What is more appropriate? Call or email?

    It depends. If you know the person in the company in a more personal manner, then calling to check on your interview status is fine. However, to keep things professional, send formal emails. This will ensure that everything discussed is in the writing. Email is still considered the most professional way so try using that first.


    There can be many reasons why a recruiter wants to call you. Sometimes you don’t even receive a call or a reply from the company you have interviewed for. So don’t feel bad if that happens to you. There are always a large number of people applying and they cannot inform everyone. So if you don’t receive any call or email, start applying to other job offers and don’t wait on it. Remember there are millions of fish in the sea.


    Q. Should I apply for a new job while waiting for a recruiter to call?

    • If you are not sure about the outcome of the interview and don’t receive a call or email within two weeks, try looking out for a new one.

    Q. Do you need to work for a particular year before quitting your job?

    • It usually happens when you sign or agree to work for a particular year. If no such thing was said in writing or verbally, there is no obligation on your part to stay.

    Q. What to ask before taking a job?

    • Make sure to talk about the pay, holidays and extra-time and the type of work even though it was mentioned in the advertisement.

    Q. Is it rude to not reply to rejected mails?

    • Not necessarily. If you reply back saying you appreciate their time and efforts about informing you, it shows you value the other person. However it is not necessary to reply as many times, the rejection mails are auto- generated.
    What does it mean when a recruiter calls you after interview?
    The call will usually end with the recruiter saying they just need to reach out to Finance and your hiring manager to see if the company will move forward with an offer, and they'll let you know when they're ready to move forward. The next thing you hear from them will likely be your initial offer. more
    What is your greatest asset call center interview?
    Click to see the answer. One of my greatest strengths is my ability to learn fast on the job and teach myself different skillsets. And while I don't have much experience in customer service, I think my ability to learn will help me overcome that obstacle quickly. more
    How can I pass a call center interview?
    How To Prepare for a Call Center Interview: 5 Tips
    1. Dress Well. Make sure that you look presentable when you show up for the interview.
    2. Mind Your Behavior and Body Language.
    3. Polish Your Grammar and Pronunciation.
    4. Learn How To Perform Well Under Stress.
    5. Study About the Company and Job You're Applying For.
    What number do I call for food stamp interview in Florida?
    -762-2237 or 850-300-4323 (TTY 1-800-955-8771) to complete an interview telephonically. more
    How do you answer a situational question in a call center interview?
    How to Answer Situational Interview Questions
    • Situation. Describe the circumstances that created the problem or challenge.
    • Task. Explain what your job or end goal was in the situation.
    • Action. Talk about what you did in response to the problem or challenge.
    • Result. Describe what happened because of your actions.
    What number do I call for food stamp interview in Missouri?
    1-855-823-4908 On July 1, FSD is launching a new Food Stamp interview phone number 1-855-823-4908 dedicated only to customers who missed the FSD call or those who need to call FSD for their Food Stamp interview. more
    Can you call in sick to an interview?
    When calling in sick for a job interview is necessary. If you need to go to an interview during the workday, you may need to resort to calling in sick for a job interview. While you should try your best to do your interview before or after work, or even during a lunch break, this isn't always possible. more
    How do you respond to an interview call?
    How do you acknowledge an interview invitation?
    1. I just received your interview invitation. Thank you very much for this opportunity.
    2. Thank you for your invitation to interview with your representative at Red Bird Apparels.
    3. Thank you for your email.
    4. I am honoured to have received your interview invitation.
    Should you call to check on a job after an interview?
    Too much follow-up It's all right – and even expected – to follow up after the interview, but don't overwhelm your potential employer with multiple messages and phone calls. If you reach out too often, you're going to turn off the hiring manager. more
    What do you call a new Navy recruit?
    Seaman recruit (SR) is the lowest enlisted rate in the United States Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps just below seaman apprentice; this rank was formerly known as seaman third class. more
    What are the most common call center interview questions?
    Call center interview questions and answers
    1. How would you describe the role of a call center representative?
    2. What are the most important skills for a call center representative?
    3. How do you define quality customer service?
    4. What steps do you take when speaking with a customer?

    Source: howigotjob.com

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