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    What Kind Of Deaths Are Not Covered In Term Life Insurance?

    Getting a term life insurance plan is great, but you need to know what is and is not covered in your policy. You should know what kinds of deaths are not covered in the claims to help you manage situations in advance and avoid unpleasant surprises to your beneficiaries upon your death. This article discusses the types of death not covered in term life insurance.

    The Deaths Not Covered In Term Life Insurance  

    1. Natural Disaster  

    If a policyholder dies from an earthquake, flood, or any natural calamity, the death cannot be considered for a claim. Your beneficiary needs to be aware of this. 

    2. Terrorism

    If a policyholder dies in a terrorist attack, such cannot be considered for a claim by the beneficiary. Therefore, the insured should try to avoid public places that have a high chance of terrorist attacks.

    3. Undisclosed Illness 

    If a policyholder dies of a critical illness or dangerous health habit that was not disclosed initially, such death cannot be considered for a claim. Therefore, the insured must reveal any illness or unhealthy lifestyle to the insurer.

    4. Self-Inflicted Injuries

    If a policyholder dies due to self-inflicted injuries or an intentional, unsafe activity, such a claim made by the beneficiary will be rejected. Death due to extreme adventure sports will not be covered

    5. Drug/Alcohol Abuse

    If the insured dies from intoxication, abuse, or overdose of drugs or alcohol, the insurer will not provide death benefits to the beneficiary. Accidental death due to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs won’t be covered.

    6. Homicide

    If a policyholder was murdered by the beneficiary or a third party who has acquired interest in the policy, such a claim will be rejected by the insurance company until the beneficiary is acquitted. 

    7. Suicide 

    If the policyholder commits suicide during the term life policy period, there will be no coverage for it. Some life insurance companies may provide coverage for suicidal death, though.

    8. Military 

    If the policyholder is participating in military service or training in the armed forces of any country e.g. Army, naval, and air force service. 

    Read more about Term Life Insurance, how it works, and its benefits .

    Bottom Line  

    Any natural death or disclosed health issues is usually covered by term life insurance. However, as an insurance buyer, you need to familiarise yourself with the inclusions and exclusions in your policy documentation before deciding to proceed. Some insurers like Leadway Assurance also provide additional (optional) cover e.g Cover for Permanent Disability and/or Critical Illness.

    Thinking of buying term life insurance? Leadway Assurance offers a pre-priced and affordable Term Life Plan that costs only N10,000 yearly with up to N1,000,000 in benefits. Looking for something else? Kindly request a callback today.


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    What kind of deaths are not covered in term insurance?
    Accidental death due to intoxication or drugs or if the insured is involved in criminal activity is not entitled to any payouts. Also, accidental deaths when during adventure sports like skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping, among others too are not covered by term plans. more
    What kind of deaths are not covered in a term insurance plan Quora?
    Death du to accident in term insurance is called accidentl death. other forms of death are natural death. Sucide is another reason for death and claims are not paid if it happens in First year of purchase of policy. If a person is missing for 7years or more it is also deemed as dead and claims are paid . more
    Does suicide cover term plan?
    Suicidal death cover of a term insurance plan is applicable after 12 months of policy issue or 12 months after the policy revival. If the insured's death is caused by suicide in the above-mentioned circumstances, the nominee is eligible to be paid the full sum assured or the death benefit as per the policy clauses. more
    What kind of deaths are covered in a term insurance plan?
    Any natural death or health-related issues will be covered by term insurance plans. In case the policyholder dies due to any type of critical illness or medical condition, the beneficiary of the policy will get the sum assured as the death benefit. more
    Does Medicaid cover long term care?
    Medicaid, the largest public payer of long-term care services, not only covers ongoing and emergent medical care, like doctor visits or hospital costs but also provides coverage for: Long-term care services in nursing homes, including custodial care, for all eligible people age 21 and older. more
    Does petplan cover death?
    Wishing you and your pet a happy and healthy year ahead. These Terms and Conditions explain your pet's cover. Your policy may not include the Death from Injury and/or Death from Illness sections of cover. These are only included if they're shown on your Certificate of Insurance. more
    Does life insurance Cover suicidal death?
    Life insurance policies will usually cover suicidal death so long as the policy was purchased at least two to three years before the insured died. There are few exceptions because after this waiting period, a life insurance policy's suicide clause and contestability clause expire. more
    What kind of deaths are not covered in term insurance Quora?
    Term insurance are universal and cover death under all circumstances . There is only one exclusion that is suicide during first year of Policy is not covered . more
    Does travel insurance cover death?
    Travel insurance will only cover you for the unexpected illness or death of a close family member. This means that if they had a medical condition when you took out your policy that was related to their death, you wouldn't be covered. more
    Which term refers to death rates?
    Listen to pronunciation. (mor-TA-lih-tee) Refers to the state of being mortal (destined to die). In medicine, a term also used for death rate, or the number of deaths in a certain group of people in a certain period of time. more
    What kind of stroke causes death?
    With this type of stroke, a blood vessel in the brain ruptures or leaks. Hemorrhagic strokes can be caused by high blood pressure or an aneurysm. Hemorrhagic strokes account for about 40 percent of all stroke deaths, according to the National Stroke Association . more


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