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    The sun sets, the day draws to a close and children begin to yawn. But there are differences in the various countries on the time in which the children go to bed. What time do you go to sleep in the rest of the world?

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    • A systematic review
    • From Hong Kong to New Zealand
    • In Europe
    • Cultural differences
    • The cosleeping

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    A systematic review

    The time to sleep

    A study published in Sleep medicine from clinical psychologist Jodi Mindelland Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia highlights the differences inbedtime for babies and children up to 3 years old, depending on the country they live in.

    Dr Mindel explains: "I found that bedtime varies incredibly across cultures, noting differences of 2 hours between some countries, such as theAustralia and New Zealand with others like Hong Kong and Korea".

    The research highlights the time differences

    The answers given by the parents of 29.287 infants and young children from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, were analyzed. United Kingdom and United States.

    From Hong Kong to New Zealand

    Who are the last to go to sleep?

    The researchers noted that the last to go to sleep are the children of Hong Kong, on average at 22:17 about.

    Who are the first instead?

    The first are those of the New Zealand, on average around 19:30.

    In Europe

    Bedtime hours also vary in Europe

    In Spain, children tend to fall asleep later, while the Netherlands put them to bed very early.

    • Spain: Spanish children go to sleep quite late, at 23pm.
    • Netherlands: children are put to bed around 19:00.

    Cultural differences

    You go to sleep according to your habits

    "The habit of going to sleep late in the evening it is a characteristic of all populations living in hot countries, such as in the south of the country, where it is perhaps common to take an afternoon nap in the hottest hours of the day, and then resume activities in the late afternoon and evening hours - he explains Annamaria Moschetti, family pediatrician ofCultural Association of Pediatricians Puglia and Basilicata - therefore, there is no general rule for putting one's children to bed, but it is more a matter of normal adaptability to climatic and seasonal conditions, to the work of parents and to other habits ".

    How to prepare babies for sleep

    Baby bath and lullaby

    To prepare children for sleep, we recommend a nice warm relaxing bath, lullabies and books. Reading books and singing are moments of closeness with parents. Also there preparation for sleep by parents it is dealt with differently depending on the culture. Also according to the study:

    • negli United States 60% of families bathe their child before putting him to bed,
    • in UK sale all'81%
    • in India drops to 13%
    • in Indonesia even 6%

    The cosleeping

    The habit of sharing or not sharing one's bed with children varies in different countries

    • In Korea: parents often sleep with their babies
    • In the Netherlands: Parents tend to let their children sleep alone in their own rooms
    • In Viet Nam: 83,2% of parents do cosleeping
    • In New Zealand: the 5,8%.

    Source for this article:

    Sleep medicine

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