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    Okay... I've done some wrangling with Census Bureau statistics... the effect hardly ever existed in the first place. Lots of other interesting findings though.

    In 2000, the US was 12.5% Hispanic, Florida 16.8%, Dade 57.3%, Florida minus Dade 10.1% By 2007, these figures are 15.1%, 20.6%, 62.0% and 14.4%.

    Mexicans were in the US: 60.4% of all Hispanics in 1990, 58.5% in 2000, 64.2% in 2007. in Florida: 10.3% / 13.6% / 15.8% in Dade: 2.4% / 2.9% / 3.1% in Florida outside Dade: 22.3% / 23.4% / 24.0%

    Puertoricans were in the US: 12.2% / 9.6% / 9.1% in Florida: 15.7% / 18.0% / 19.3% in Dade: 7.6% / 6.2% / 6.4% in Florida outside Dade: 28.1% / 28.9% / 27.7%

    Cubans were: in the US: 4.7% / 3.5% / 3.5% in Florida: 42.8% / 31.1% / 29.5% in Dade: 59.2% / 50.4% / 53.7% in Florida outside Dade: 17.7% / 13.1% / 13.7%

    Detailed breakdown for other groups doesn't exist for 1990, and I didn't delve too deeply for 2007, but

    Dominicans were in the US: 2.2% in 2000 and 2.7% in 2007. in Florida: 2.6% / 3.8% in Dade: 2.8% / 3.3% outside Dade: 2.5% / 4.1%

    Central Americans were in the US: 4.8% / 7.8% in Florida: 7.6% / 10.4% in Dade: 10.0% / 13.6%  outside Dade: 5.3% / 8.2%

    While USwide, much the largest Central American group is Salvadorians, in Florida it's Nicaraguans - they made up 5.4% of Dade's Hispanics in 2000, and the US Nicaraguan population is almost as Dade-concentrated as the Cuban (see below).

    South Americans were in the US: 3.8% / 5.5% in Florida: 11.2% / 15.5% in Dade: 11.9% / 15.7% outside Dade: 10.6% / 15.4%

    The remainder is mostly people who didn't state or gave uncodeable answers. For some reason that category is much larger on the Census (17.3% nationwide, slightly lower in Cuba) than in the American Community Service (7.2% nationwide, again slightly lower in Cuba).

    Almost half of Florida's South American population is Colombian - the largest group elsewhere too, though less than a third of all South Americans in the northwestern 49. Peruvians and Venezuelans also figure. USwide Ecuadorians do as well, but there are few of these in Florida.

    Seen from another side (2000 data) Florida has 7.6% of all Hispanics, 1.8% of Mexicans, 14.2% of Puertoricans, 67.1% of Cubans, 10.0% of all others including 44.8% of Nicaraguans and 22.3% of South Americans. Dade alone has 3.7% of all Hispanics, 2.4% of Puertoricans, a whopping 52.4% of Cubans, and 5.2% of all others including 39.0% of Nicaraguans.

    Citizenship data: This is from the sample part of the 2000 Census.

    USwide, 40.2% of the Hispanic population is foreign born (plus 3.9% PRborn) and 29.0% are noncitizen. In Florida, 55.4% (9.4%) 31.9% in Dade, 71.4% (3.7%) 38.1%

    Among Mexicans in the US, 41.5% are foreign born and 32.3% noncitizen. Among Puertoricans, 38.1% born on PR. In Florida it's 50.0% though. Noncitizen figure is obviously negligible. Among Cubans in the US, 68.5% are foreign born and 27.1% noncitizen. Among Cubans in Dade, 79.3% are foreign born and 33.0% noncitizen. Outside Dade (USwide), just 56.5% and 20.5% (Florida outside Dade is much closer to that figure than the Dade ones, with 24.4% noncitizen.) Among the All Others, 47.3% foreign born, 32.1% noncitizen USwide. In Florida, 66.2%/43.8%, however (different proportions of South or Central Americans versus DNS to blame here.)

    So... Cubans are 31.1% of Florida's Hispanics. Their noncitizenship rate is also 31.1%, while the overall Hispanic noncitizenship rate in Florida is 31.9% and the Cuban percentage among citizen Hispanics in Florida is also 31.9%.

    Of course, there's a big difference between being a citizen and actually voting, but...

    What percentage of Florida is Cuban?
    Demographics more
    Is Florida Blue only for Florida residents?
    We've got you covered. Designed to save you money. In most cases, when you travel or live outside of Florida, you can take advantage of savings the local Blue Plan has negotiated with doctors and hospitals in the area. more
    What city in Florida has the largest Cuban population?
    Palm Springs North, Florida 64.2% more
    What makes a Cuban a Cuban?
    The ingredients inside a Cuban sandwich are simple: ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and if you're in Tampa, salami. more
    What area in South Florida heavily populated with Cubans would you visit if you wanted to learn about the Cuban culture?
    Start your adventure in Ybor City, established in 1886 as a company town for Cubans in Florida who worked in Vicente Ybor's cigar factories. By the turn of the century, Ybor City boasted a population of close to 15,000 Cubans, Spaniards, Germans and Italians and was renowned as the "Cigar Capital of the World." more
    Does Florida Blue only cover Florida?
    How am I covered if I travel outside the State of Florida? When traveling out of Florida, you're covered under the BlueCard® Program. You'll receive in- network benefits and will be protected from balance billing when receiving covered services from a BlueCard participating provider. more
    What percent of Florida is Cuban?
    Demographics more
    How many Cuban Americans are there in Florida?
    Florida (1.53 million in 2017) has the highest concentration of Cuban Americans in the United States, standing out in part because of its proximity to Cuba, followed by California (110,702), New Jersey (99,987), Texas (86,183) and New York (78,478). more
    Is Florida Blue only good in Florida?
    Florida Blue HMO offers separate programs for short trips and long-term stays. For short trips, your coverage is accepted worldwide by doctors and hospitals that participate in our BlueCard Program. more
    Where do Cuban refugees land in Florida?
    – Five Cuban migrants, all men, landed ashore in the Florida Keys Friday, arriving in Boot Key, which is part of the city of Marathon and only accessible by boat. Federal agents used personal watercraft in order to locate the migrants. more
    How far is Clearwater Florida from The Villages in Florida?
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