Moment Marketing, what is it?

    In a world of ever-changing marketing trends, one of the most exciting and interesting developments is in moment marketing. If you’re currently unaware of what this is or are interested in solidifying your knowledge, this article will explain all of the most important details.

    As well as this, we’ll be covering how it can be used specifically with mobile advertising as well as some specific examples for you to examine.

    Without further ado, let’s find out more about moment marketing.

    What Is Moment Marketing?

    Moment marketing is a relatively recent development that has only been around for the last few years. However, despite how young it is, it’s grown rapidly, thanks in part to the rising usage of social media.

    In essence, moment marketing is the method of using a recent event to your advantage and turning it into an advertising opportunity. This may include everything from a large sporting event to a concert and allows companies to create relevant, targeted interactions with consumers.

    Because of this, moment marketing is sometimes referred to as “real-time marketingand, due to the nature of the strategy, requires rapid reaction and efficiency to be effective. 

    Best Examples Of Moment Marketing

    The best way to explain moment marketing is by looking at it in action. This will show some great examples of how live events can be turned into an advertising opportunity.

    Emirates Airlines

    In April 2017, United Airlines made headlines for all of the wrong reasons when Dr David Dao was dragged off an overbooked plane .

    To rub salt into the wounds even further, competitor Emirates Airline reacted brilliantly by quickly posting a video on Twitter with the ending caption ‘Fly the friendly skies...This time for real’. 

    Not only did this allow Emirates to increase brand awareness at a time when airlines and their practices were under the spotlight, it simultaneously combated United Airlines boss, who had previously claimed Emirates “weren’t a real airline.”

    This tweet eventually got well over 10,000 retweets and 15,000 likes, which is some serious engagement. 

    Snickers - The Suárez bite

    Every four years, the football world cup takes place and attracts audiences, which have risen as high as 260 million. As a result, marketing teams are keener than ever to capitalise on this to increase brand awareness. 

    In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, audiences were amazed as Uruguayan star, Luis Suárez, was seen to bite Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini . The moment soon went viral and was spread widely throughout social media

    Sensing a golden opportunity in this, Snickers reacted brilliantly by tweeting:

    Still one of the best examples of moment marketing to this day. It has received over 44,000 retweets and 20,000 likes.

    Burger King - Miss Universe

    Steve Harvey became infamous in December 2015 when he announced the wrong contestant as the winner of the Miss Universe Content. This led to an awkward moment as the crown was taken away and, instead, placed on the correct contestant. 

    Burger King made the most of this blunder and posted this tweet:

    Twitter went mad, with the advert eventually gaining just under 50,000 retweets and 45,000 likes.

    How can you use Moment Marketing?

    As the examples show, moment marketing, when done right, can provide a massive boost to your awareness online.

    So, how can you start to implement this as a strategy for your company?

    Well, firstly, these the three examples of moment marketing demonstrate social media’s ability to allow content to go viral. This puts forward a strong indicator that, when a moment like this takes place, social media advertising is one of your best bets to distribute your viral-worthy content.

    This can include both the use of organic advertising and, if you’re determined to increase reach and the potential for it to go viral, paid advertising.

    In regards to how this relates to mobile advertising in particular, mobile is perhaps the reason this strategy is even effective at all. 

    As a large event takes place on TV or at an event, be that a bite or a Miss Universe blunder, the first action a large percentage of audiences do is to look for reactions as well as to post their own.

    In almost all cases, this will be done on the device closest to them - their mobile device. This, in turn, creates a spike of social media activity that can be utilised for your own marketing purposes.

    With this strategy, the most important element is the speed in which you can react. With the immediacy of social media, even an hour of delay can put you at the back of a long line of marketing opportunists.

    As well as this, you also need to focus on the relevance of your brand and the effectiveness of the advert.

    Don’t be a try-hard, as some considered Audi to be as they responded to Netflix’s hit show “House of Cards” receiving an Emmy :

    If your marketing team isn’t able to come up with something within a few minutes that resonates with your audience or your brand, it’s likely there isn’t something there to work with.

    With all our examples, advertisers had direct relations with the event be that Snickers age-old marketing related to hunger and aggression or Emirates Airline’s link with United Airlines. If your brand doesn’t have that, you can’t create one without it coming across as just a little bit awkward. 

    But, when a lightbulb hits and you’ve got an opportunity for your brand act fast, create something effective and utilise social media to distribute your content and hope for it to go viral.

    Taking it further with Programmatic Mobile Display Advertising

    If you’re really looking to make Moment Marketing a part of your advertising repertoire, a great place to boost your efforts is by utilising mobile display ads.

    The example below is from Norwegian Airlines. Using the celebrity news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce , NA made the most of the opportunity to advertise the cost of their flights from the UK to LA.

    This advert was shared not just on social media, but also on numerous websites and, most importantly, on a number of mobile apps and browsers.

    As is Moment Marketing’s requirement for speed, this would have only been possible due to the fact programmatic can have an ad live in relevant areas within minutes.

    This extra layer of attention created a much larger reach than social media alone could have achieved and helped bring the company out of obscurity in the UK and into the public eye.

    If you’re looking for extra advice and tips on moment marketing, Targetoo are experts in the field. To find out more, go to our contact page.


    What is a marketing moment?
    Moment marketing is an approach to marketing that focuses on targeting your business to consumers at the moment it matters – when they're already looking for you. more
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    What is bull market VS bear market?
    It is generally said that as markets scale up over time, without falling for more than 20% from its previous 52-week peak, it is considered as a bull market. Similarly, the term bear market is applied to the market condition when it is expected to fall, or it falls broadly by 20% from its peak. more
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