Endometriosis is a disorder which refers to the growth of benign ectopic tissue outside the endometrial cavity. This disease is a benign condition, but can spread to its neighboring area and the proper control and regulations of the disease are very important to prevent further complications.

    Symptoms of endometriosis include severe pain in the abdomen, severe bleeding in menstruation, chronic pelvic pain , pain during intercourse and which may end with infertility.

    What is the Treatment for Endometriosis?

    Treatment includes drug treatment and surgical intervention. Drugs to be given in this condition are as follows-

    • OCPs decrease the number of menstrual cycles and thus provide relief from excessive bleeding.
    • Progesterone which has an anti-estrogenic effect and in long run causes endometrium atrophy. This all again reduces the menstrual bleeding.
    • Danazol inhibits pituitary gonadotropin release. It helps in regression of growth, but it is associated with few side effects even which include weight gain, hirsutism , sweating, muscle cramps and so on.
    • Few other drugs which are even considered beneficial are Zoladex and aromatase inhibitors.

    If medical treatment fails then last option is to go for surgery. Surgery should be done to remove the cystic growth else expansion of growth may take places, which may lead to further complications. Surgical procedures include laparotomy in which cyst is excised. In young women after surgery hormone replacement therapy should be given as there are chances of recurrent endometriosis. And in case there is widespread growth then hormone therapy is the last and best resort to treat the disease.

    Few people think that endometriosis gets corrected by itself or cyst resolves with time, but this is a myth. The disease never resolves on its own. Due to lack of education and awareness, so many infertility cases are being reported because in initial course of treatment person do not give much attention, which in later stages ends up with bad results. One needs to get treated and take prophylaxis to prevent further complications. So, a person should be aware regarding the disease. Education is the key to success in every treatment plan.

    The consequences of untreated endometriosis include:

    • Urological symptoms like an increase in frequency and dysuria.
    • Haematuria which usually occurs during menstruation may occur in severe cases.
    • Obstruction of ureters may also occur leading to hydronephrosis and often recurrent renal infection.
    • When sigmoid colon gets involved bowel symptoms started appearing which includes painful defecation.
    • When it spreads to appendix it may even cause appendicitis and peritonitis.
    • When fluid gets accumulated in peritoneum it may release prostaglandins causing abdominal pain .

    The main problem which is encountered in long run is the adhesions, which may occur between bladder and uterus or bladder or ovaries. In severe cases peritoneal cavity may get adhered thus further complicating the situation so one should treat the situation beforehand.

    When it grows near the vagina, sexual intercourse becomes really difficult. This may even lead to infertility. Infertility occurs in two ways either the tubal motility is reduced or growth occurs near the vagina. So, before the risk of infertility increases, problem should be treated.

    • Menorrhagia is another problem, which is faced by women which causes severe anemia, so women are recommended to get Mirena coil installed and start iron-folic acid supplements to prevent anemia.
    • The main problem women encountered is infertility. Once endometriosis reaches severe stage it is really very difficult to conceive that is the reason special emphasis is given to treat endometriosis in its initial stages.
    • When the infection and inflammation reach the colon it is considered that endometriosis has reached its severe stage.
    • Apart from all this, it is associated with excruciating pain during menstruation, which radiates to the sciatic nerve. Once the sciatic nerve is involved several other symptoms start appearing.
    • When growth involves abdomen then multiple symptoms start appearing- dysuria, difficulty in defecation, melena and so on.

    Endometriosis is a matter to worry as 30 to 40% of infertility is caused by endometriosis so a proper treatment is required to get rid of it. A little delay can cost you a lot.

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    What happens if endometriosis is left untreated?
    Endometriosis is fairly common, affecting more than 1 0% of American women of reproductive age. But it can be difficult to diagnose. If left untreated, endometriosis can progress and become severe, which can lead to other conditions such as infertility. Endometriosis can also increase your risk of certain cancers. more
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