It's no surprise the healthcare industry has some of the most stressful jobs.

    Healthcare professionals have to deal with life or death situations, gruesome scenes, and emotional encounters between the family's of patients and emotions they face with the challenges and stress of providing care and trying to save lives.

    Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs in Healthcare:

    10. Dental Lab Tech

    Last on the list of most stressful jobs are the Dental Lab Techs. They are responsible for making and repairing dentures, crowns, and orthodontic devices. They have the least stress levels of all the other hospital jobs . Work environment stress is 47/100 and their base stress level is 12/100. But their job outlook isn't great and their pay isn't great (although it's not too shabby). They have the least stressful job on the list and seems like one of the high demands they face is making sure they get their products right.

    9. Home Health Aide

    Home Health Aides help disabled and chronically ill people--usually whom are older adults. They work inside their patients' homes and for long hours this gives them an environment stress level of 52/100. Being a guest in someone's home and having to care for them reveals many challenges and can create tension.

    Most build relationships with their patients and don't make a whole lot of money (about 20k a year) which also adds to the stresses they face. Situational stress comes in at 25/100, but their job outlook is great --it's is probably because it is such a stressful job and is always needed.

    8. Nurse's Aide

    Nurses aides help nurses care for patients and do a bunch of the dirty work and get paid about half as much (but they don't take near the amount of schooling). They mostly work at nursing homes and hospitals, so they care for the elderly and sick. They are no stranger to unwanted fluids getting on them, emotional stress, and patient stress.

    Working day-to-day with the same patients, they grow an attachment to some of their patients which can add stress and emotions to bad situations as they arise. They have a high stress work environment of 58/100 and situational stress of 22/100. Their job outlook is a little above average which alleviates the stress of job security.

    7. Respiratory Therapist

    Respiratory Therapists help and treat heart and lung disease that interferes with breathing. Carrying the stress and responsibility of trying to treat people who are in desperate straits is never easy. They have a work environment stress of 60/100 because of working in hospitals and doctor's offices.

    They have a stress rating of 20/100. They have a good job outlook, but with lower pay than some of the other professions, the stress can add up.

    6. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

    Almost tied for number 5 with RNs, LPNs assist doctors and registered nurses in the care of patients. They also get a lot of the side work and dirty work that their superiors either don't want to do, or don't have time for. Most LPNs work in hospitals and doctor offices, so they have a high stress work environment and are usually very busy.

    They work long hours and get little sleep. Their work environment stress is 64/100, situational stress is 26/100, but the great job outlook alleviates some stress because they probably will always be able to find a job.

    5. Registered Nurse (RN)

    In the middle of our top 10 most stressful jobs are the RNs. RNs provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients about health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their families. RNs get little sleep, work long hours, and deal with messy and trying situations (like most nurses).

    RNs work in hospitals, doctors offices, and nursing homes so their work environment stress is high at 62/100. Situational stress is at 30/100 because they not only deal with orders, but they must delegate to their assistants and deal with stresses of the job. Job outlook is a little above average, so they have job security-- which counts for a lot in today's job market.

    4. Physician Assistant

    Also known as PAs, they take on the dirty work or some of the light work of physicians who need to complete more specialized tasks. They perform essential procedures and deal with the stresses of answering to the physicians and their patients.

    Also, very busy and working in hospitals and doctor's offices, PAs have a work environment stress of 70/100. They carry a 27/100 stress level due to the nature of their job. They do have a solid job outlook and also get paid well, which always helps stress levels outside of work.

    3. Physician (General Practice)

    General Practice Physicians perform exams, diagnose medical conditions and prescribe treatments. They have a high stress work environment coming in at 76/100 because they deal with sick and distressed people all day and can remain quite busy throughout the year. Building relationships with people and taking responsibility for diagnosis and  prognosis of aliments is not easy. They maintain a 27/100 stress level, but have a good job outlook and will always be needed. They also are paid well which helps.

    2. Surgeon

    Surprisingly, surgeon didn't make it as number 1 on the list, but they have an the same level of work environment stress as EMTs with an 85/100. They deal with fast paced, tense, life-or-death situations and are responsible for a list of procedures from repairing broken bones, to replacing organs and reconstructing other bodily systems.

    Their situational stress rate is at 28/100 because a lot of them have trained themselves to detach emotional connection to the job at hand--but not in all cases, and they still care. The job outlook for surgeons is good and they are paid well, so these factors definitely come into play in overall stress they maintain in their lives.

    1. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)

    EMTs are the first responders and is #1 for the most stressful jobs. They sometimes deal with gruesome and violent situations that demand immediate medical attention. They're called out to car accidents, heart attacks, gunshot wounds, and a list of other situations.

    Their work environment stress reaches 85/100 which is a very high stress environment. Situational stress comes in at 40/100. The stress of finding a job is relatively low because the job outlook for EMTs is above average which shows there is always a need for first responders. So, if you have mental toughness, the skills, and the willingness to help others become an EMT.

    All of these jobs are stressful and many of the lower ranking ones, while not carrying as much environmental stress, make lower incomes that can add to the stress they face in their day-to-day lives. It would be stressful no matter if your first or last on this list and with all the variables, no matter what these professionals do, they must maintain a positive attitude and love caring for people to be able to do the jobs that they do.

    What is the hardest hospital job?
    Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs in Healthcare:
    1. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) EMTs are the first responders and is #1 for the most stressful jobs.
    2. Surgeon.
    3. Physician (General Practice)
    4. Physician Assistant.
    5. Registered Nurse (RN)
    6. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
    7. Respiratory Therapist.
    8. Nurse's Aide.
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    • Electrical engineering.
    • Physics.
    • Biochemistry.
    • Medicine.
    • Pharmacy.
    • Statistics.
    • Microbiology.
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    What is the hardest job in a hospital?
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