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    Updated June 10, 2022 | Published February 25, 2020

    Updated June 10, 2022

    Published February 25, 2020

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    The ability to make decisions is a valuable leadership trait and it demonstrates your capacity to think objectively and weigh different options. In addition, your aptitude to make a quick decision can help establish a strong bond of trust with other employees that can strengthen your company's culture.

    In this article, we discuss decision-making skills and how to improve them, and we offer advice on how to highlight these skills when applying for a job.

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    What are decision-making skills?

    Decision-making skills are those skills that aid in your ability to choose solutions to challenges. With these skills, you can make informed decisions once collecting all the relevant information and data and considering multiple viewpoints. In order to strengthen your ability to make decisions, It's important to identify all of the skills that can help you weigh options and make the best choices.

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    Examples of decision-making skills

    You actually incorporate a wide variety of skills during the course of making decisions. The following skills contribute to decision-making and are good things to highlight on your resume:

    • Problem-solving

    • Leadership

    • Reasoning

    • Intuition

    • Teamwork

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • Creativity

    • Time management

    • Organization


    Problem-solving skills are an important part of decision-making. You need to be able to factor in different viewpoints in order to make a thoughtful decision. It's also important to observe challenges and solutions from a neutral and non-emotional viewpoint, whenever possible. Strong problem-solving skills can also help you focus on relevant details and form decisions more quickly and effectively .

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    Strong leadership skills can help motivate employees to reach their goals and aid in promoting teamwork. Make sure you take the time to build strong relationships with your coworkers, so you can get to know them and they'll feel comfortable speaking freely around you. The more engaged and approachable you are, the higher the likelihood you'll be able to work cohesively with your team and make productive choices with long-term impact.

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    Reasoning is one of the main skills needed to be effective at decision-making. Make sure you take into account all the benefits and disadvantages of every possible solution before you make a selection. Consider all available and relevant points of data to help you guide your decision-making.

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    Intuition is about trusting your instincts. Your instincts come from the experiences you've witnessed in the past and the core values that drive you each day. The sum of the experiences and the lessons you've learned from them factor into your decision-making. You need to associate your instincts with the potential actions you can take to see if your decision is logical and actionable.


    At some point, you may want to collaborate with coworkers to achieve common goals. For example, you may want to collaborate with your marketing manager on the best way to approach an important client. Teamwork can help you brainstorm the best options to solve challenges and help you with decision-making by showing you different perspectives.

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    Emotional intelligence

    Emotional intelligence means you are aware of your emotions and can express them in a way that's healthy, informative and motivating to those around you. Your emotions can inspire solutions to challenges and help you express your goals to others. Emotional intelligence can also guide your analysis of challenges and solutions.

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    Your creativity can harness logical and emotional thinking and generate a slate of unique approaches and solutions. You can also use creativity to frame the conversations you have with employees during meetings and encourage everyone to contribute their own unique solutions. Consider having weekly brainstorming sessions to maximize employees' creativity and increase employee participation in problem-solving.

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    Time management

    When decisions need to be made quickly, you may benefit from time management skills that will help you keep track of important deadlines. Time management will also help you delviver timely status reports so that everyone is keep updated on challenges and solutions. If you have complex issues with multiple decisions to make, time management can help you stay organized during each stage of the decision-making process.

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    Organizational skills are vital in decision-making. This skill helps you to prioritize challenges and solutions so that you're always addressing the most-needed issues first. Organizational skills can also help you assign tasks to team members and stay on top of multiple projects and deadlines.

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    How to improve decision-making skills

    Check out this guide to aid you in improving your decision-making skills:

    1. Identify the situation.

    2. Note potential solutions or actions.

    3. List the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

    4. Choose the decision you want to proceed with and measure the results.

    1. Identify the situation

    Problems can be recognized by any member of the organization. They should be reported to a department manager or human resources representative depending on the seriousness of the situation. Schedule a meeting with all parties involved first before proceeding with informing the rest of the organization.

