If you have ever wondered why an ambulance is flashing blue lights but with no siren then it's likely one of three reasons.

    North West Ambulance Service has revealed the three most common reasons why they may do this during an emergency.

    The first reason the emergency service revealed they would do this is when they have a patient on board whose condition means the sirens would cause "distress or discomfort".

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    The second reason you may not know is to protect vulnerable road users.

    This includes cyclists, children, horse and riders and wildlife such as cattle on public roads.

    The third most common reason paramedics may do this would be if they are responding to an incident alongside the police who have requested a silent approach with no sirens.

    After the information was posted on the NWAS Facebook page , many users commented saying they had always wondered why they did this but never really knew the answer.

    One woman who commented said: "I’ve often wondered this, especially at traffic lights. Keep doing the amazing job you do, forever grateful x".

    While another woman posted: "I know it should be self explanatory but I did always wonder why blues on but no sirens. Now I know. Ta for that x".

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    What does it mean when an ambulance has lights on but no siren?
    Sometimes they don't use the siren if it will cause distress to the person in board. They only put them on when needed, so if the road ahead is clear they switch them off. Sirens get you through traffic. Maybe there was no traffic hindering them in the street. more
    Is blue light hotter than red light?
    When we talk about blue light being cool and red light being warm, we are referring to something very different from color temperature. We are using these colors to describe our perceptions or to convey moods. Counterintuitively, blue-hot is actually hotter than red-hot. more
    How does the wavelength and energy of red light compare to blue light?
    Blue light has shorter waves, with wavelengths between about 450 and 495 nanometers. Red light has longer waves, with wavelengths around 620 to 750 nm. Blue light has a higher frequency and carries more energy than red light. The wavelengths of light waves are very, very short, just a few 1/100,000ths of an inch. more
    Is Philadelphia light healthy?
    2. Philadelphia light. Verdict: Soft cheeses like good old Philadelphia light are generally lower in fat than a typical sandwich filler like Cheddar, but they are much lower in calcium. This is a cheese we tend to use as a spreadable snack, meaning that we don't tend to eat too much in one portion. more
    What is light coercion?
    Light coercions. - Any person who, by means of violence, shall seize anything belonging to his debtor for the purpose of applying the same to the payment of the debt, shall suffer the penalty of arresto mayor in its minimum period and a fine equivalent to the value of the thing, but in no case less than 75 pesos. more
    What is siren head?
    Siren Head has been around on the internet for a couple of years, and it has become part of internet folklore. A creation of artist Trevor Henderson (opens in new tab), Siren Head is a tall fleshy creature whose head is a pole with two speakers attached. It lurks in wooded areas emitting disturbing noises. more
    What does the white light on a traffic light mean?
    The indicator lights up at the same time as the red traffic light facing the other direction, allowing police to see whether a vehicle goes through an intersection after the light has changed. White light technology was pioneered in the 1990s in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Police there still use it. more
    What's the difference between a police siren and an ambulance siren?
    Generally, ambulance sirens are louder than police sirens because the former are often bigger and enjoy some echo. That's perhaps the best clue to help them differentiate the two sounds. Whatever they sound like, the message is the same-make way, an emergency vehicle is coming through. more
    What is light refurbishment?
    Light refurbishment typically refers to activities which cost less than 15% of the property's total value and usually involves cosmetic or required safety updates, such as: Redecoration, such as plastering, painting, or laying flooring. Replacing fixtures and fittings, including a new kitchen or bathroom. more
    What does it mean when an ambulance has lights but no siren?
    They usually aren't in contact with heavy traffic and will shut their sirens off to not disturb the community or draw unneeded attention to their situation." Trooper Steve said law enforcement officers do it for the same reason and the type of call to which they are responding. more
    What is light ice?
    Dictionary of Nautical Terms. light ice. That which has but little depth in the water; it is not considered dangerous to shipping, as not being heavy. more

    Source: www.liverpoolecho.co.uk

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