Put them to use in household tasks and projects from decorating and cleaning to gardening.

    As a safe way to clean precious fabrics like silk and bulky items like your favorite down comforter, there's no doubt that dry cleaning is an invaluable service . But there's one little issue most every dry cleaning customer ponders, and that's what to do with all of those wire hangers. You could, of course, add them to the hanging rod in your closet , but the truth is there are better options for long-term storage. Wire hangers are flimsy, bending easily under the weight of sweaters, and they're notorious for slippage, causing your formal dresses to puddle on the floor.

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    Throwing away unwanted wire hangers isn't a great option, either. Tossing them in the trash means they'll end up in a landfill somewhere, which has obvious environmental implications. And even recycling is difficult —wire hangers can't go into the bin with other recyclables, they need to be specially recycled with scrap metal.  If you don't have any use for all of those wire hangers, reduce waste by bringing them back to the dry cleaner (they can often reuse them) or trying one of these creative ways to repurpose the humble item.

    Clean out the drain. 

    To clear a clump of hair from your sink, shower, or tub, unwind the hanger and snake it down your drain . Pull out any gunk, toss it in the trash, clean the hanger, and save it for the next time things are backed up. 

    Prop up plants.

    Unwind the hanger and use it as a stake in the garden . It makes a great support for tomato plants and other weak stems. 

    Create garden markers.

    Straighten a wire hanger, then cut it into six-inch pieces. Label a wine cork with identifying information—cherry tomatoes, for example—and use the signs to mark seedlings in the garden . 

    Reduce static cling.

    To separate two pieces of fabric clinging to one another, run a wire hanger over the fabric . 

    Tame your hair.

    The same thing works for static hair. If your hair is standing on ends after removing a hat, run a wire hanger over stands to relax it.  

    Make a wreath.

    To make a wreath , twist the wire frame into a circle, secure the ends, then add flair of your choice—faux flowers and vines, fabric, pinecones, and more. 

    Clean a bird bath. 

    Don't want to touch the icky stuff floating in your birth bath or fountain ? Use the wire hook on the hanger to fish out leaves, sticks, and other debris without ever having to stick your hand in. 

    Roast marshmallows.

    If you can't find any sticks for the fireside activity , use an unwound wire hanger instead. Get it as straight as can be, then stick a marshmallow on the end. For added safety, curl one end around a wooden spoon and use that as your grip. 

    Replace a drawstring. 

    If the string escaped from of your hoodie or sweats in the wash, there's an easier way to fix it than fiddling with your fingers. Straighten a hanger, secure the end around the end of the string, then push the whole thing through the garment until it comes out the other end. 

    Make a terrarium.

    In tending to your terrarium , use a wire hanger to nudge all those little bits of moss and fauna into just the right spot. 

    Create a bubble wand.

    Unwind a hanger, then twist the end into a circle or fun shape (like a heart). Dip the shaped end into bubble solution and slowly wave through the air for a sensory activity that the kids are sure to love . 

    Hang ornaments.

    Missing those little hooks your ornaments hang from? Use wire cutters to cut a hanger into two-inch pieces. Twist one end around your ornament; the other around the branch of your tree.

    Stir paint.

    Straighten a wire hanger, then shape it into a zigzag, leaving a few inches at the end straight. Insert the straight end into a drill. Place the stirrer into the paint can, turn the drill on slowly, and stir out any clumps before tackling your next DIY project . 

    Corral paper towels.

    Cut the corner of the hanger, slip a paper towel roll on, then hang the whole thing from a nail. 

    Make a hanging lantern. 

    Wind a wire hanger around the mouth of a mason jar, then hang from a branch or hook to light up your backyard . 

    What to do with leftover clothes hangers?
    One of the simplest ways to reuse wire clothes hangers is to donate them to organizations that can put them to good use: thrift stores, crisis shelters, group homes, and nursing homes are often in need of hangers. Many dry cleaners will accept hangers for reuse, and some might offer you a discount for returning them. more
    What is a huggable hanger?
    Product Information. Our Huggable Hangers include a non-slip velvety finish that prevents clothing from slipping off the hanger and protects delicate garments. With a slim, compact profile that helps to conserve precious space in your closet, these lightweight hangers are strong enough to hold winter coats. more
    Where did hanger come from?
    Meaning "loop or strap in a garment for hanging on a peg" is from 1680s; of wood or wire coat or dress hangers from 1873. Hanger-on is from 1540s. more
    Is the hanger reflex real?
    The hanger reflex is a human reflex. When the head is circled with a tight-fitting and stretched clothes hanger, the hanger compresses the frontotemporal region and the head involuntarily rotates toward the direction of the hook. It is not clear what causes this action. more
    What is a thrip cloth?
    Alternatively (instead of repeating steps 2-4) one can wash each leaf under running water (both sides) and then place leaves into a new bowl of soapy water. Remove leaves and pour the water through a thrip-cloth (fine silk cloth that can be purchased from the cRc) that is sandwiched between 2 strainers. more
    What is the hanger trend?
    The latest trend to take over the platform is the "hanger reflex," a simple but genuinely mystifying challenge which involves stretching out a wire coat hanger so that it fits onto your head. Once in place, the wearer will find their head moving completely involuntarily either to the left or the right. more
    Can cloth diapers cause UTI?
    In contrast, urine evaporates more rapidly in washable cotton diapers. In older girls poor perineal hygiene and insufficient ventilation due to tight clothing is a predisposing factor for UTI. more
    How is nylon cloth?
    Nylon fabric is a synthetic material made from petrochemicals. It's known for incredible strength, durability, and exceptional elasticity. Also known as polyamide fabric, nylon is used for outerwear and bulletproof vests. With a high water resistance, nylon is the number one choice for swimwear. more
    What is the hanger trick?
    A TikTok trend that emerged during the 2020 quarantine days is making a comeback: the "hanger challenge." Participants place a clothes hanger on their head to test out a supposed "hanger reflex," where the squeeze of the hanger causes heads to literally turn. 비디오계정 more
    Which hanger is best?
    The best clothes hangers to shop, according to experts
    • The Container Store Linen Premium Non-Slip Velvet Hangers.
    • The Container Store Basic White Wooden Hangers.
    • Hangorize Giant Tubular Plastic Hangers.
    • Zober Trousers Pants Hangers.
    • The Container Store Natural Padded Hanger.
    • Honey-Can-Do Cherry Wood Hangers.
    What's the difference between a coat hanger and a regular hanger?
    Normally when you say "coat hanger" you are referring to a heavier-duty hanger intended for coats and other heavy garments. Likewise, a "clothes hanger" is more likely to be a bit on the heavy-duty side. A plain old "hanger" is generally going to be the flimsy wire thing. more

    Source: www.marthastewart.com

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