    2. Note potential solutions or actions

    Document all possible solutions for the problem in front of you and keep a record of them. Relay them to your team during a meeting, so they can actively participate in this process. They should also be sent an email to keep a record of it for themselves. Once you have the solutions listed, list potential action items to all team members to execute the decision agreed upon.

    3. List the advantages and disadvantages of each option

    Discuss the pros and cons extensively to see which options can proceed to the decision-making stage. Take your time and calculate the pros and cons wisely to see if it matches your goals and KPIs that measure its success.

    4. Choose the decision you want to proceed with and measure the results

    Think of the decision you make as one with a short and long-term impact. The good news is that you'll always learn from the decisions you make, so track the performance of this decision to align the outcome with the pros and cons you listed.

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    How to highlight decision-making skills

    Take a look at three ways you can showcase your decision-making skills on your resume:

    Use applicable verbs shown in the job description

    Word association is key to properly displaying your skills to a hiring manager. Verbs like selected, decided, strategized and executed all exemplify a decision-maker. The caveat is that you need to expand on substance within the description to earn an interview.

    Underscore the metrics you earned in different roles

    List the top-performing metrics at each position you held to get the interest of the recruiter. Including quantifiable results that you have achieved in your prior roles will help a hiring manager see how you can benefit their company.

    Check out examples from job posting websites

    Since you're tailoring your resume to the company in your targeted industry, browse multiple job posting sites to compare the experiences of other applicants and see if you can showcase your decision-making skills in the same way.

    What is decision-making skill?
    Decision-making skills are those skills that aid in your ability to choose solutions to challenges. With these skills, you can make informed decisions once collecting all the relevant information and data and considering multiple viewpoints. more
    What skill will make you rich?
    As such, to build wealth, learn these valuable skills: Accounting , Investing , Marketing , Law , Sales , Copywriting , and Public Relations . To help with those and any other future skills, learn to Get to Action , Become Adaptable , and Learn to Learn . Ultimately, being rich is not a once-in-a-lifetime mission. more
    What is the easiest skill to learn to make money?
    The 10 Easiest Skills To Learn To Make Money Online
    • Web Scraping and Data Entry.
    • Creative Writing.
    • Proofreading and Editing.
    • Front End Web Design.
    • Graphic Design.
    • Blogging.
    • Social Media Marketing.
    • Vlogging.
    What can I make at home to make money?
    1. Become a virtual assistant. One simple way to make money from home is to help others complete tasks as a virtual assistant.
    2. Sell stuff on eBay or Craigslist.
    3. Trade cryptocurrency.
    4. Online tutoring.
    5. Sell services on Fiverr.
    6. Build sales funnels.
    7. Rent out your home.
    8. Launch an ecommerce site.
    How interpersonal communication is an important skill that helps make managers effective?
    Having good interpersonal skills promotes approachability, likability and comfort. Managers who possess strong interpersonal skills motivate their staff to challenge themselves and do a better job. Most importantly, they make workers feel as if they can go to their bosses with any problems or concerns. more
    What skill should I learn to make money from Internet?
    Web Designing Web Designing is no doubt a great online skill to learn to make money. The design, development, and maintenance of user-friendly websites have become a difficult endeavor in an era marked by the rapid rise of digital technology. more
    How much money does Make-A-Wish make?
    Total Revenue and Expenses more
    What skill can often help a caregiver make the best out of a tough situation?
    Patience is the most important virtue a caregiver can have in situations like these. It is important for a caregiver to understand that injured people are not always in complete control of their actions and, with that in mind, to give the person extra time to calm down and make different decisions. more
    How much does CEO of Make a Wish make?
    The estimated total pay for a President & Chief Executive Officer at Make-A-Wish Foundation of America is $194,089 per year. more
    Why is decision-making and important leadership skill?
    Good decision-making can help managers show their employees that they value their work and have their best interests in mind. When a manager takes the time to evaluate, analyze and explain decisions, they also display thoughtfulness and trustworthiness. more
    How good decision-making is a skill that can be learned and improved?
    Having the ability to make a well-informed decision can help you become a more productive employee because it can save time and help you make better use of resources. In this article, we explore the definition of decision-making and how to improve your decision-making skills. more

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