The 10-42 police code meaning for the police forces is End Duty.

    The usage of police codes such as 10-42 which means End Duty is designed to make the communication between the the police crew easier, faster and clearer. Instead of making mistakes in the comunnication, missplelling or stating long descriptions, stating a police code such as 10-42 is best efficient and creating a clear speech procedure.

    What Is End Duty? Police Code for End Duty The Police Code for End Duty is 10-42.

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    10-42 Police Code is one of the police codes used but there are tens of police codes used every day for the communication – you can listen to 10-42 Police Code using a police code scanner.

    Police codes were developed during 1937–1940 and expanded in 1974 by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International (APCO).

    The most used police code used is when an officer retires a call to dispatch is made. The officer gives a 10-7 code (Out of service) and then a 10-42 code (ending tour of duty).

    APCO first proposed Morse code brevity codes in the June 1935 issue of The APCO Bulletin, which were adapted from the procedure symbols of the U.S. Navy, though these procedures were for communications in Morse code, not voice.

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    What is a 1042 police code?
    This particular code is used to indicate an officer's end of tour. While 10-42 is most frequently used when an officer has completed his tour of service for the day, it is also used in conjunction with funeral proceedings when an officer has been killed in the line of duty. more
    Is a bank code a sort code?
    What is a sort code? A sort code is an important factor of your bank account. A sort code is a 6 digit number that identifies your bank. It's usually split up into pairs; the first two digits identify which bank it is and the last four digits refer to the specific branch of the bank, where you opened the account. more
    What code is code 8?
    Code 08 (or Code B) is the most common driver's license, allowing you to drive any vehicle (except motorcycles and agricultural vehicles) lighter than 3 500 Kg. more
    What is Code 7 in police code?
    In police jargon, “Code 7" means “taking a lunch break.” But Hill's Code 7 restaurant is on an extended break. The 1st Street eatery, patronized by cops, politicians and reporters, has gone out of business. more
    Is ICD code the same as diagnosis code?
    Diagnosis codes, such as the ICD-10-CM, are officially called the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification. These codes describe an individual's disease or medical condition. more
    Is a CPT code a diagnosis code?
    2. The CPT code describes what was done to the patient during the consultation, including diagnostic, laboratory, radiology, and surgical procedures while the ICD code identifies a diagnosis and describes a disease or medical condition. 3. CPT codes are more complex than ICD codes. more
    What is difference between G-code and M-code?
    G codes are geometric codes, while M codes are related to the machine functions. G-code is for product design while M-code is related to stop/start machines. G-code activates the Numerical Control(NC) machine while the M-code activates the PLC of the machine. more
    What is mean by G code and M-code?
    G codes are geometric codes, while M codes are related to the machine functions. G-code is for product design while M-code is related to stop/start machines. G-code activates the Numerical Control(NC) machine while the M-code activates the PLC of the machine. more
    Is MICR code and IFSC code same?
    IFSC is an 11-digit alpha-numeric code that uniquely identifies a bank-branch participating in the RBI regulated funds transfer system. MICR is a 9 digit unique code that identifies bank and bank branches in the ECS for the transfer of funds via cheque. more
    Is a HCPCS code a CPT code?
    HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedures Coding System) CMS includes two levels in its Healthcare Common Procedures Coding System: HCPCS Level I is the CPT coding system; HCPCS Level II is usually referred to as HCPCS codes, described above. more
    Is a CPT code a procedure code?
    CPT codes ® , or the Current Procedural Terminology codes, are five-digit procedure codes that describe the service rendered by the healthcare professional. The MNT codes 97802, 97803, and 97804 are CPT ® codes that RDNs use on claims to report nutrition services provided by the RDN. more


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