Popul Today . 1993 Jun;21(6):6-7, 9.

    • PMID: 12286464


    PIP: Mortality declines and continuing high birth rates in developing countries combined with the sudden short-term rise in birth rates in the US and other developed countries caused the rate of world population growth to accelerate in the 1950s and 1960s. Following an all-time 2.1% peak rate of global population growth reached in the late 1960s, declining birth rates caused an overall reduction of population growth to 1.7% in the late 1970s. The 1970s was the first period in which the rate of world population growth had ever significantly declined due to family planning. The decline in world births, however, halted in 1980 as the rate of growth stagnated over 1.7% over the 1980s. If the rate of growth remains on this plateau, total population will reach 10.7 billion by 2030. Had growth rate declines of the 1970s continued along the same trajectory in the 1980s, zero population growth could have been reached by 2030 with a total population of 6.7 billion. The stagnation of declining growth is the result of fertility declines which failed to develop or lagged in some developing countries; slow declines in India and China; and the increasing proportion of women at peak childbearing years which raised the birth rate. Ahead, age structure changes will begin to favor a decline in the rate of growth as the proportion of the population who are women of childbearing age begins to decrease. Further fertility decline is expected in China and India. It remains, however, difficult to predict when pre-transition countries will begin to show significant declines.

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    What is the reason for continuous decline in population growth rate in the post 1981?
    The population growth rate in India started declining gradually after 1981 due to the following reasons: Control over birth rate because of the creation of awareness among people by the Government policies. Rising rate of literacy among the people. more
    When birth rate is more and death rate is less the population growth is?
    When the birth rate is high and the death rate is , the population of an area will increase. more
    What is the contribution and present growth rate of manufacturing sector in national economy suggest measures to increase the industrial growth rate?
    Answer: The share of manufacturing sector has stagnated at 17% of GDP. The trend of growth rate over the last decade has been around 7% per annum. Since 2003, it has shown an increased growth rate of 9-10% per annum. more
    What happens to the birth rate death rate and growth rate for each of the demographic transitions?
    The Demographic Transition This process tends to occur in three stages. First, birth and death rates are both high, so little growth occurs. Second, death rates fall due to improved living conditions, while birth rates remain high. During this period population grows rapidly. more
    What is the difference between growth rate and discount rate?
    A growth rate implies going forward in time, a discount rate implies going backwards in time. more
    What type of growth is characterized by a consistent increase in growth rate how often is this type of growth actually seen in nature?
    What type of growth is characterized by a consistent increase in growth rate? Exponential growth. How often is exponential growth actually seen in nature? Very rarely. more
    How does an increase in the population growth rate affect economic growth?
    The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Population Growth. If population growth and per capita GDP growth are completely independent, higher population growth rates would clearly lead to higher economic growth rates. more
    What is the reason that the consumption increases with slow rate than rate of increase in income?
    Answer: It is so because Keynes' psychological law of consumption states that when income increases, consumption also increases but at a lesser rate. So, increase in consumption is always less than increase in income, i.e., MPC=ΔC/ΔY is always less than one. more
    How can we ethically change the growth rate to reduce population growth?
    International aid, fair trade and global justice are all tools to help bring global population back to sustainable levels. A more equal distribution of resources and transitioning away from our damaging growth-dependent economic systems are key to a better future for people and planet. more
    How does birth rate and death rate affect population growth rate?
    The younger a population, the faster that population grows because the birth rate is higher and the death rate is lower (Fig. 13-1). When birth rate is expressed per age group, it is called the standardized birth rate, as opposed to the crude birth rate of the total population. more
    How does the world population growth rate today compare with the growth rate at other times in history?
    By 2100, the world's population is projected to reach approximately 10.9 billion, with annual growth of less than 0.1% – a steep decline from the current rate. Between 1950 and today, the world's population grew between 1% and 2% each year, with the number of people rising from 2.5 billion to more than 7.7 billion. more

    Source: pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

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